Adams Car Shampoo Review

By Power Tools

February 6, 2021

How much do you love your car?

Some might laugh at that question, but it stems from a truth – Americans do love their cars very much! They love to drive everywhere, whether to work or on a road trip, the grocery store or even a weekend away. The average American spends nearly 17,600 minutes every year behind the wheel[1]!

Our love for our cars also translates to how much care we take of them, whether servicing the vehicle or just a good old fashioned wash. 46% of Americans wash their cars more often than they water their plants[2]!

A photo of thick foam from car shampoo

When it comes to washing your car, nothing beats Adam’s Car Shampoo products. These are pH neutral, high foam, ultra-slick products that gently clean the car without removing the wax or drying the trim[3]. Let’s have a look at some of their best products.

#1 Adam’s Car Shampoo

Adam’s Car Shampoo has been thoughtfully formulated to suit all types of car surfaces. It enables the users to have a quick cleaning session for their cars as it produces thick-luxurious suds and creates a lot of foam. It is perfect for effectively removing dirt and contaminants.

Features and benefits

  • Produces Thick Suds: Adam’s Car Shampoo Gallon produces thick-luxurious suds essential for deep and safe cleaning. Within a few minutes, you can watch your dusty car sparkling again.
  • Ultra-Slick Solution: This car shampoo’s formula combines lubricants and surfactants, which help in quick foam formation. It removes the dirt, dust, pollen contaminants, and debris off your car, giving it a shiny and clean look.
  • Surface Safe: Without a second thought, you can use this car shampoo on all the cars’ exteriors. Don’t worry about the ceramic coating getting degraded or the wax getting removed. The solution is thoughtfully formulated to be gentle on exterior surfaces.
  • Neutral Formula: This car shampoo has a neutral cleaning formula that has a balanced pH level. You can gently use it while cleaning as it won’t let any streaks or swirls form.

Why should you buy it?

Adam’s Car Shampoo Gallon will help you make your car look as shiny as a brand new one. Don’t worry about stripping off the wax and the ceramic coating getting degraded, as this car shampoo has a well-blended formula that is gentle for all car surfaces.

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#2 Adam’s Ultra Foam Shampoo

Adam’s Ultra Foam Shampoo is one of the most superior car washing solutions out there. You can clean your car within minutes without having to worry about the surface getting damaged or the surface wax getting removed. Apart from eliminating layers of dirt and dust, it also adds some protection to the car exterior.

Features and benefits

  • Thick Foam: Adam’s Ultra Foam Shampoo produces clingy snow-like foam for properly cleaning the car. It produces thick suds, which effectively removes all the external layers of dust, dirt, and mud.
  • Slick Solution: This solution is mindfully formulated with a combination of advanced cleaners and polymers, which help create a slick feel and provide lubrication and protection to the surfaces.
  • Perfect Cleaning: You have a quick weekly car wash session with deep cleaning and rinsing of the car exterior. The car shampoos help remove dirt, spots, contaminants, etc., without damaging the delicate surface coatings. Also, it causes no harm to the wax and sealant layers.
  • Easy To Use: You can easily use it with a foam cannon or a foam gun. You can also go by conventional methods of mixing the shampoo into a wash bucket as well.

Why should you buy it?

Adam’s Ultra Foam Shampoo is perfect for people looking for quick car wash sessions. This car shampoo produces thick foam with rich suds and tends to remain gentle to the car surfaces.

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#3 Adam’s Strip Car Wash Soap

It is time to pull off the old waxes and sealants built over the years on your car surfaces with Adam’s Strip Car Wash Soap. This car wash soap aims at stripping the old wax layers by deep cleaning.

You will be able to easily make out the visible difference after using this car wash soap.

Features and benefits

  • Thick Suds: Adam’s Strip Car Wash Soap produces dense foam with thick suds, which effectively help remove the layers of dirt and dust and restore the car exterior’s sheen.
  • Strips Off Wax: Over years of usage, cars’ surface begins to develop wax and sealants layers. These can mar the beauty of your car. Thus, you can easily strip off those layers using this car wash soap. Also, it doesn’t dry out the plastic or rubber.
  • Deep Cleaning: You can easily wash all the pollen contaminants, dust, and dirt ridden layers in just one simple step using this car wash soap. It helps in rejuvenating the shiny look of your car and is ideal for matte finishes.
  • Biannual Usage: It is advised not to use this car wash soap more than twice a year as it may cause harm to the natural protective layer of the car exterior. When cleaning, You can easily use it with a foam gun, foam cannon, or a standard bucket.

Why should you buy it?

Adam’s Strip Car Wash Soap is perfect for biannual deep cleaning sessions. The gentle solution is blended to clean the layers of dirt and dust and strips off wax and sealants’ layers.

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#4 Adam’s Arsenal Builder Car Cleaning Kit (6 Piece)

Adam’s Arsenal Builder Car Cleaning Kit is a wholesome package of high-quality products essential for internal and external car cleaning. It comprises a tire shine, spray wax, glass cleaner, car shampoo, interior detailer, and a wheel and tire cleaner. Your car will regain its lost sparkle and shine after being cleaned by Adam’s Car Cleaning Kit.

Features and benefits

  • Perfect Car Washing: You can have an ideal car wash and deep cleaning with the premium quality car shampoo, which is included in Adam’s Arsenal Builder Car Cleaning Kit. It produces rich foam, which removes the external layers of dirt, dust, mud, and pollen contaminants.
  • Restores Shine: You can make your car shine by using the Spray Wax, which is included in this car cleaning kit. This spray consists of pure carnauba wax, which helps restore the shine and adds a protection layer to the car’s surface.
  • SIO2 Protection: The Wheels and Tire Cleaner, along with the Tire Shiner, can have a quick cleanup of the tires. The Tire Shining spray provides shine and SIO2 protection to the tires.
  • UV protection: The kit also contains Interior Detailers, which can be sprayed to add antimicrobial protection. This detailer spray protects against harmful UV rays and prevents the surfaces from cracking, fading, and discoloration.

Why should you buy it?

Adam’s Arsenal Builder Car Cleaning Kit is perfect for your car makeover. The kit contains all the spray formulas necessary for proper internal and external cleaning of the car.

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Buyers Guide

Slick Solution

While considering car shampoos, one should always keep in mind that the more it produces slick, the better it cleanses. Slick solutions also eliminate the chances of swirls and streaks while washing. Also, the surface of cars doesn’t get damaged.

Thick Foam

Look for the car shampoos which produce rich foam and thick suds, which are essential for deep cleaning. The thick snow-like foam helps clean the layers of dirt, dust, mud, and pollen contaminants.

Thick Foam Shampoo

Gentle To The Surfaces

While choosing a car shampoo, one must always ensure that the formulated solution remains gentle to the surfaces. It should not dry out plastics and rubbers nor cause stripping of the sealants and surface wax.


What does car shampoo do?

A car shampoo provides the essential cleaning of the car. An ideal car shampoo produces a slick solution and thick foam, which helps clean the dust and dirt layers. Also, it helps in restoring the shine of the car.

Is a car shampoo safe for car surfaces?

Most car shampoos are formulated with a blend of chemicals that are gentle to the car surfaces. They don’t cause any damage to the surface wax or color of the car.

How often should you shampoo the car?

It is advised to wash a car once every two weeks. Thus, one can always use a car shampoo while washing the car. But some car shampoos come with warnings and advisories to be only used once in a few months. Thus, one should check the frequency with which one can use these shampoos so that cars’ surfaces don’t get damaged.

Wrap Up

When it comes to getting your car spic and span, nothing beats Adam’s products. The standard-issue Adam’s car wash is meant for regular cleaning.

If you need just a quick wash up, try the Ultra Foam shampoo. If you’ve been out on the road for too long, you should get a deep cleanse done with the Strip Car Wash soap. And if you are looking to do a complete makeover, then the Arsenal Builder Car Cleaning Kit is your best bet.


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