Best Car Wash Soap to Remove Wax

By Guest

February 6, 2021

Have you ever wondered how to remove wax and seal from your car?

Keeping a car maintained is an important duty of every car owner. To maintain your car, washing and waxing is the most effective way.

Some car wash soaps are designed to strip wax, grease, and other surfaces from the vehicle’s paint. Wax is great for your vehicle’s paint protection.

You need to remove wax from cars if you want:

  • To prepare for any paint protection application.
  • For ceramic or other protective coatings.
  • A new coat of different wax than used before.
  • Before auto body repair

Let’s have a look at our selection of the best car wash soap to remove wax.

Car being washed

I hope you will read through the product list and leave us your comments, feedback, and suggestions. However, if you are looking for just our top recommendation, we suggest the Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit 144 oz with Bug Remover Aircraft Quality for your Car, RV, Boat, Motorcycle. Guaranteed the Best Wet or Waterless Car Wash & Wax. Spray on, Wipe Dry Detailer, Use Anywhere & Anytime.

It gently cleans and protects the vehicle from UV rays. It leaves a non-stick UV protective coating on the vehicle’s surface. It is a high-performing cleaner, both alcohol and ammonia-free.

#1 Aero Cosmetics Wet Or Waterless Car Wash Wax

The waterless car wash kit is a great quality, high performing product. It is a water-based and alcohol-free product. It is effortless and easy to use.

Features and Benefits

  • Waterless Wash. By just spraying the soap on the car, you can remove wax; you don’t need water at all! This product will also protect the car from the sun’s UV rays. It is an alcohol and ammonia-free product. This eco-friendly formula is safe to use on all surfaces.
  • Flexibility. As the product is waterless, you can carry it anywhere. It gives great flexibility to wash the car to remove wax anytime.
  • Military-Grade Product. The air force, marine, military, and also private aircraft companies use this product. It is a high-quality and easy to use choice, trusted by many.

Why should you buy it?

This product works great on the car, RV, boat, and motorcycle. It is safe to use on all surfaces. It can work on both wet and dry surfaces. It gives great flexibility to remove wax anywhere, anytime.

Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit 144 oz with Bug Remover Aircraft Quality for your Car, RV, Boat, Motorcycle. Guaranteed the Best Wet or Waterless Car Wash & Wax. Spray on, Wipe Dry Detailer, Use Anywhere & Anytime
  • SIMPLY THE BEST WATERLESS CAR WASH. Gently Cleans and Protects while leaving a Non-Stick UV Protective Coating on All Vehicle surfaces both Inside and Out. Also, compatible with all other waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings. Just Spray on and Wipe Dry. Wash and Wax Anywhere, Anytime, Parking Lots, Garages, Work, School, Apartments, RV Parks, and more. 144oz will Waterless Wash up to 28 cars or Wax As You Dry 36 cars. Also, excellent on ALL Interior surfaces. Leather, Vinyl, Plastic, & Glass.
  • Highly performance Aircraft Quality Wax for your Car, Boat, and RV. ONCE YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE YOU WILL NEVER USE AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS AGAIN! Used by Air Force One, Marine One, NASA, The Military, Airlines, Corporate and private aircraft owners around the world for over 35 years. This is a high quality easy to use product.
  • Water Based - Alcohol & Ammonia Free. Our plant-based Eco-friendly formula is biodegradable and Safe on ALL surfaces both Inside and Out. Meets Boeing Aircraft (D6-17487P, D6-7127M), Airbus Industries (09-00-002), and McDonnell Douglass CDS #1 cleaning specifications. Also, Human Friendly, NO eye or skin irritation like some other automotive products
  • Kit includes 1 full gallon of Wash Wax ALL, 1 full 16 oz spray bottle of Wash Wax ALL, 4 Microfiber Towels (16 in x 16 in), Mini Aero Bug Scrubber, Product Guide, and How to Use Guide.
  • ⚠️ Note: Understand that this is a Wash and Wax Product. Wax will protect and enhance the shine you currently have. If you have dull, oxidized, or scratched finish you will need a Polish to address those issues. WAX IS FOR PROTECTION; POLISH IS FOR CORRECTION. Our polish is called Polish ALL and is also available on Amazon. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not getting 5 star results out of this 5-star product, please give us a chance to correct the issue. Please contact us.

#2 Chemical Guys Clean Slate Cleanser

This product is a premium car wash soap that removes wax before a full detail. It gently removes dirt, grime, dust, and grease. The formula is pH balanced, which is safe to use even in direct sunlight. It won’t leave any spot or stains after washing the car.

Features and Benefits

  • Maximum Cleaning Power. The Clean Slate cleanser is super concentrated to provide maximum cleaning power. It cleans the surface thoroughly without leaving any residue.
  • Removes Old Wax and Sealant. The Clean Slate advance formula helps remove dirt, grime, and old wax layers to prepare the vehicle to further detailed treatments.
  • Easy To Clean. The product provides an easy and quick way to clean paints and makes the car shine.
  • Slick Lubricants Reduce Wash Swirls And Scratches. The cleanser provides maximum lubrication to avoid any swirls or scratches while washing the car.
  • pH-Balanced. The product formulation is pH-balanced. It will not dry out any rubber or plastic surface found on bumpers and mirrors.

Why should you buy it?

The Chemical Guys Clean Slate car wash is perfect for weekly maintenance. The cleanser is a perfect start to any wash and wax or full scratch removal.

Chemical Guys CWS803 Clean Slate Deep Surface Cleaning Car Wash Soap (Removes Old Car Waxes, Glazes & Sealants for Superior Surface Prep), 128 fl oz (1 Gallon), Citrus Scent
  • Product Type :Auto Accessory
  • Package Dimensions :17.094 Cm L X18.211 Cm W X28.905 Cm H
  • Country Of Origin :United States
  • Package Weight :8.1Lbs
  • Rinses Clean Without Any Residue

#3 Adam’s Strip Wash

Adam’s car wash shampoo is one of the most versatile products on our list. It removes old wax from the car effectively and also cleans bug stains, dirt, and grease. Adam’s is a very renowned brand name in the world of car cleaning.

Features and Benefits

  • Safe On All Surfaces. The Adam’s car wash shampoo is safe to use on all surfaces, including paint, vinyl, rubber, and glass. The formulation ensures that your bucket mixture holds a rich and thick foam when washing.
  • Safely Strip Car Wax. The Adam’s car wash is formulated to remove old layers of protection without drying out the plastics or rubber components. You can use it in direct sunlight without damaging the paint or any part of the car.
  • Concentrated Soap Blend. This product removes protection and allows you to prepare for new paint, wheels, or car wax.
  • Two Bucket Wash. Adam’s strip wash works well in a 2-bucket wash method. You can use it in a foam gun, foam cannon, or any foaming accessory.

Why should you buy it?

Adams Strip Wash is perfect for use by any detailing enthusiast or car care expert. It is recommended to use it bi-annually to keep the protective layers fresh.

Adam's Strip Car Wash Soap - Sealant & Car Wax Remover Shampoo | Thick Suds For Use In Car Cleaning Kit, Foam Cannon, Foam Gun, Sponge, Mitt, Chamois | Safe For Paint Glass Wheel Tire Ceramic Coating
  • ✅ HIGH SUDS FORMULA SAFELY REMOVES DIRT & OTHER CONTAMINANTS - This soap is ideal for users wanting to start fresh! Adam’s Strip Wash is a concentrated blend designed to remove wax, sealants, & any protection that is not a ceramic coating. It safely cleans your vehicle, while removing contaminants, fallout, overspray, & other imperfections without degrading your ceramic nano coatings.
  • ✅ SAFELY STRIP CAR WAX & SEALANTS (WON'T STRIP CERAMIC COATING) - Formulated to remove old layers of protection without drying out plastics or rubber components on your vehicle. This product behaves like a full strength degreaser, old school dish soap, & car shampoo all in one… only better. Full strength degreasers are messy & can often dry out your paint causing unwanted streaking & spots. Adam’s Strip Wash will not do that & can be used in full sunlight!
  • ✅ CONCENTRATED SOAP BLEND USE - Adam’s Strip Wash should not be used as a routine wash method soap, but we recommend after your wheels, tires, engine bay, and exhaust tips have been fully decontaminated for usage. As this product removes protection, it allows you to prepare your vehicles paint, wheels, & more for your next detailing, paint correction, car wax, ceramic coating, or sealant application.
  • ✅ USE WITH CAR WASH KIT ACCESSORIES & OTHER CAR CLEANING SUPPLIES - Adam’s Strip Wash is not a pH neutral car wash soap. This Stuff is powerful, but don’t let this power scare you! It is safe for you & your vehicle. It also won’t damage your cleaning accessories; such as 5 Gallon Wash Bucket, Grit Guard, Foam Cannon, Foam Gun, Chamois, Sponge, & Microfiber Drying Cloth.
  • ✅ 110% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE & USA MADE - At Adam’s, we strive to bring the BEST car cleaning supplies, auto detailing kits, washing accessories, microfiber towels, waxes, sealants, ceramic coatings, mops, brushes, mitts, sponges, garage tools, applicators & other high-quality car cleaning products to the car care industry. If you are not satisfied, let us know & we’ll do everything we can to make it right!

#4 Dupli-Color Wax Remover

This liquid wax remover effectively clears any unwanted road film, grease, and wax, leaving it residue-free. It is a natural, soy-based product.

Features and Benefits

  • Very Effective. This liquid wax and grease removal effectively remove unwanted grease, road film, wax, and any surface contaminants. It removes grease and wax before painting.
  • Soy-Based Formula. This product is a natural, soy-based formula. It is better to use this environmentally friendly product than using harsh chemical cleaners.
  • Dimensions. The package dimensions are 22.4cm high, 8.4 cm long, and 8.6 cm wide. It weighs only 1.021 kgs.

Why should you buy it?

This product is great for removing wax from automotive finishes. The special formulation helps paint to form a lasting bond to bare metal, aluminum, plastic, and fiberglass. It is made from completely natural products and is, therefore, chemical-free and safe for your hands.

Dupli-Color ECM543000 Single Paint Grease and Wax Remover Soy Based, 32 oz.
  • Package Dimensions: 22.4 H x 8.4 L x 8.6 W (centimetres)
  • Removes grease and wax prior to painting
  • Package Weight: 1.021 kilograms
  • Country of Origin : United States

#5 Rust-Oleum Wax and Tar remover

It is affordable car wax and tar remover and is easy to use. It quickly cleans road grime, dirt, and old wax off any vehicle’s surface.

Features and Benefits

  • Effective. The product is an effective, fast-acting remover for most vehicles’ surfaces. It is good to use on metals, plastic, and fiberglass.
  • Removes Wax, Tar, And Grease. The product is easy to use. It quickly cleans road grime, dirt, grease, and road film. It removes old wax build-up before applying the new wax to promote a mirror-like finish.
  • Easy To Use. The product is easy to apply on the surface. You just have to pour over vehicles paint like water and then quickly dry it off.

Why should you buy it?

This product is ideal for use on vertical surfaces and is economical. It can remove multiple layers. This wax remover is great to use before and after sanding.

Rust-Oleum Automotive 251475 32-Ounce Wax and Tar Remover Quart
  • Removes wax, tar, grease and road film
  • Great for use before and after sanding
  • Promotes an even, mirror-like finish. It is also great for removing grease, silicone and road film
  • Leaves the surface clean and ready for topcoat application
  • Ideal for vertical surfaces and can remove multiple layers

Buyer Guide: Best Car Wash Soap To Remove Wax


Foaming is an essential part of washing your vehicle. Hard foaming gives you a great washing experience because of its visibility. Before purchasing any car wash shampoo, you should consider this if you want an optimal washing experience.


If you want to remove wax in any place, consider buying wet or waterless soaps. Waterless soaps give you great flexibility and a quick wash.

A picture of a bottle with spray nozzle and a small towel

pH Preference

pH level determines the alkalinity of the soap. For removing wax, balanced pH products are better than neutral products.


Consider buying eco-friendly car soaps as upon rinsing; the soap tends to end up in the gutter. If you want to keep it safe along with keeping your car’s wax clean and removed, you should go with using biodegradable soaps.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Car Wash Soaps To Remove Wax

What is the difference between waterless car wash soap and regular car wash soap?

In waterless car wash soap, the amount of water required is considerably less than regular car wash soap. With waterless car wash soap, you don’t require a bucket of water and washing cloth.

Most of the products come in a spray bottle that is used to apply the solution directly.

Do car wash cleaners expire?

Car wash soaps or any cleaning solution lose their effectiveness over time. There is no exact period of its expiration. It is important to assess the product before using it. It’s always better to replace it if it is more than a year old.

What is the best way to wash any vehicle?

Hand washing your car is the safest and most thorough method of cleaning the vehicle’s surface. During rains, you should wash your car to remove the dirt that may have settled. You should wash your car every ten days thoroughly.

You can also use a jet wash to clean your car. However, you need to be cautious not to work too closely to the panel and spray at a 45° angle.


Removing wax from your vehicle or even motorcycle is easier than you might have thought. By spending on good quality products designed for this task, you will reduce scratching, damage to the paint, or other parts and ensure your surface is ready for a long-lasting paint protection solution.

You can choose any from the range of products that we have mentioned.

However, in our opinion, the Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit 144 oz with Bug Remover Aircraft Quality for your Car, RV, Boat, Motorcycle. Guaranteed the Best Wet or Waterless Car Wash & Wax. Spray on, Wipe Dry Detailer, Use Anywhere & Anytime is the best choice among the various options that we have considered because it is a high performing product. It gently cleans and removes dirt and old wax from the vehicle. It is a biodegradable product that is safe to use on any surface.

The Chemical Guys CWS803 Clean Slate Deep Surface Cleaning Car Wash Soap (Removes Old Car Waxes, Glazes & Sealants for Superior Surface Prep), 128 fl oz (1 Gallon), Citrus Scent is our next best choice because it is pH balanced, non-caustic and safe to use on all surfaces.

If you are looking for a value for money option, you can also consider the Rust-Oleum Automotive 251475 32-Ounce Wax and Tar Remover Quart, which is a great toy at a very reasonable price point.