5 Best Pressure Washer Spray Gun Reviewed for Replacement or Upgrade + Tear Down

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September 21, 2019

Let’s cut short on this.

This article is all about the pressure washer spray gun kit.

pressure washer spray gun kit

As a pressure washer user, you already know the essential role of a spray gun. And if your spray gun is broke, you can think of a pressure washer spray gun replacement rather working on a repair. I’ll get on this later.

I will also show you some trigger gun that is used by professionals and how you can find the best pressure washer spray gun for the money, easily.

As a long time pressure washer user (over 6 years) I’ve experienced using more than 20 spray guns with accessories. I’ve also disassembled a couple of them and fixed another couple. So, I’m confident to guide you with the best replacement spray gun kit in the market.

As an in-depth bonus, I’ll show you the working procedure and everything you need to know about a spray wand.

Let’s get started with the best product’s knowledge base!

5 Best Pressure Washer Spray Gun Reviews

1. Apache 99023802 4000 PSI Pressure Washer Gun Kit

Taking into consideration all accessories and user friendliness this product wins the best replacement spray gun for most users.


Apache is very well known for manufacturing pressure washer hose and accessories. They manufacture pressure washer hose, pump, nozzle, spray wand, connection adaptors, and detergent/chemicals.

This recommended spray gun is designed to work only with gas pressure washers of above 2500 psi as mentioned in the manufacturer statement. All I can assume that, as electric pressure washers are not super available above 2500 psi range and it works only with those above that margin they declared it as a working machine only with gas pressure washers.

But, be sure, it works fine with an electric pressure washer that meets that psi range. It works with pressure washers up to 4000 psi and 7 GPM. This works well up to 60°C or 140 F. The spray gun comes with a 19” wand and ¼” quick connect nozzle for simplified spraying work. Also, the package includes two hose adapters and five quick connect nozzles.

This gun comes with a safety trigger lock system to prevent unintentional operation.

2. Tool Daily Pressure Washer Gun 3600 PSI

Tool Daily is another reputed company for pressure washer accessories manufacturing.


Their pressure washer spray gun is worth mentioning. This gun works perfectly with electric or gas pressure washer. Unlike the Apache one, it works with way lower PSI mark.

This can work with up to 3600 psi and 3.96 GPM. It has a working temperature range of up to 50°C.

The package comes with a spray gun and 19” extension rod. There’s a ¼” detachable brass coupler too for quick connection setup.

Luckily, they are gentle enough to include a coupler to fit with your kind of M22 fitting.

3. MDS 8-Part Pressure Washer Replacement Kit

This one is a complete package fulfilling your need.


If you are thinking of upgrading your spray gun kit then look no further. It has a universal replacement gun, hose, nozzle, and wand.

This gun works with up to 3600 psi and 7 GPM. The 16″ wand helps to reach hard places.

The spray gun comes with a safety lock system to prevent accidental operation. The hose can withstand 3200 psi pressure.

This package includes a hose which is rare and useful. And with the M22 female threaded quick connect setup, you can easily shift between the nozzles.

4. MTM Hydro SG28 Spray Gun

This one is a trigger gun which can also be called a spray gun.


This one is special for easy handling. Using those long wands for over 20 minutes can be tiring. But, this kind of trigger guns is built in a way that can be handled by a kid.

This particular MTM spray gun is built with reinforced plastic which can absorb shock and last longer. Rated up to 4060 psi and 12 GPM. It can work with up to 320 F of temperature.

The compact size makes pressure washing easier for a longer span of time.

You’ll need to attach a pressure washer wand with it for proper working.

5. MATCC Car Washer Gun 3000 PSI Max

This one is an absolute steal if you’re a light user.


MATCC is well known for manufacturing pressure washer accessories and car washing equipment like foam cannon.

Their pressure washer gun series is very good. This one comes with a brass interface to prevent rust.

This works well with up to 3000 psi pressure. Easy handling with long-lasting plastic material.

¼” quick connect allows to switch between nozzles easily and M22 metric male thread fitting for pressure washer hose.

This one is perfect for a car wash with a pressure washer.

Pressure Washer Spray Gun Dissection

Wondering how things work with a spray gun? You’re in the right place.

Every company has its unique offering but they all work on the same principle.

Pumping or spraying water is mostly controlled by ball valves. Here, it’s the same thing!

inside of pressure washer spray gun

Here are different parts of a spray gun:

  1. The outer plastic case to contain the inner mechanism
  2. The trigger part which is the main operating lever
  3. A ball valve is one way. This allows water to flow in one direction and blocks water until you pull the trigger
  4. A control pin which is the key part in controlling the ball valve. This pin controls the ball valve depending on the trigger gun
  5. A stainless steel tube lance to supply water which is contained by the plastic case

Trigger Gun vs Spray Gun

There is so little difference between these two. Often the minor difference is ignored and trigger gun is called a spray gun in most cases.

If you see a spray gun which is barely 1 foot long and looks like a handle, then it is a trigger gun.

As you can see, the trigger gun is only a part of the full spray gun setup without the lance. But, they do have a small steel tube inside.

This is often used while car washing.

pressure washer spray gun/trigger gun and lance

How does a pressure washer gun work?

The main part which controls the flow of water through the nozzle is the ball valve and a control pin.

When the trigger is idle, the control pin allows the spring to hold the ball in its slot, blocking the water flow.

When the trigger is pressed, the control pin pushes the spring up and allows the ball to be removed from the slot. Thus allowing water to flow. Depressing the trigger allows the ball to take its place and cut the flow.

In addition to this, when the pressure washer is on but the trigger is not pressed, the unloader valve diverts water through the pump to the inlet of water to overcome pressure buildup. This is done by sensing the pressure difference or change of flow.

On the other hand, when the trigger is pulled, the unloader valve senses the pressure change and passes water to the gun.

Let’s watch a video on this from Pressurewashr.

Types of Replacement Spray Guns Available in The Market

There are only two types of spray guns in the market. Online or in your nearby shop.

  1. Full Kit: This is a package of all you need! Mainly, a trigger gun, spray wand, nozzles and connecting accessories. This is a great buy if you want to avoid the connection issues with a new one.
  2. Only the spray or trigger gun: This is the trigger gun parts only without anything more. You can go for this if you’re looking to only replace your broken gun.

In most of the cases, the trigger gun is damaged in the connection part only or the plastic gun part. Which means you need to replace the trigger part only rather buying a whole kit.

Buying only the plastic gun portion is no problem at all if you’re worried about the connection. Just make sure your pressure washer lance has an M22 14mm female thread fitting and directly attach it with the spray gun.

If your pressure washer hose ends up with the 15mm thread, use a coupler for it. Finally, if the hose is a 3/8” female quick connector, use an M22 14mm male to 3/8” female adapter.


1. Can you pressure wash with a garden hose?

Yes, you can. But, not a wise choice to go after. The reason the pressure washer has a different spray gun and nozzle setup is because of the amount of water pressure. A garden hose cannot withstand the huge pressure. Even if you own a high psi rated garden hose, you still have to operate the pressure washer pump to operate at a minimum level to use it as a spray gun.

2. What is an M22 fitting?

This is a setup of male and female threaded parts. For gas pressure washers, the inner diameter is 14mm and this is 15mm for electric washers. But, the outer diameter is 22mm for both. This setup has to be made while connecting the hose or nozzle with the spray gun.

I have covered each kind of fittings for the pressure washer hose setup in this article.

You need to decide whether you need a new pressure washer spray gun replacement or only the damaged part. Please do care to go through the full article to learn about the different setup issues.


This article on how a trigger gun works helped a ton!