Which Are The Top Pressure Washer Brands? (What they offer?)

By Power Tools

September 11, 2019

Before my recommendation of top pressure washer brands, I want to share a story of my family.

My son Tom Jackson is a ten years. He is a very jolly kid, but a little bit naughty. He is always running here and there with his childish curiosity. Things get really dirty with our fun. My wife is very conscious of my child’s bad habits. My wifes got a job and so we all have to pitch in for cleaning. That includes Tom. So Tom is now cleaning and wish things were a little bit easier.

So we’re searching for pressure washers which might be a bit more efficient and adjustable for him.

From my practical experience and research, Ive found some brands that are decent pressure washers  and their differnet conveniences.

 So let’s check ’em out…

Brands with their types, specialties, styles, use:


A giant German Company initiated by Alfred Karcher in 1950. They are the biggest pressure washer company in the world and considered as the king of all pressure washer brands. They produce all categories including- electric, gas powered pressure washer and also commercial, industrial, large and small type. I was wondered knowing the magnificent production of 21 electric and 18 gas powered pressure washers. You feel comfort for its quiet sound of the engine.


One of my favorite brands originated in Japan is remarkable for its durable and reliable small engines. The Honda has impressed their buyers about 50 years for their reliable, great engine value and user-friendly pressure washer works. Honda has not the engine’s performance, but the service agent support network you get.

Troy Bilt

C. W. Kelsey firstly started his journey with only a rotary tiller in New York and then Troy Bilt produces a wide range of products especially pressure washer.

But in 2001 MTD Consumer Group, Inc bought Troy Bilt. It is now well known for their outdoor power equipment industry – including mowers, tillers, pressure washers and generators.


Generac is mainly an electric generator based company founded in 1959 in the United States. Right now Generac is number one and dominant in US market making home backup generators, power washer, and water pumps. They are becoming popular gradually by manufacturing the widest range of power products in the market which includes portable, residential, commercial and industrial generators.


GreenWorks is best in electric power types of equipment. They sell only electric GreenWorks believes in zero emissions of carbon footprint. It is the North American brand of a Chinese manufacturing company and the products made by Globe Tools and sold under the GreenWorks. Their products are very popular worldwide for their good looking, affordable and user-friendly.


Simpson grows up in the southern region of the United States, Decatur, Arkansas. People trust on Simpson as they specialize in gas powered and heavy-duty cleaning power. They really focus on product quality and market condition. They are so much trustworthy that companies like DeWalt and Briggs & Stratton trust their stickers on Simpson machines. FNA group owned the Simpson.


An excellent brand Ryobi formed in Japan in 1943 but now the brand is owned/licensed by Techtronic Industries. The products of Ryobi is manufactured by MTD Products. They have both electric and gas powered pressure washer configurations in different models. One thing you will notice that when you buy the Ryobi electric unit it will cost a little bit expensive compared to other similar commercial pressure washer brands.  It’s due to sturdy, durable, metal fittings, better quality pressure washer hose.


Dewalt is formed from Pennsylvania. The brand trademark is owned by Stanley Black & Decker. But Simpson makes the pressure washer under a license agreement. Dewalt works for tough, powerful and job-site quality but the manufacturer (Simpson) maintain the product of this brand quality and responsible for all.

Briggs and Stratton

Briggs & Stratton Corporation headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US. Briggs & Stratton is the world’s largest producer of power products.  They are special in gas powered pressure washer production and distribution and popular worldwide for their largest small engine. But surprisingly Briggs can’t adopt the higher position on the ranking.


Hosty is founded by Robert L. Cohen in 1970 and after that Hosty brand is acquired by Karcher in 2004 when bought a company called C-Tech Industries. Hosty is famous for their quote ‘Hot-systems’, that’s why Hosty is known for hot water pressure washer. The brand is well known for its service. The dealer network is very strong across the USA.


Excel brand is known for gas powered pressure washer. They sold exclusively at Home Depot. You have three pressure washer option to choose from excel. First is 2,700 PSI 2.3 GPM gas powered, second is 3,100 PSI 2.8 GPM gas powered and finally 4,000 PSI 4.0 GPM gas powered pressure washer.

Sun Joe

Sun Joe is a multinational company started as Snow Joe. Founder Joseph Cohen was then 17. He had an idea of 20 products across the lawn and garden sector. Pressure washers are one of them. Now Sun Joe is a multi-billionaire company around the world. Their products in all categories are sold in all types of marketplace mostly online.

AR Blue Clean

This Italian brand sold their pressure washer in three names-AR Blue Clean, Black & Decker (B&D), and Michelin. They are interconnected to each other. AR Blue Clean pressure washer is a specialist in high-pressure pumps. In the initial stage, AR Blue Clean started selling some pressure washer in North America.


Craftsman was first introduced at US market in 1927. They produce both the electric and gasoline pressure washer. You can buy Craftsman pressure washer in half of the price compared to other high rated power washer brands. They really worth the money because their main selling point is value for money. But in recent years their market value is falling.


Husky is mainly the home depot brand. Husky has a wide range of consumers in electronics markets. They produce quality products. But they are not so rich in marketing. Husky tools are made by Stanley Black & Decker. They offer some different pressure washers in the electric category.

Which one Did We buy One For Our Family?

We found Karcher is most appropriate for my boy and also my wife. All parts of the Karcher pressure washer is made considering consumers interest. Karcher pressure washer has a low sound which gives comfort to your work. Have longer hose, heavy top, compact, lightweight, small engine.

Before I let you leave I wanna tell your choice is yours. From your perspective, you personally decide which pressure washer brand will you buy.