Chemical Guys Car Products Review

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February 6, 2021

Are you crazy about your car and love taking care of it? Are you searching for a one-stop solution for your car care? If yes, then this article is just for you.

Chemical Guys[1] is an elite brand in car care. It produces bleeding edge car care products such as small-batch waxes to nano polishes, hybrid coatings, and ceramic sealants.

Car Care Products

It is a California based company that has made numerous advances in car cleaning and has given us some of the best car cleaning products in the market today.

Today, let us talk a bit about Chemical Guys car care products that provide a complete cleaning and polishing solution for your car.

#1 Premium Microfiber Towels

These are 16 inches * 16-inch premium quality towels made from microfiber, an industrial quality cloth. It is super absorbent and will not scratch your car paint when used properly; it has a silk-branded edge to give extra smooth, dry wiping work.

Features and Benefits

  • Industry Grade Material: It is made up of microfiber, an industry-standard cloth for touching and wiping cars. It is super-soft, super-absorbent, and does not scratch your car’s paint.
  • Luxurious Silk-Edge: A silk edge is provided for dry wiping. This is to ensure easy removal of dust particles from the interiors and outside your car. It also makes the cloth scratch-free.
  • Multipurpose: This microfiber towel is suitable for every job, from wax and sealant removal to polishing. The towel is just of the right weight and thickness for OEM customers.
  • Scratch-Proof: This towel is fit for the dry wiping of car interiors and outer body. It absorbs dust particles and does not allow them to create friction on the surface.

Why should you buy it?

This towel is made from industry-grade microfiber that can be used over and over again. It has 360,000 strands/sq inch for better drying; it doesn’t get streaks and is fully lint-free. You can also use it to dry the interior without getting it scratched.

Chemical Guys MIC_506_12 Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towels, Gold (16 Inch x 16 Inch) (Pack of 12)
  • 70 30 ultra premium elite banded microfiber towels
  • Best suited for drying wet surfaces or for use with quick detail and waterless carwash products
  • Microscopic fibers in supra towels allow them to absorb upto 10 times their weight in liquid
  • 360,000 strands in every square inch of highly refined loop woven microfiber
  • No streaks, 100 percentage lint free

#2 Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

This product is a complete leather care kit and will give new life to your car’s interiors. It helps you get a smooth touch and prevents cracking and drying of your leather car seats. It also keeps the natural leather scent because the cleaner itself is odorless.

Features and Benefits

  • Versatile Formula: This leather cleaner and conditioner is not just for your car. It can work in a wide range of places like home, office, and anywhere else you need to take care of leather.
  • pH Balanced: The pH of the conditioner and the cleaner is balanced to give proper cleaning without damaging your car’s leather seats and Interiors, and thus one product is enough for all needs.
  • Easy Cleaning: When you apply the cleaner on the surface, it weakens the stains, and the remaining dirt can easily be wiped away with a towel without damaging your leather. You get a premium-looking leather seat once again.
  • Preserves Strength: This cleaner and conditioner have a very innovative formula that takes care of leather, just like taking care of your skin. It preserves its original strength even after many usages.

Why should you buy it?

It is a complete kit in itself for leather. It is pH balanced for easy cleaning and preserves the leather’s original strength. It penetrates the leather to lift and suspend dirt and oils and leaves no residue.

Chemical Guys SPI_109_16 Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner Kit for Use on Leather Apparel, Furniture, Car Interiors, Shoes, Boots, Bags & More (2 - 16 Oz Bottles)
  • It’s not just for car seats & interiors: This kit works on all things leather, seats, interiors, jackets, shoes, sneakers, boots, sofas and more; Everyone has something leather in their home.
  • Treat your leather like your hair & skin: We all wash our skin and hair on a regular basis, and use conditioners and lotions to keep out skin hydrated and fresh.
  • PH Balanced: Leather cleaner is pH balanced for the most efficient cleaning and preserves the leather's strength, durability and appearance; Penetrates the pores of leather to lift and suspend dirt and oils
  • Fast, Easy & Fun: No one "loves to clean", but if you are using products that make it fast and easy, it's certainly more fun both products are extremely easy to use, and leave no residue like soaps, nor will they contribute to fiber deterioration
  • Keep your leather looking & smelling new: Leather cleaner is colorless and odorless and penetrates the pores of your leather to lift and remove dirt and oils, while leather conditioner, which has a subtle leather scent, contains Vitamin E to nourish your leather and help reduce UV damage

#3 Arsenal Builder Wash Kit

This is a 16-piece wash kit with every important gadget needed to clean your car efficiently. This is for those people who want a one-stop solution for their cleaning needs with a professional touch.

Features and Benefits

  • Suffices Every Need: This kit has 16 items for various uses while cleaning your car. It includes everything from foam cannon to detailing bucket. It suffices every car cleaning need.
  • Powerful Foam Cannon: It has a TORQ foam cannon that sprays the perfect amount of soap, water, and air to perfectly clean your car. It also has various other equipment which ensures speedy cleaning.
  • Premium Experience: If you love cars, then a clean car brings you nothing but joy. This kit not only has everything you need for exteriors, but it also takes care of the interiors of your car. You will have a fun time using this kit because everything is available in one place.
  • Efficient: When you have this kit, the cleaning duration becomes very low as you have all the smart tools to do the work very fast and efficiently. You enjoy the cleaning rather than feeling overworked.

Why should you buy it?

This kit is enough for every car cleaning-related affair, and it restores the original shine to the interiors and exteriors of your car. It takes care of any stuck dirt and grease particle anywhere in the car and gives the perfect cleaning for your windows and windshield.

Chemical Guys HOL169 16-Piece Arsenal Builder Car Wash Kit with Foam Cannon, Bucket and (6) 16 oz Car Care Cleaning Chemicals (Works w/Pressure Washers)
  • Makes a Great Gift: This kit is the ultimate collection of car wash supplies, and is the gift that keeps on giving for any car buff, truck enthusiast or classic car fan. It contains everything needed to clean and maintain a beautiful shine on any car
  • Foamy Fun: If you love cars, then a clean car brings you nothing but happiness. This kit not only has everything you need to keep the exterior of your car looking great, but it also has the tools to make cleaning your car fast, easy and fun for the entire family. The Foam Cannon hooks up to your pressure washer to produce foamy cleaning fun
  • Amazing value: If you added up all 16 pieces of this kit, you already know that the value is over 200 dollars. Here are the great products included: Butter Wet Wax, Honeydew Snow Foam, Diablo Wheel Gel, Silk Shine Dressing, Signature Glass Cleaner, Speed Wipe Detailer, Detailing Bucket, Cyclone Dirt Trap (color may vary), Torq Foam Cannon, Microfiber wash mitt (color may vary), Short handle brush, 4 Microfiber towels (color may vary) & an applicator (color may vary)
  • Best selling kit: This is one of the best selling car wash kits from chemical guys. The kit contents are products that are among the best sellers in their categories. The difference between this kit and HOL148 (16 piece arsenal kit), is this kit does not contain a Torq foam gun, but does include the Torq foam cannon
  • Beginners and professionals alike choose Chemical Guys, not only for the finest car care products, but the world class customer support and vast detailing knowledge. Chemical Guys is more than a brand it's a lifestyle with a worldwide following

#4 HydroSlick Hyperwax

This wax is unlike everything you have used before. It uses a silicon dioxide-based formula to repair paint cracks, unlike any other wax on the market. It gives a ceramic coating that protects your car for a long time, gives it an amazing shine and clarity. It is effortless to apply and use.

Features and Benefits

  • Durability: This hyperwax is based on the ceramic coating and provides durable protection to your car paint. It is not only durable but also provides an amazing shine to the surface of your car.
  • Latest Gel Technology: HydroSlick uses the latest silicon dioxide gel-based suspension technology. Ceramic coating can be hard to use, but with the silicon dioxide-based nanotechnology that this product has, the ceramic coating becomes easy to work with.
  • Hydrophobic Nature: It uses the ceramic Sio2 nanotechnology, which is used to seal the pores of your car’s paint, creating a hydrophobic layer that repels water and does not allow it to settle into the pores once again.
  • Strong Protection: The durable shield helps protect against road grime, water spots, industrial fallouts, bird droppings, etc., for more than one year. So it a perfect choice.

Why should you buy it?

This hyperwax is made of a very versatile formula. It provides amazing water beading and ceramic protection on your paint, glass, painted wheels, chrome and headlights too. It is easy to use, ultra-fast, and lasts for a very long time.

Chemical Guys WAC22916 HydroSlick HyperWax - SiO2 Ceramic Coating + High Gloss Car Wax (16 oz.)
  • Unlike any wax you’ve ever used before: In order to create a product that offers the shine, protection, and durability of a ceramic with the ease of use as a wax, we had to invent a whole new category: A hyper wax.
  • First ever Hyperwax: A Hyper wax combines the ease of use, shine, depth and clarity of a wax combined with the longevity, beading, and slickness of a ceramic coating.
  • Latest in gel suspension technology: Hydro slick uses the latest in SiO2 gel suspension technology to totally re-engineer the makeup of a ceramic coating and reinvent it as an extremely user-friendly and durable coating that anyone can apply.
  • Hydrophobic water beading: Hydro slick uses ceramic SiO2 nanotechnology to seal the pores of your car’s paint, creating a perfect layer where water behavior becomes highly and excessively active, resulting in rapid water acceleration off any treated surface.
  • Year round protection: The durable shield helps protect against road grime, water spots, industrial fallout, road tar, bird droppings, pollutants, brake dust, tree sap, road tar, overspray, and more for upto one year.

#5 Heavy-Duty Car Wash Shampoo

No mention of Chemical Guys can be complete without their top-selling product, their car shampoo. This heavy-duty shampoo comes with a powerful formula that removes bugs and tars from the surface of your car. This formula is safe to be applied on bumpers, windshields, headlights, etc., and this makes it one of the best shampoos for all-around cleaning of your car.

Features and Benefits

  • Anti-Bug & Tar: It safely washes bugs and tar from any vehicle. These two things can be most dangerous to your car. Flying insects carry corrosive chemicals that permanently damage the paint if left unchecked.
  • Quick Debris Removal: This water-based formula is very safe to apply on cars. It removes sticky debris easily. It settles on them and then works on reducing their grip. After that, you can easily wash the whole thing away.
  • Prevent Scratches: This shampoo not only washes your car but also moisturizes your car’s paint. It also prevents scratching your surface, as most scratches come from bad washing and drying habits.
  • Economical: Only one scoop of shampoo is needed for one gallon of water, so it is a very economical option to choose for your car cleaning.

Why should you buy it?

It safely removes bugs and tars from your car, which tarnishes your car’s look. It is also a very economical product as one cupful works with 1 gallon of water. Prewash from this shampoo saves time and energy, losing the debris, tar, and bugs gut.

Wrap Up

Man cleaning car with car care products

If you love your car, make sure you give it the care of the chemical guy’s products as they are the pioneers of car care. Whether it is shampoos, wash kits, wipe towels, or waxing products, Chemical Guys, have the best quality products that your car deserves to have.



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