Easy Kleen (Easy Clean;) 4000 psi Hot Water Pressure Washer Review

By Power Tools

August 17, 2022

Need a serious pressure washer? One that deserves “easy clean” hype? But don’t want to waste time with a namby pamby residential power washer?  Well read on for a review of a serious monster in the industrial cleaning space.

Easy-Kleen Professional 4000 PSI (Gas - Hot Water) Pressure Washer with a Genuine Honda Engine with Electric Start (12V Burner)


The Botton Line

The Easy Kleen 4000 psi Hot Water Pressure Washer is a quality unit designed with multiple goals in mind, ease of use, dependability, and serviceability. Overall, a tough pressure washer built to tackle the most demanding cleaning tasks.  This is a serious industrial cleaning machine.  Check out our review of some other powerful pressure washers if your looking for power but don’t need industrial strength.

Easy-Kleen PROS:

● Extremely easy and reliable operation
● High-quality commercial-grade components
● Rugged all-welded powder coated frame, built to last
● Available in a wide variety of configurations
● Easily serviceable burner and engine
● Proudly made North America

Easy Kleen CONS:

● We would have liked some options like the 250 ft hose reel or the rotary nozzle to be standard

Quick Specs

Easy-Kleen Gasoline Driven – Oil Fired EZO4035G-H-GP-12
Maximum Flow (gallons per minute): 3.5 (available from 3 to 4 GPM)
Maximum Pressure (psi): 4,000 (available from 2,700 to 4,000 psi)
Heat Output (BTU): 350,000 (available from 300,000 up to 400,000 BTU)
Pump Drive: directly driven by a gasoline engine (also available with a diesel-powered engine)
Horsepower (hp): 13 (depending on the engine, available from 6.5 hp to 15 hp)
Engine: Honda with electric start (also available Kohler, Lifan, and Honda engines with or without electric start)
Burner: oil-fired with 12V igniter (also available in 120V version)
Electric Start: Yes (also available with a manual start)
What’s included: 36” gun and wand assembly with quick coupler system, 0°/15°/25°/40° nozzles, 1 soap nozzle, downstream chemical injection system, 50 Feet of high-pressure hose
Popular Options: heavy-duty 250 ft hose reel, rotary nozzle



Industrial Power Washer


As you would expect from a brand like Easy-Kleen with over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing pressure washers, their products do not follow the “one-size-fits-all” philosophy. Each Easy-Kleen unit is fully configurable to suit both the working environment and the specific job needs. In the case of this review, we will be talking about the EZO4035G-H-GP-12 model, however, for this product, there are at least 23 additional configurations available. You may be wondering, how does this benefit you? Well, if you work in remote areas, or you are used to servicing the pressure washer yourself, this can make a world of difference.

First of all, you can choose from three top-of-the-line engine brands such as Honda, Kohler, or Lifan. Just, pick the brand you feel most comfortable with. You don’t like gasoline engines? Not a problem, you can choose a diesel model. Do you prefer a burner with a 120VAC igniter? Check. What, you don’t trust in electric starters? Ok, you can choose a manual one. The list goes on and on. You are in control. You can configure the unit with the pressure, flow, and heat level you require. The final specs of the pressure washer are up to you.

Key Unit Components

The Easy-Kleen hot water pressure washer is comprised of three systems, each one with a defined task:

● Water pump: in charge of supplying adequate water flow at the desired pressure
● Engine: responsible for driving the water pump
● Electrically operated burner: heats the water to the desired temperature by means of burning oil. Our unit comes with a 12V igniter that control the burner operation


As mentioned earlier, Easy-Kleen is a brand that has more than three decades of history. It’s a family-owned and operated brand proud of manufacturing high quality, serviceable equipment made in the US. Regarding the components used in our model, the pump is a commercial-grade heavy-duty triplex plunger unit with an oil bath crankcase, stainless valves, and all brass manifolds, using direct driven by a Honda gasoline engine. The American made oil-fired Wayne burners have adjustable thermostats for added efficiency, reliability, and serviceability. The frame of the pressure washer is built from rugged 12 gauge one-piece steel, and powder coated for increased longevity. All in all, a really tough US-made unit.

Easy-Kleen Hot Water Pressure Washer Performance

Having a quality hot water pressure washer is great, but what exactly you can expect from it? The first thing you need to know is that, unlike cheap units, Easy-Kleen advertised specifications are real. Meaning you will have a pressure washer delivering a constant flow of hot water at 4,000 psi. That’s something to take it seriously. Using the appropriate degreaser you can clean almost any type of surface. However, keep in mind this is not the typical “1,600 psi” cold water pressure washer. The Easy-Kleen unit is designed for commercial and industrial use. If you are planning to wash your car, your engine, or your backyard using this pressure washer then set an adequate pressure, use a wide angle nozzle, and use the burner only if necessary. In short, handle with care the Easy-Kleen pressure washer to avoid damaging your paint and/or sensitive surfaces. The contrary is also true. The Easy-Kleen hot water pressure washer can clean grease, oil, mud and dirt accumulated on industrial machinery, however depending on the type of dirt, even such a powerful unit has its limitations.

Easy-Kleen pressure washing

Easy Kleen 4000 psi Operation

For your convenience here’s a link to the manual

Easy-Kleen units are designed to be easy to clean pressure washers offering straightforward operation. For your convenience, we include simplified instructions below.

1. Perform a visual inspection of the main systems of the unit. For safety reasons, it’s a good idea checking aspects such as:
a. Proper ventilation to support combustion of the oil-fired burner
b. Verify all controls are turned off
c. Check both, pump oil level and engine oil level. Top up with the adequate oil if necessary.
d. Check gasoline (or diesel) level
e. Check oil-fired burner oil tank level. Complete it as necessary
f. Visually inspect all hoses and electrical components prior to turning on the unit
2. Prepare the spray gun. Attach one end of the high-pressure hose to the spray gun and the other to to the hot water outlet using the quick connector. Ensure both ends are tightly locked. Next, attach the wand nozzle you think is the best for the task
3. Attach the unit to the water source. Locate the pump water inlet and attach a proper quality hose (½” minimum is required for proper water flow). For safe operation, it’s extremely important that the water supply has enough pressure (at least 20-60 psi)
4. Start the engine. In the case of our unit it has an electric start. Always check the exhaust is not facing any flammable materials
5. Electrically operated burner operation. Our unit came with a 12V igniter feed by the engine’s battery. 120VAC models are also available. Its operation is really simple:
a. Before turning on the burner verify that the water is flowing through the water heater coil.
b. Adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature
c. Turn on the burner using the panel controls. The burner will automatically keep the desired temperature as long as there is water flowing through the system
6. Adjust the water pressure. The unit comes ready from factory to work at its maximum pressure (4,000 psi in our case) but you can reduced it for light tasks by turning counter clockwise the Pressure Regulator/Unloader located at the pump
7. Start cleaning. Once you are ready, you can start cleaning by pulling the trigger on the pressure wand.
8. Turning off the unit. Before turning off the unit, turn the burner off and let the pump run for two minutes with trigger gun pulled to allow coil to cool down. Next, turn the pump off and press the trigger a couple of times to depressurize the system.

Quick Safety/Maintenance Tips

● Never leave the unit running when not in use.
● Never try to operate the unit at a higher pressure than its maximum rating
● If the burner ignition fails let the unit to cool down before attempting to restart the ignition
● Never used mixed fuels on the engine
● Only use SAE 30W non-detergent oil or hydraulic 68 oil for the pump
● Only use 10W30 detergent oil for the engine
● Use furnace oil for the burner


Easy-Kleen pressure washers are with out a doubt, products of incredible quality, designed for people who require a high-performance easy clean pressure washer that can reliably supply pressurized water for long periods of time. A machine built to take on great challenges without a sweat.