Electric vs gas log splitters: Electric Log Splitter vs Gas Log Splitter [Showdown]

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September 18, 2019

What brings you here? You might be unsure about electric vs gas log splitter. Which one should be the best choice for you? Well, we are going to make that choice easier for you. Read carefully!

Before we start please remember each of these types has its own benefits and drawbacks. So read and understand your need then decide what to find in electric vs gas log splitter for your need. If you are in a hurry check our Top 10 log splitter reviews!

Gas Log Splitters

If you are not struggling with a tight budget then you must go for a gas power log splitter. They generally fall between 7 to 35 tons of capacity. That is huge. Definitely, it can do a big job. Most of the best log splitters are from this category.

Gas log splitter versatile work Electric vas gas log splitter

Gas Log Splitter

Pros of Gas Log Splitter

  • Power and more power: Gas-powered log splitters are more powerful in capacity than the electric ones. It is more efficient.
  • Operating mobility: You just fill the engine with gas and start handling logs, no matter how remote you are working. No need for any power source like you need with the electric log splitters.
  • Splits difficult logs: Seasoned or unseasoned, large or larger, it can handle the toughest logs out there. This is a good safety point.
    Handles larger logs: It can handle up to 25” of logs!
  • The position of operation: You can operate it both in vertical or horizontal position depending on the log size.

Cons of Gas Log Splitters

  • Cannot be used indoors: I know, it’s rare for these tools to be used in the garage or shop, but just sayin… keep the emissions out of doors.
  • Heavy: Compared to the electrical ones this is heavy and you might feel a bit tired while moving it.
  • Cost: Yes, it is more expensive than the electrical log splitters.
    Maintenance cost: Regular oil change, air filter change, and spark plug change are required on a periodic basis.

electric vs gas log splitter
Step aside guys!

Real Verdict of Electric vs gas log splitter

Looking at the facts of electric vs gas log splitter can not ensure you get the best log splitter on the market. You need to combine the electric vs gas log splitter results with your specific need. Combining these two will give you the best log splitter for your works.

Electric log splitters

Did you Know? Electric log splitters are Hydraulic log splitters! Most of the electric log splitters fall into the category of 4-10 Ton but there are some 20 Ton categories available too. Light wood splitting work is suitable for electric log splitters.

electrci vs gas log splitter
Electric log splitter

Pros of Electric Log Splitter

  • Fuel fact: You do not need to worry about the exhaust from combustible fuel.
  • Cheaper than Gas Powered models: You will spend less money on electric log splitters.
  • Can be used indoors: As they do not run on fuel you can use them in your house easily. Especially when the weather is not good outside it can fit inside for its compact size.
  • Less noise: No fuel-powered motor, which makes it less noisemaker than gas-powered log splitters.
  • Easier to move around: Being lighter weight, electric log splitters are easy to move from here to there. Anywhere you found a 120V electricity outlet you can use it there!
  • Less maintenance cost: You do not have to worry about changing oils, air filters, refilling gas as there is no combustible engine here.

Cons of Electric Log Splitter

  • Log size issue: Average size of a log which can be split with electrical log splitter is 20” in length and 12” in diameter. While gas-powered splitter can handle logs up to 25” in length.
  • No power source, no job: You need an electric power source for this category. If you are working in a remote area this is not going to help.
  • Less force: These models have less force compared to the gas log splitters. They show less splitting capacity.

However, in both cases, you have to change the hydraulic oil.

The verdict of electric vs gas log splitter goes on! Now as you understand the facts, it is up to you what kind of wood you want to handle and what best fits in your pocket! Also, you need to find out the exact tonnage of your log splitter.

The electric splitters are for those people who wish to split close to their house. Usually, they do not split a huge amount of wood but occasional. On the other hand, gas splitter users know splitting for a long time. They tend to split large logs frequently.

If you want to get the full review of top picked log splitters then check our log splitter review page.


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