Homdox 3000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

By Power Tools

September 10, 2020

Update:  This product has been out of stock on Amazon for some time now.  The manufacturer seems to be focusing on their 2800PSI unit (with better reviews BTW) which you can check out here.

Additionally, you might find our review of some other 3000PSI pressure washers helpful.


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Whether it's for dealing with an outdoor swimming pool, graffiti, or a dirt-covered patio a pressure washer can be incredibly useful. However, with so many options on the market, at widely varying prices it's hard to know what's worth the investment and which ones you should pass up.

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In this article, we'll be looking at whether the HomdoX 3000 is worth the investment. This is a well-priced pressure washer available on Amazon, it works at 3000 PSI and has a water usage of 1.6 GPM (gallons per minute). 

Continue reading to see what we thought of the HomdoX 3000: 

The Good

Hose Length

If we were to make a list of essential things a pressure washer must have, top of that list would be a long hose. Without a long hose, you will really struggle to maneuver your pressure washer. The HomdoX 3000 comes with a high-pressure hose that is 20ft long. 

5 interchangeable nozzles

The key to having flexibility with the pressure levels of your pressure washer is alternating the nozzle attachments on the hose.

This model comes with 5 different nozzles that allow you to lower the pressure and use the machine for multiple different functions. 

'Soap' included

The HomdoX 3000 comes with a multi-purpose detergent that works well on small, medium, and tough jobs.

For the low price of the machine, it's quite a surprise that they included free detergent, but a welcome one. This is a high-quality detergent that makes your cleaning jobs even easier.  

Easy to maneuver

This is a lightweight pressure washer that is extremely easy to maneuver. Not only does it have an astonishingly long power cord, but it also has a long hose. The combination of these two gives you over 50ft of movement with this product.

On top of the machine, there is an easy to use handle that allows you to lift the machine straight off the ground or drag it behind you on its wheels. 

One of its online reviews is from a 74-year-old talking about how easy he finds it to move and use.  

Power Cord Length

The HomdoX 3000 comes with a 33ft power cord. This is an amazing length that will make using this machine even easier.

We normally recommend getting a machine with a 5-meter power cord, and this definitely exceeds that. 

The Bad

The Pressure

One of our major problems with this pressure washer (and it should be one of yours) is that it doesn't perform at the level of PSI (pressure per square inch) that it claims to. In fact, it only performs at half the pressure it promises.  

Customer Service

As we will mention later, a lot of people have had to return this machine due to faulty or missing parts. Many of these customers have gone on to complain about the quality of customer service they have received.

Others talk about the amazing service they were given - it seems to be a real mixed bag. 

The Ugly

The Reviews

If reviews are meant to map out the quality of a pressure washer, then the Homdox 3000's reviews have us seriously lost. Reviewers on Amazon are split exactly 50% between negative and positive reviews.

However, if you take a closer look at these numbers you'll notice that this machine has more one-star reviews than anything else. With multiple customers complaining it broke after one use.

 Most of the good reviews are from older users who seem unbothered by the fact that this machine does not perform at the advertised PSI. 

Short lifespan?

This is our biggest issue with this machine. Despite all its positive elements, this is not a pressure washer that we could recommend knowing how many people have struggled with it breaking within the first few uses. 

Almost every breakage report seems to be about a different issue as well. We have seen complaints about flooding in the electric motor, the starting switch breaking, the hose attachment breaking, the power cord breaking, and a few mystery faults. We've even seen complaints of not all the parts arriving!

Even with a cheap machine, this lack of quality is disappointing. 

In Conclusion

It's not often we come across a product with such mixed reviews. However, we cannot recommend this product to you. 

While there are positive points to this pressure washer likes its cable length, hose length, and mobility. There are a few major issues that nullify all these great points. There is no use in having a 33ft power cable if the whole machine breaks after one use. 

One of the major issues with this pressure washer is that it does not perform as advertised, only reaching a pressure level of 1500 PSI.

It might not immediately sound like a huge deal but the difference between 3000 and 1500 PSI is washing mud off a bike and taking graffiti off a wall. 

The HomdoX 3000 is still incredibly well-priced for a 1500 PSI machine, so if you are looking for a lightweight pressure washer to do smaller jobs around the house, it would be worth considering if it was built more reliably. 

With over half the reviewers of this machine reporting that it broke within the first few uses, it's hard to see the appeal of risking purchasing this machine.

Add to this, the multiple people complaining that they were ignored by customer service when trying to request a refund. We'd recommend avoiding purchasing this machine. 

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