All About Hydrogen Water Generator: No Need for Pressure Washer

By Power Tools

February 19, 2019

Being a pressure washer enthusiast, I was studying water quality. The next thing I stumbled upon accidentally is a hydrogen water generator.

I am sure you are going to love the theory of this machine.

The thought of water to hydrogen generator set up in their car un-nerves some people. If you are old enough or remember your history you know about the Hindenburg and what a terrible day in history that was. A Hydrogen filled blimp. The correctly designed systems today are built so that the hydrogen generated is quickly used in the combustion chamber. It is a misunderstanding to think that you would be driving with a container filled with such a flammable gas. That bump did burst into flames as it was coming into land and killed almost everyone. People realize the danger this gas can pose, but small amounts, properly managed should be no cause for alarm or concern.

Again, we don’t change water to hydrogen and store it. Hydrogen is generated and used right away, eliminating the danger of a damaging explosion. Also, the HHO generated when we convert water to Hydrogen is not the purest form of Hydrogen, so that is another aspect to the safety of this money saving option.

Hydrogen water generator,  that produces purer forms of hydrogen are used in industrial applications and cost thousands of dollars. Not cost effective at the automotive level at this time, but you can find several car companies working to make it possible, well affordable really. What will the non-believers, the scoffers say when that day finally arrives in the future, maybe the not too distant future. Car companies are posting their research online to keep consumers up to date.

I had no time reading those long research papers. But, found a blog the home dweller website which was a time saver.

Water to Hydrogen

The hydrogen gas for your vehicle is safe enough and is useful to produce a more fuel-efficient car or truck. It is ok and good to use in gas or diesel applications. Appealing more and more to those with diesel trucks as the cost of diesel fuel has risen as well.

People have actually been converting water to hydrogen for many years now, with great success.

As mentioned before, in industrial applications they are using water to hydrogen machines to save money, and be more efficient. Now HHO generators are available for your vehicle as well. There are companies that cater to the automotive industry. There are several good ebooks that give you step by step instruction on building your own water to Hydrogen converter. Some also include video instruction as well.

So realize the whenever you come across the phrase or hear it said, “run your car on water” that it does not mean to actually run on water, but to convert water to HHO and then burn that in your engine combustion process. Fuel costs are rising. You may want to consider getting or building a generator which produces HHO “as needed” for your vehicle. Unfortunately, the cost of the things we depend on continues to go up in price.

Considering water to a hydrogen generator

Check out Youtube water to hydrogen and other sites to see what success other people are having when they have a kit installed on their vehicle. You will find that a correctly installed unit should increase your fuel economy 20-60%. Quite a range, I know but at the current fuel prices, it is well worth the investment. What kind of money are you spending on fuel every month? consider the math and figuring out what a 20-30% savings every month would be. Is it worth it to you to save that kind of money converting some water to hydrogen?

Don’t worry. Your pressure washer does not require this much healthy water.