Meguiars Car Shampoo Review

By Power Tools

February 15, 2021

Are you concerned about how dirty your car becomes? Did you know dirt and dust can reduce the efficiency of your car by 10%? Why not try a professional shampoo to wash away the dirt and dust?

“Meguiars” are a trusted name in the field of car wash shampoos. They have a premium formula with rich ingredients. They gently wash away your car’s dirt and grime. They make your paint look more radiant. Meguiars delivers high-quality results.

Car Wash Shampoo

In this article, we have reviewed Meguiars car wash shampoo products.

Meguiars Car Wash Shampoos Reviews

Meguiars G7164 Gold Car Wash Shampoo

Meguiars G7164 Gold Car Wash Shampoo is the best product in their range. It has a premium formula that washes and conditions paint easily and keeps the car shining like new.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to Clean: The rich sudsing car soap washes and conditions your car’s paint. The shampoo’s premium formula gently foams, washes debris and removes tough dirt.
  • Safe: The Gold car wash is safe to use in a bucket or a foam cannon. You can dilute it in the water when using it with a foam cannon. Moreover, it is safe to use on all kinds of paints. It leaves your paint with a radiant shine.

Why should you buy it?

The car wash shampoo features a premium formula that gently foams and quickly washes debris and tough dirt.

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Meguiar Ultimate Wash and Wax

It gently cleans your paint and leaves a glossy shine. The wax and synthetic polymer technology clean paint in one easy step.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe: The Carnauba wax and polymer technology used in this shampoo are safe for your car. It leaves a deep, glossy, and shining texture on your paint while cleaning it in one easy step. The sudsing action safely lifts the dirt to minimize swirling.
  • Versatile: this soap is compatible with all washes and waxes. It promises to maintain the shine and glossiness of your car’s paint. Its PH neutral lets you clean in an easy way.

Why should you buy it?

This product is a Synthetic polymer technology-based car wash. It cleans paint in one easy step and promises to maintain your car’s shine and glossiness so that you can use it with full safety.

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Meguiar’s D11101 Shampoo Plus

The shampoo plus lubricating car wash formula gently cleans and conditions without scratching. It boosts shine and leaves a highly reflective and smooth surface for your car. So you can safely use this shampoo.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal: the lubricating car wash formula with luxurious foaming action gently clean paint without scratching. The liquid car soap effectively lifts dirt and grime off surfaces without stripping wax.
  • Safe: the shampoo plus formula is safe to use for your daily purpose. The rich conditioning agents boost, shine, and leave the surface highly reflective with a touch. The biodegradable formula is safe to use for your cars as it gives a glossy and shiny touch to your car’s paint by making it more effective.

Why should you buy it?

The shampoo is easy to use every day. The rich conditioning agents boost, shine, and leave the surface highly reflective. Your car’s paint gets a lease of new life after this treatment.

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Meguiar’s M6201 Mirror Glaze Car Wash Shampoo

The Mirror Glaze car wash shampoo gently cleans the paint without damaging your car’s surface. The ultra-high foaming action formula safely removes fresh contaminants and is safe to use.

Features & Benefits

  • Car Wash Formula: the luxurious car-wash formula gently cleans the paint without making scratching. Its premium conditioning formula deepens gloss and reflects the surface to leave a highly reflective, slick surface of your car paint. This shampoo gives a new life to your car.
  • Safe: The soap is safe to use for your cars as ultra-high foaming actively removes fresh contaminants safely. It is ph balanced, so it doesn’t strip wax, which ensures safe and easy cleaning. The ideal wash product can safely maintain and is easy to use for all kinds of cars. It is capable of removing tough dirt and debris from your car without damaging the paint.

Why should you buy it?

The luxurious car wash shampoo features an ultra-high foaming action formula that removes fresh contaminants safely and is safe to use. It is ph balanced, so it doesn’t strip wax, which ensures safe and easy cleaning. Moreover, it leaves a highly reflective, slick surface on your car paint.

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Buyers Guide

Meguiars car wash shampoos are good to use for washing and cleaning your car. A highly-effective formula is used in making these shampoos. It makes cleaning easy and safe. But before choosing the best car shampoo, you must consider certain factors.


You should choose those car shampoos that are safe for your car. They should be able to clean your car’s paint without damaging it. Meguiars shampoos are pH-balanced. They do not damage your car’s paint and can easily remove tough dirt and debris from your car.

Easy to Use

Meguiars shampoos are easy to use and can clean dirt quickly. Some shampoos contain polymers and silicone. Those two chemicals can enhance your car’s appearance and give protection to your cars’ paint.

Meguiars Car Wash Shampoo


Foam is another factor that you should consider while buying car wash shampoos. You should choose shampoos that develop a rich foam, which is more efficient in removing dirt particles.

Meguiars car wash shampoos give you a lot of thick foam, which can take good care of your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I wash my car?

The answer to this question depends on your car’s maintenance and the weather conditions you live in. In normal conditions, we recommend that you wash your car once or twice a week.

Can hair shampoo be useful for a car wash?

Hair shampoo is good to use for car wash as it is a great cleanser that you can use to cut out grease and grime on your car’s body. You can also use baby shampoo, as it contains gentle ingredients that won’t harm your car’s paint.

Does car wash soap matter?

The car wash soap matters a lot. It loosens the debris on your car’s exterior. It makes it easier to safely wipe away dirt and other contaminants without causing any damage to your car’s paint. If you start using alternatives like dish wash soap for your car, you will quickly find that they can very harmful to your paint. You can, however, use a milder soap to wash your car.

Can I wash my car with vinegar?

Yes, you can wash your car with a vinegar solution. Detailers use the sour rinser to remove fresh tree sap or tar. But you must not use vinegar too often on your car as it may cause damage.

Wrap Up

Meguiars is more than a century old brand, which people associate with the best quality of surface care that you can get. We have listed above some of the best car care products, but this is only a small subset of Meguiar’s range of products and applications. If you want the best for your car, Meguiars is the way to go!