Pressure Washer Attachments to Improve Your Pressure Washer’s Cleaning Performance and Capacity

By Power Tools

September 6, 2019

Last season you upgraded to a new pressure washer and this year your ready for some accessories to make you work easier.

Accessories for your Pressure washer


So you know some additional attachments would be great, but which?  Aside from color cordination;) what criteria are important?

Yeah, pressure washers by themselves can accomplish a whole lot on most surfaces, sidings, cars, driveways ect… and do it with ease.  But there are some power washer attachments which take the performance of your equipment to the next level. These attachments, unfortunately, do not typically come out of the box with a new pressure washer purchase.  They’re after market items.

In this article, we’ll  take a look at some of the best after market attachments for pressure washers. Let’s jump in!

7 Type of Pressure Washer Attachments For Special Tasks

1. Surface Cleaner Attachments

This helps cleaning flat surfaces with great result. Do not work properly on the bumpy surface.

pressure washer surface cleaner attachment

They offer a 15” cleaning path. Surface cleaners are attached to a pressure washer wand delivering the spray pressure in a distributed way.

Basically, this attachment has rotary nozzles under the body which distributes the water pressure. This encloses all the pressure inside the body ensuring no debris gets scattered.

Surface cleaners are effective on flat surfaces. Using this attachment for the small area wouldn’t be convenient. Large area cleaning is the best fit for these.

There are many good brands manufacturing surface cleaners. Briggs and Stratton, Powerfit, Yamaha, Generac, Karcher, Sunjoe, Simpson, etc are popular brands.

The higher the PSI of a pressure washer is the better the cleaning with this attachment. When selecting a surface cleaner look for a well built and desired diameter one.

2. Turbo Nozzles

Although some brands offer turbo nozzles included in the package, you might need to get one for yourself. This one is a great addition for pressure washing kit.

pressure washer turbo nozzle attachment

As you know there are five different colored nozzle tips for different purposes. They do serve a great purpose. But having one turbo nozzle will surely eliminate your concern of removing tough stains or gums from concrete or hard surfaces.

The water spray comes out of the turbo nozzle tip in a 0-degree form. But the nozzle rotates so fast in such a way that forces the water jet to appear in a cone shape. This is quite similar to the 25-degree nozzle just more powerful and effective.

This turbo nozzle is a great gear for powerful pressure washers to clean away tough grimes or gums from concrete or strong surfaces. This is recommended to use on strong surfaces only as this has way too much power to damage any surface.

3. Extension Wands

A pressure washer comes with a standard wand, which is short in size considering average work type. An extension wand attachment cuts the barrier of reaching two-storied houses.

extension wand attachments

A telescoping extension wand is great for reaching second stories. A typical extension wand can extend up to 36 ft. Extending that much eliminates the use of a ladder for pressure washing higher level.

Extension wands can be of full aluminum or fiberglass built. Although fiberglass body ensures a more premium feel and quality the aluminum wands are also great at a cheap rate.

These telescoping wands have lever lock for each of the extension parts or separately attachable parts. You should get one right now if you pressure wash your two-storied houses often.

4. Brushes

A rotating brush to be exact. Already you have visualized a surface cleaner which is actually similar.


pressure washer brush

The concept is the same as a surface cleaner attachment which is to clean away dirt and grime more effectively. Eventually, the water spray is concealed inside the brush fibers, causing them to spin in a smooth form.

This brush attachment is a lovely piece of addition for car cleaning. You might scrub the detergent with soft scrubber before pressure washing your car. But, this thing lets you do the same without any hassle. The soft fibers take care of paint without any concern.

You might have already thought of using it on patio, deck, and furniture. This thing really does wash away dirt and mud.

Karcher makes the most beautiful brushes, but other brands also are in competition.

5. Foam Cannons

This one is the top favorite in the list. I mean everyone should have this!

foam cannon attachment

Foam cannons are attached at the end of pressure washer wands and spray foam. Soap or detergents are added in the bottle for foam generation. Foam is a chemical form of soap. Soap aids in removing the dirt and grime from the surface thus you can easily wash away when you spray on them. In essence, this is a pressure washer soap attachment.

These are great for your car and boats. There are tons of brands producing quality items which is why we review foam canons specifically here.

6. Brooms

Brooms? For pressure washers? Yeah!


Brooms are another good example of modified surface cleaners. The difference is in the shape. It works on a flat surface in a flat area!! You need to connect the end of your pressure washer wand with the broom quick connect part and start spraying. The spray is distributed in three or more spray nozzles.

When you roll them along a flat surface it cleans a flat area with the spray. The shape of the combined spray is like a broom.

Although the spray is two or three in number but are gentle enough.

7. Spray Gun

In my opinion, this is the most important and most damaged part of a pressure washer. Ask me why.

pressure washer spray wand

Without this, there would be no spray of the water jet. In addition to that, this gives the full control of the water jet to your hand. This is also classified as a trigger gun as the trigger works as the control of water jet.

In most of the cases, the kind of spray gun available with each purchase of an electric pressure washer is a plastic one. This is why you might want to upgrade your spray gun afterward and get a stronger one.

Plastic can easily break while using. Or the trigger may malfunction. This is also a good reason to upgrade your pressure washer spray wand.


Before running to the market for buying every available attachment observe closely exactly which ones you are going to need.

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