Pressure Washer Rental Cost [How Much is it to Rent a Power Washer from Shops]

By Power Tools

September 12, 2019

Whether you should rent a pressure washer or buy it, is a moot point.

But I am not going to sit on the fence here.

Hi!, In this article, I am going to help you decide if you should rent a pressure washer or buy one. And later discuss pressure washer rental cost to make things clear.

Cost to rent a pressure washer

Is that all?


I will also provide some useful information on different facts associated with pressure washer renting which I believe will give you a proper guideline on renting one from different stores around America.

Here are the topics I am going to cover in a moment.

  • Whether you should rent a pressure washer or buy it.
  • Pressure washer renting cost.
  • Different renting shops around America.
  • Information on renting pressure washer accessories.
  • Some other handful of information related to renting different types of pressure washers.

So, let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

Pressure Washer – Renting vs Buying vs Hiring a Pro

Renting or buying highly depends on how frequently you are going to use it. You won’t want to buy it for a seldom use.

Look, high-quality pressure washers cost from $200 to $1500+ and I don’t want to spend this money buying one and engage my storage if I use it once in a year. But if I need to use it at least once a week, I would probably go for buying one.

When should you prefer renting to buying?

  • You don’t use a pressure washer frequently.
  • You don’t want to do the maintenance. How? See, you rent it for a certain period like a few hours or only a single day, right? So it is obvious that you don’t have to bother about the maintenance job as the rental shops take care of it.
  • Occupying your storage with something that you use rarely is not a wise decision.
  • All the rental shops offer high-quality machine, so you are getting your job done with the top-notch machine at 2x-3x less price.
  • You don’t want to face the boring steps of winterizing the washer.

Here are some reasons that may inspire you to buy one instead of renting.

  • You need to use it at least once in a week or more frequently.
  • Renting a pressure washer is not possible in your area.
  • You fear of causing any damage to the machine and penalties.
  • Availability during high time is an issue if you rent a pressure washer. If you don’t want to wait long for the availability then go for buying one. Sometimes you may have to pay extra during the high time.
  • Winterizing the pressure washer pump is not a big deal for you.
  • You have enough space in your storage to keep it while not in use.
  • You are confident enough to operate the machine properly and maintenance is not a big deal.

Another option beside renting and buying is hiring a professional to do the task for you.

I will choose this option only if

  • I am not capable of using the pressure washer efficiently without causing any damage to the machine.
  • If completing the task fast within a short period is must, I will probably hire a professional.
  • I am not sure if I would be able to handle any difficult challenge like reaching to an odd spot to clean properly.
  • I am not sure about other cleaning materials that are required depending on the intensity of the dirt.
  • Renting a pressure washer is not possible in my area that’s why I want the professionals to come to my doorstep and do the job for me.

Remember it may cost anything around $110 – $350 to hire a pro.

So, Have you decided to rent one instead of buying it or hiring a pro?

If yes, then keep on reading. Because now I am going to help you with some useful information related to different pressure washers rental price and rental shops in America.

First, let’s make a short list of the rental shops that I am going to discuss here.

A Glimpse of the Different Pressure Washer Shops in America

  • Herc Rentals – Covers so many locations with wide availability of pressure washers and accessories. The renting cost seems reasonable in terms of the quality of the products that they offer for rent. They have both gas pressure washer and electric pressure for the offering.
  • Home Depot – Same as the previous shop. Covers a number of locations with a widespread availability of the products. The asking rental rate of Home Depot is also fair enough. Home Depot also offers both gas and electric washer for rent.
  • United Rentals – Another reliable renting shop, covering various locations with available pressure washers and accessories in a different capacity range. At this moment United Rentals offers gas pressure washer, surface cleaner, extension wand.
  • Northside Tool Rental – Right now they are offering their service limited to five locations – Doraville, Buckhead, Marietta, Norcross, and Sandy Springs. They offer gas pressure washer and other accessories like the surface cleaner, extension wand, etc in reasonable costing.
  • AAA Rent-All – Currently covering Gonzales, Baton Rouge, Zachary, Denham Springs, and Hammond Louisiana. They offer gas pressure washer, surface cleaner, extension wand for renting having sufficient items in stock.
  • Burns Tools Rentals – At present they are covering the following locations – Mishawaka IN, Elkhart IN, South Bend IN, Niles MI and surrounding the metro area. They have gas pressure washers, electric pressure washers, and surface cleaners for the renting service at the moment.
  • A To Z Equipment – Operating in North Valley – AZ, Central Phoenix – AZ, East Valley – AZ, West Valley – AZ. Currently, they offer gas pressure washers, gasoline powered pressure washer and surface cleaners for renting purpose.
  • Aqua Tech USA – One of the finest rental shops offering electric pressure washer, gasoline powered pressure washer, surface cleaner, extension wand in Metropolitan New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.
  • Besides these reputed renting stores you can also have a look at Rental Guys, American Pride, American Rentals, and Menards as they too offer different pressure washers and accessories.

Please keep in mind, the renting cost may slightly vary depending on your location and any time any of the above stores may change their offering.

For instance, if any of the above stores are not offering hot water pressure rental at this moment doesn’t mean they won’t offer it in the future.

Similarly, the rental shops that are providing their service in limited areas may extend their coverage as the days go.

Gas Pressure Washer Rental Prices

Herc Rentals

Here is their cold water gas pressure washer renting cost:

PSIPer DayPer WeekPer Month
2000 – 2999$80$320$720
5000 – 5999$140$560$1260

Hot water pressure washer rental cost of Herc Rentals:

PSIPer DayPer WeekPer Month

Click here for more details about renting a pressure washer from Herch Rentals.

Home Depot

For cold water pressure washer rental they ask:

PSIFor 4 HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month
2000 – 2700$55$79$316$948

To find out more detail and the latest offering from Home Depot follow this link.

United Rentals

For cold water pressure washer rental their asking rate:

PSIPer DayPer WeekPer Month

For hot water pressure washers rental United Rentals asks:

$180 / day, $554 / week, $1246 / month

Visit this link for more info regarding their pressure washer rental service.

Northside Tool Rental

For cold water pressure washer rental service here is the NTR asking price table:

PSIPer 4 HourPer DayPer Week

For hot water washer rental NTR asks like this:

PSIPer DayPer Week

Here is the link to follow their entire list of pressure washers for renting service.

AAA Rent-All

They ask as per the following table for cold water pressure washer rental:

PSIPer 4 HourPer DayPer Week

AAA Rent-All asks as per the following rate for hot water gas pressure washer rental:

PSIPer DayPer Week

If you are interested in knowing more detail about their service, visit here.

Burns Tools Rentals

For cold water washer renting the Burns Tool Rentals ask as per the following table:

PSIFor 4 HoursPer DayPer Week

For hot water gas pressure washer, their asking rate is:

PSIFor 4 HoursPer DayPer Week

Click here to know more of their offerings and renting service.

A To Z Equipment

For hot water pressure washers the rental costs are:

PSIFor 4 HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

Visit this link for more information regarding their other renting service particularly the cold water pressure washer renting. They will give you a gasoline-powered machine for this purpose.

Renting an Electric Pressure Washer

Herc Rentals

For cold water pressure washer the rental cost is as follows:

PSIPer DayPer WeekPer Month

Visit the Herc Rentals pressure washer rental service page for more details.

Home Depot

Cold water pressure washer renting cost:

PSIFor 4 HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

Home Depot has got more information on their site about the rental service.

Aqua Tech USA

Aqua Tech asks the following rate for cold water electric pressure washer renting:

PSIFor 4 HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

For hot water electric washer they charge:

PSIFor 4 HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

Follow this link to learn more about their pressure washer rental service. They also offer gasoline pressure washer rental service.

Burns Tools Rentals

For hot water electric pressure washer rental their cost is as follows:

PSIFor 4 HoursPer DayPer Week

Burns Rentals has got something more for you to offer. Click here to learn more.

Renting Cost of Gasoline Powered Pressure Washer

A To Z Equipment

A To Z Equipment charges as per the following table for cold water pressure washer renting service:

PSIFor 4 HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

Here is the link to know their other offers.

Aqua Tech USA

For cold water they have the following asking:

PSIFor 4 HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

For hot water gasoline pressure washer they ask:

PSIFor 4 HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month

Here is the link to the detail list of their pressure washer renting service.

Some Other Rental Shops You May Consider

Here I am going to provide you a list of some more reputed rental shops with links that you may find handy.

Why Renting a Gas Pressure Washer is Good Over its Electric Counterpart?

Well, I am not a hater of an electric pressure washer.

It has its own set of advantage of course.

But for some certain reasons, I believe renting a gas pressure washer is better than renting an electric one.

Here they are:

  • You will find more shops offering gas pressure washers than electric pressure washers for rental.
  • No electrical connection is required. So you can move the washer anywhere without worrying about electrical connection.
  • No issue of limited movement during cleaning due to the length of the electrical cord.
  • A gas pressure washer is clearly ahead of its electric cousin in terms of power and heavy duty cleaning.
  • You don’t have to worry about electrocution due to the accidental spraying of water on the electrical cord.
  • Gas pressure washers are more adaptable as an array of accessories are available for this type of washers to tackle a different type of cleaning task.

Renting Pressure Washer Accessories

 When it’s about renting pressure washer accessories, you will find multiple shops offering different accessories for rental purpose.

Surface cleaner/scrubbers and extension wand are the most common accessories that you will find for renting from almost every store I mentioned above.

Interested to know the rental cost of these two most commonly used accessories?

Here you go.

Renting Cost of Surface Cleaner / Scrubbers (20” Diameter)

SHOPRating Up to (PSI)For 4 HoursPer DayPer WeekPer Month
Herc Rentals4000N/A$35$105$315
Home Depot4000$25$36$144$432
United Rental4000N/A$35$149$308
Northside Tool Rental4000$21$31$111N/A
AAA Rent-All4000N/A$39$156Call them for quote
Burns Tools Rental1000-4000$33$44$165N/A
A To Z Equipment2500$60$60$200$400

** Above I’ve mentioned only the 20” diameter surface cleaners. Some rental stores offer 22”, 24”, 28” cleaners as well.

Upfront Deposits & Damage Penalties

Some renting shops like Home Depot may ask upfront refundable security money. Not only that, most of the shops if not all will charge you if any damage is done to the machine during the phase you use it.

Make sure to know all these before confirming the service. You can always call them during their office hours. Majority of the shops have a renting guide available on their website as well.

How much does it cost to rent a pressure washer? 

The cost of renting a pressure washer depends on what type you rent.  

Renting a gas pressure washer can vary from as little as $39 for 4 hours, to as much as $1620 for a month.  

Renting an electrical pressure washer is different however, and the cost can vary from as little as $29 for 4 hours, to as much as $1800 for an entire month. 

You can also get daily rates or weekly rates. 

The price can also vary according to the maximum psi of the pressure washer. The lower the psi, the cheaper the pressure washer is to rent. 

The price will also vary between different organizations, so it pays to do your homework by scrolling back through the article above and taking a look at the different prices set by the likes of Herc Rentals, Home Depot, United Rentals, Northside Tool Rental, AAA Rent-All, 

Burns Tools Rentals, A To Z Equipment, and Aqua Tech USA.  

How much does Home Depot charge to rent a pressure washer? 

The cost to rent a pressure washer from Home Depot varies according to the type of pressure washer and its maximum psi. The cost can vary from as little as $29 for 4 hours, to as much as $1188 per month. 

The cost varies according to the type of pressure washer, and its maximum psi. Let’s break it down for you.  

  • A 2000 to 2700 psi gas pressure washer costs $55 for 4 hours to rent.  
  • A 3500 psi gas pressure washer costs $69 for 4 hours to rent. 
  • An electric cold water pressure washer, with a psi of 1400, costs $29 for to rent for 4 hours. 
  • There are also daily, weekly, and monthly rates. And while the cost does go up with the length of the duration of the rental, they do offer discounts for a longer rental. 

You won’t, for example, be expected to be charged $69 for 4 hours for an entire month.  

Should I buy or rent pressure washer? 

Whether to buy or rent a pressure depends entirely on how frequently you would like to use the pressure washer. If you want to use a pressure washer once every week, then it’s well worth investing in a pressure washer of your own.  

But they are very expensive to buy, and they can also be quite tricky to look after. 

If however, you think you’d only use it once every 6 months or so, then we would argue that it would be a far more sensible idea to simply just rent one whenever you need to. 

It becomes a more difficult decision to make when you’re thinking of using a pressure washer at a frequency between once a week and once every 6 months. 

Renting a pressure washer will work out to the most affordable option for you, provided that you rent the pressure for just 4 hours or 8 hours at a time.  

Can you rent a power washer at Home Depot? 

The short answer is Yes, you certainly can rent a power washer from Home Depot. 

Their selection of pressure washers available to rent include electric models, gas models, and hot and cold models. 

What we like about choosing a power washer to rent from Home Depot, is how you can select what is that you want to use the pressure washer to clean, and the website automatically provides you with a selection of appropriate power pressure washers. 

The Home Depot also features a video explaining and demonstrating how best to use a pressure washer. 

But it’s worth noting at this point, that before you can rent a power washer from Home Depot, you must first check their website to find out whether or not the particular power washer you are interested in renting is actually available, and hasn’t already been snapped up by someone else. 

If you opt for a week’s a month’s rental, you may be able to rent a few days for free. 

Should you pressure wash your house? 

You should pressure was your house. No matter what your house surface is made of pressure washing your house is an excellent way of giving it a nice, new, fresh look. 

Pressure washing helps to get rid of stains, get rid of mold, and get rid of mildew. You can pressure washer your home’s siding, decking, driveway and fencing. 

In very little time you could really boost your home’s curb appeal, which in turn increases its 

value on the market. Which make it a great idea for anyone who is thinking of moving home and wants to out their house on the market. 

When pressure washing your home, we would recommend a hot power wash rather than a cold pressure wash, as this is noticeably more effective, and saves more time. 

And not only does pressure washing your house help to really clean it, but it also prevents damage to your home’s surface that’s caused by any stains that have arisen. 

Does Ace Hardware rent pressure washers? 

We are pleased to confirm that, yes, Ace Hardware does rent out pressure washers. 

They only rent out gas powered pressure washers and not electrical ones or gasoline powered ones. It is a shame that they don’t rent out electrical pressure washers, because if they did, they would be cheaper to rent than their gas-powered counterparts. 

But they come in a variety of PSIs, from 2500 psi all the way through to 4000 psi. 

And that’s not all. They can also supply you with all the pressure washer accessories that you may need, including sprayer tips, surface cleaners, guns, hoses, and, of course, telescopic extension wands. 

They use just the one brand, namely STIHL. A very good and dependable brand, that we can highly recommend. 

If you were to go to their website you can check availability and costs. And that’s not all. Their website also lays out lots of useful how-to tips and plenty of safety tips besides.

Final Words

If you are not sure whether you should rent or buy a pressure washer, you got the guideline all ready to come to a conclusion.

Throughout this article, I focused on providing useful information regarding renting different types of pressure washer and accessories.

Among the above stores, I believe Herc Rental and Home Depot are the two shops you should search for your desired pressure washer first.


Because Herc Rental and Home Depot cover most of the locations in America.

On top of that, you will find the items available in their stock even during the high times.

Not to mention the other stores that I mentioned here are also good to go. That being said, remember, some of them have limited coverage.

Have you got anything for asking regarding pressure washer cost or shops? Please comment below.