10 Eye Opening Pressure Washer Uses and Pressure Washer Hacks

By Power Tools

September 19, 2019

Pressure washers are extremely popular these days which drastically changed the uses of it.

pressure washer uses and hacks

Pressure washer uses are not only limited to concrete or siding but also some never seen before weird stuff too! Consider them as pressure washer hacks!

As in 2019 pressure washing business is booming. In this article, we will learn what kind of pressure washer uses people are making.

Most common pressure washer uses are limited to:

  • Concrete driveway cleaning
  • House siding cleaning
  • Car or vehicle washing
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Pool cleaning

These uses might be familiar to you and you won’t believe what people are up against with a pressure washer. Not only me but also my neighbors are using their pressure washer for some weird stuff. Let’s get deep on this.

Before we start just ask yourself and think, what can a pressure washer be used for?

Top 10 Pressure Washer Uses

1. Cars and Trucks

pressure washer car soap

I am not sure why a great number of people do not use a pressure washer for cleaning their car or truck. For me, this does the job just perfect. In my opinion, this use is the most promising yet overlooked. All you need is a pressure washer and a foam cannon with proper soap mixing. You can also use a sponge or blower for drying and finishing. What I like about pressure washing car are the use of less water and foam cannon. People get confused that pressure washer water consumption is higher than a garden hose which is completely wrong. Moreover, I would love to take the privilege of not dipping the mug in that soap mixture bucket with a pressure washer. Just look at the picture and believe yourself.

2. Driveway Cleaning

How to pressure wash concrete driveway

This is the most common use of a pressure washer. Ask anyone, he has done at least this use. What looks good sells well. The concrete driveway is the front of a house and people want it to be clean.  Ironically, these are prone to algae. Dirt, tire marks are also common for concrete driveways. Moreover, the driveway looks extremely awful when it turns black leaving us no choice but to pressure wash. There is a proper way of pressure washing the concrete driveway. Do check that article.

3. House Siding

House sidings are one great way of house beautification with a cost of maintenance. Black mold and algae are two best companions of siding. Having said that, summer cleaning comes with a real hassle. Using a pressure washer for siding cleaning is the most intelligent way of doing it right. People also use direct ready to spray chemicals which often proves to be the reason for siding corrosion. On the other hand, using a pressure washer with some good detergent is excellent. Do check the article on house siding pressure washing technique. Furthermore, do use a telescoping extension wand for reaching height.

4. Deck

How to pressure wash a deck before staining

You have a deck and are not familiar with algae, which just can never happen. This is another way people are using the pressure washer for. Just imagine how slippery and dangerous it gets during the rainy season. You can use a pressure washer for cleaning a deck before staining so that your paintwork truly shines. With the help of proper nozzle (25° I would recommend) and a healthy pressure washer with above 2000 psi pressure is good to go.

5. Patio or Outdoor Furniture

I wouldn’t say this is one of the super-popular pressure washing applications but people know this. Although I did not see my neighbors doing this as they are concerned about ripping off their furniture! I have learned from my mistakes and pressure washing my patio and furniture with proper care. Furniture is delicate and can easily get ripped off with extreme water pressure. Believe me, do it properly and you’ll love it!

6. Brick Stairs

A homeowner knows this deal better! Especially, someone who sold a house with brick stairs. A house with great curb appeal can increase the selling price up to 10 times! Moreover, if you do care about the safety, slippery brick stairs are a nightmare. Washing and scrubbing them with bare hand is tiring work that you can easily complete with a pressure washer.

7. Grills

Aren’t familiar with this? Not much people are. I do this with my grill. Eventually, I can clean anything with a pressure washer. Recently, I showed my neighbor how to pressure wash a grill and he loved it! Pressure washing BBQ grill is not safe, to be honest. Electrics or other sensitive parts may get damaged. But if you know how to do it right you have no issues!

8. Boats

People do clean their boat with a pressure washer. Not only boat but also RV, ATVs, mountain bikes, etc. I have never done these yet because I own none of them! As far as I know, pressure washing does not damage the paintwork.

9. Fencing

This is another area of showing your pressure washing expertise. During the summer period, house cleaning includes fence washing too. People tend to clean fence by using ready to spray chemicals which are mostly bleach. Using a pressure washer can deal with that if you are not a bleach smell resistant!

10. Pool, Tiles floor

During the summer pool water turns murky and dirty green. If your house pool is used heavily it has a more adverse effect. Needless to say, the pool deck will be covered with black debris and mold. It would take days to finish scrubbing a large pool. On the other hand, using a pressure washer will save tons of our time.


Can I use a pressure washer indoors?

Yes. The power of pressure washer jet can be used indoors for cleaning tiles and other areas. Needless to say, the water jet has very high pressure. The only way of using it indoors is doing it right.

Unusual Uses for Pressure Washer

People are so eager to try weird things that they want something with their pressure washer too! I know people searching google like “fun things to do with a pressure washer” and come up with ideas so weird like cutting an orange with a pressure washer!

Here are some fun things you can try which are absolutely NOT RECOMMENDED:

  • Scaling fish
  • Peel Potatoes
  • Blow away the leaves
  • Get a ball out of the tree
  • Create art on concrete

Source: Weird uses listed on familyhandyman.com

These are some pressure washer hacks that I never tried personally. This machine is for reducing your work easier. Please do no make such pressure washer uses that turns out to be deadly for you!