Sun Joe SPX3001 Review

By Power Tools

September 10, 2020


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The quality and performance of your pressure washer can greatly influence the results achieved. The Sun Joe pressure washer is packed with an impressive 1800 watts of power which is delivered via a 14.5 amp motor.

With a PSI of 2030 and 1.76 of water flow, this machine will work with ease against a range of trains and surfaces.

Whether this is road tar, tree sap, insect spats, grease, or other stubborn stains and harsh marks that are likely to be inflicted upon your outdoor area or cars, etc. The Sun Joe SPX3001 combines power with affordability. 

We have reviewed this product in detail pinpointing the features that we like and don't like to ensure that you are fully equipped to decide whether this pressure washer is going to be suitable for your needs and the cleaning tasks that you are going to tackle.

Specifications at a glance:

  • Features a Total Stop System
  • It is lightweight at only 32 lbs.
  • Includes 5 Quick connect Spray Cleaning tips
  • Designed with an onboard reel for storing cleaning hose
  • 40.6 fl oz large onboard detergent tank


Courtesy of its powerful motor 14.5 amp motor, this pressure washer performs very well to satisfy all of your outdoor cleaning needs.

Each minute this pressure washer is capable of releasing up to 1.76 gallons of water for the maximum cleaning power to remove any grime and dirt from the area that you are tackling.

With a 2030 PSI, the Sun Joe SPX3001 is equipped with the maximum cleaning power allowing you to tackle light to heavy duty cleaning jobs with ease. In fact, a pressure washer with a PSI within this range is going to do a particularly effective job at cleaning dirty concrete to an excellent standard.

For an electric pressure washer, this is also an impressively high PSI when compared to the 1300-1700 PSI that is typically expected from a pressure washer of this kind. For this reason, it ranks particularly well against its gas-powered counterparts concerning the performance and results it is going to achieve. 

There is no denying that this is a powerful pressure washer that is going to be effective in tackling a range of jobs, it is highly likely that investing in a pressure washer of this standard is going to deliver all of the results that are needed. 


It is fair to say that this pressure washer boasts many impressive features. Designed with 5 quick-connect spray tips you can cater the washer to the job that you are tackling.

The Sun Joe SPX3001 is suitable for light, medium, and heavy-duty cleaning jobs, changing the style of the spray tip to achieve the lightest or maximum pressure depending on the surface that you are working with and the scale of the job. 

This pressure washer weighs only 32 lbs so it is going to be easy to maneuver to different areas, for some, the thought of moving a heavy pressure washer can be a little off-putting seeming to make the job much more difficult to tackle.

The addition of large wheels situated at the rear of the pressure washer makes it significantly easier to transport.  

Electric pressure washers can sometimes be a little restrictive on the areas that you can access due to their dependence upon a mains source. However, something we particularly like is the 20-foot hose which is wrapped around the onboard extension reel for fast and efficient cleaning.

This also provides greater convenience when storing the pressure washer and accessories. If the hose isn't long enough to cater to your needs, the pressure washer is also equipped with a 32-inch extension hose allowing you to reach jobs at a greater distance with ease. 

Additionally, if this wasn't impressive enough, this pressure washer has also been designed with an extra-large 40.6fl oz detergent tank for enhanced cleaning performance.

Thankfully, due to its extra-large capacity, this reduces the number of times that it is likely to require refilling allowing you to use the washer for longer periods without having to pause for fill-ups. Aside from this, the SunJoe SPX3001 also possesses energy efficient qualities.

The TSS automatically shuts the pump of the pressure washer off when the trigger is not engaged. Ultimately, this not only helps to save energy and reduce waste but it also prolongs the life of the pump by eliminating the risk of it becoming unnecessarily damaged due to incorrect or wasted use when it is unintentionally functioning. 

It is also easy to use which is going to be particularly favorable for those who are unfamiliar with using this type of pressure washer. Each of the cleaning nozzles are stored in a panel along the main body of the washer so you can easily select the relevant one for the specific surface that you are cleaning.

Additionally, this pressure washer comes pre-assembled which saves you the hassle of having to set up the machine yourself. The needle clean-out tool also makes this pressure washer much easier to clean and maintain, so that it can always be ready for future uses and this also eliminates a build-up of mess. 

The Cost

For many, hefty price tags can be off-putting, I mean who wants to be breaking the bank for their pressure washer if they aren’t certain in regards to how well it will perform.

The Sun Joe SPX3001 retails at a pretty affordable price on Amazon, so it isn't going to break the bank if you do decide to purchase it. 

It is rather affordable and a reasonable price for a pressure washer of this kind. Of course, it may lack some features that you would find in its expensive competitors, but it still performs very well at an affordable price. 


Despite the main body and accessories of this pressure washer being constructed out of plastic, most customers seem to be impressed with the overall feel and robustness of the washer. It is very durable and easy to maintain.

The onboard hose reel allows you to retrieve the cord after every use. This ensures that it is put away correctly and isn't going to get tangled in the process which can ultimately affect the durability and how long this pressure washer and the hose is going to last. 

What do we like about this washer?

  • It is very versatile and is equipped with five different hose settings to tackle cleaning jobs on different scales. It also has a long cord and an additional extension cord which allows you to tackle the trickiest of jobs with ease. 
  • It is lightweight weighing only 32ibs so you don't have to worry about trying to maneuver a heavy pressure washer. 
  • Sun Joe provides a warranty which covers you for two years from the time of purchase. If you should be dissatisfied with your pressure washer or experience any issues regarding the operations or functions, there is help available.
  • Considering this is an electric pressure washer, it is designed with a powerful motor. Typically, pressure washers of this kind tend to be less powerful than their gas-powered competitors. However, the Sun Joe SPX3001 is a very strong contender.
  • This pressure washer is CSA approved which indicates that it is recognized for meeting the standards expected concerning its safety and performance.

What do we dislike about this pressure washer?

  • Whilst it is a practical option for completing smaller jobs it is more likely to struggle with tackling bigger, heavy-duty jobs. 
  • As an electric pressure washer, it needs to be plugged into electric mains for it to work. For some people, this may be a little inconvenient if they don't want to be restricted to a mains source. Those who would prefer this option, are likely to benefit from a gasoline-powered pressure washer. 

Final Thoughts

This pressure washer is a favorable choice and a strong contender on the market. It features many modifications from the previous SPX3000 model. If you are looking for a pressure washer that performs well at an affordable price, this pressure washer could be an ideal choice for you.

While it could be suggested that it is more likely to struggle with tougher jobs, it is going to work particularly well in cleaning smaller, dirty areas with ease. It is compact and lightweight which allows for easy cleaning ensuring that it can always be conveniently carried.

Following use, the hose can be neatly wrapped around the onboard real for compact and neat storage. 

Another thing that we particularly like about this pressure washer is that it isn't overly complex to use. It combines simplicity with great performance for great cleaning results. 

Although it may not be as powerful as a gasoline pressure washer, it is still equipped with all of the power that is needed and is a particularly strong competitor boasting a greater amount of power than you would typically find from pressure washers of this kind. 

There are a few drawbacks to pinpoint, although they may not be significant for every user and may be dependent upon your needs. It is necessary to consider the areas that you are likely to be cleaning to evaluate whether this pressure washer caters to your needs.