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How to Pressure Wash Car Engine Bay: Power Wash Car Engine Without Screwing It Up in 5 Easy Steps

I know, we all know, everyone washes their cars. Someone must be out of their mind not to do so.pressure wash car engine

But, did you ever think of engine cleaning in the first place? This is like taking a bath without brushing your teeth!

Grease, dirt and oily build-up leave black coated filth on the engine. I suggest deep cleaning your car engine bay, which is an effective way of cleaning all the grime and grease.

Taking care of just the outside leaves the auto pretty and shiny for others but under the hood, the engine can be in a terrible situation. Using a pressure washer to wash your car engine might be the step for keeping the engine in good operating condition.

But, make sure you do the right way. Let’s see how it’s done the right way.

Is Power Washing Bad for My Car? (What the Manuals Say)

When my neighbors first saw me washing my car engine, they were like, OMG!

Never thought (they) that was a good idea. And kept asking me is it good or bad?

I don’t blame them that they do not know the right way of cleaning. Most of the car manuals do not cover this topic. But some says it can be washed after heavy slug with care.

Even shaving your beard has a right and wrong  way. The wrong way of shaving is going to cost you pain. Problems after power washing wont happen if you do it the right way. With care and preparation pressure washing car engine is safe and sound.

The Wrong and Right Way of Pressure Washing Engine

Why  should even bother for this? Isn’t pressure washing is super easy?

Yes. But every process has the right and wrong way to perform. Pressure washing is a safe process until you choose the wrong way.

So, what are the ways all about?

  • The wrong way includes a heavy-duty 3000 psi pressure washer, 0° blast nozzle tip. This combination is going to wreck the hell out of your car engine.
  • The right way of cleaning is using a 40° nozzle tip combining with a moderate psi electric or gas pressure washer, gently spraying water keeping the lance distance of at least 3 feet.

The right way ensures a properly cleaned car engine that looks stunning.

Engine Components to be Protected

The right way is the safe way. This way your engine components can be safe.

But, in this process, there is a key player-Water. Water jets are vulnerable to electrical components. Even worn bolts can be washed away by the force.IP rating for pressure washer

To better protect your electrical parts you have to understand exactly which components you need to get covered with a plastic bag.

For this first, you need to understand the IP rating. Then check the IP rating of your car’s electrical components and enclosures at the engine area. If there is not mentioned, assume it as less than IP5.

Any rating that is below IP 5, must be covered up with poly bags.

Refer to the image to understand the IP rating in detail.


Let me make it easier for you if you are still confused which parts to cover with wrapping polybag. In most of the cases, these components need to be wrapped for protection.

  • Alarm system
  • Loose electrical connection
  • Battery wiring
  • Distributor
  • Alternator

You also want to cover up the engine air filter in order to keep any water from going in there and sucking it up into the engine. Depending on how your air filter is shaped or where it’s located you might have to cover it in different ways but just make sure to cover up the entry into the air filter with a plastic bag.

Engine Cleaning With Engine Degreaser: Speed Up the Process

In order to deep clean an engine bay it is necessary  to use a degreaser in order to get the best results. Although not all the build up on the engine block may be grease, the degreaser does a great job at removing and cleaning any dirt and grime in the engine bay.

If you don’t use a degreaser then it will be also impossible to clean the engine bay because no matter how much pressure you use you the grease won’t go away unless its broken down with a degreaser first

Although the buildup on the engine block is not grease, unless you actually put it there, but the sludge appears as sticky as grease. And dust mixed up with the sludge makes it way too difficult to wash with only water. No matter how much pressure you put.

To make the job easier and effective using a chemical to wash loosen or remove the greasy build up is a wise move.

By using the term chemical I mean detergent or ready to use degreaser spray.

First, you need to identify the exact condition of your engine bay.

Is it Too Greasy and Oily Stained Engine?

For this situation, a normal/soft degreaser is not going to work effectively. You need a degreaser that is heavy duty.

Simple Green manufactures a degreaser for this purpose. This one is extremely effective with grease build up.


As it comes in concentrated form, you can easily dilute it to the desired level for proper degreasing. Also, this is not harmful to plants or landscape. Putting in some extra effort for this kind of heavy grime is worth it.

Use it in the pressure washer detergent tank with proper dilution ratio and use a scrubber to help the degreaser penetrate.

Is it Dusty but Not That Oily?

So, this might be when you washed your car engine not long before. Only dust build-up is not much of a mess.

For this condition, you can directly spray (spray bottle) degreaser in proper dilution. Scrub the engine for dust free look.

Super Clean Makes great products for this purpose.

This is super easy to spray directly. This degreaser is ready to use for engine bays and there is no need to dilute it. It’s a powerful cleaner that will get the job done and I have used it before in my own auto detailing business.



After spraying it on you can leave it for pressure washing or wipe it with a towel (though never reuse a degreasing towel on paint).

This Super Clean is a signature series degreaser is awesome in its purpose. This is also great for tires and rims.

Choose the Right Pressure Washer

Here’s the most important part. Choosing the right water source.


You do not need an industrial grade pressure washer, you don’t even need a pressure washer at all.  If you have a pressure washer with which you wash your car, just great. If you don’t, you might read our recommendation of the best pressure washer for a car.

Using a low PSI pressure washer is going to be the best for washing your engine bay but you can also just use a standard garden hose.

I recommend, having a pressure washer within the range of 2000 psi to 2200 psi. This range is safe. If you plan to buy a 3000 psi washer, then go for a pressure washer with easy control of psi.

Furthermore, use a 25° nozzle to start with.

That nozzle is going to fit with your spray gun or trigger gun whichever you use.

A Video Of Car Engine Bay Cleaning

Steps for Cleaning Car Engine Bay with Pressure Washer without Damage

1. Manage Everything You Need Before Starting

Gather everything that will be needed while pressure washing. You do not want to run and pick each thing while pressure washing.

2. Focus on Precautions

  1. Make sure to use a chemical which is non-corrosive
  2. The engine must be cooled down before spraying chemical or water
  3. Cover necessary electrical components with wrapping polybag and tape them

3. Agitate and Clean Engine Bay

Before pressure washing, spray the degreaser on the engine block. This will help loosen the grime for pressure washing.

Use a detail brush like an Ez detail brush or a work stuff detail brush you can find on amazon to agitate the dirt, grime or grease.

You want to make sure to get into all the cracks and crevices using those brushes to ensure the best results on your engine bay.

Also apply the degreaser especially to those places where it’s hard to reach

4. Rinse the Engine

Now, this is the time for pressure washing. Start with a 25° nozzle and if required, switch to a 40° nozzle. Always stand back from the engine keeping a distance of three feet.

Be sure to rinse away any of the degreaser, dirt and grime on the engine.

Making sure to not  pressure wash from a close range as that can damage engine parts.

5. Dry and Shine the Engine

You can use a leaf blower to dry the engine faster. You can also use a microfiber towel to dry the plastic parts.

Next step is to remove the plastic bags that were wrapped to protect electrical equipment and your air filter.

The last and final step after you have dried the engine bay is to get yourself a plastic dressing like Meguiars Hyper Dressing and apply this to all the plastic parts in the engine bay to give the engine that extra shine to finish the look.

Cleaning a car engine with a pressure washer can be pretty easy and isn’t that hard. It can be intimidating but always remember to keep a safe distance and cover the electrical equipment and air filter to make the job safer.


About the Author

Miguel Hernandez (Owner of A1 Auto Detailing)

I am the owner of an Auto Detailing company based in Everett, Washington, I have been detailing for many years now and have expertise in many aspects of auto detailing. I have seen and come across many types of situations in auto detailing and know pretty much how to deal with any type of car detailing




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Vinyl siding mold mildew

6 Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner Solutions for Mold, Mildew or Algae

If you are shopping for your annual or semi-annual spring cleaning supplies, you might just want to add vinyl siding cleaner to the list. Whether you have a pressure washer or not…

best vinyl siding cleaner for pressure washer review article

I can’t stress enough the importance of a siding mold cleaner which works well. Simply, I prefer a pressure washer for house washing solution because of the time and energy saving.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best vinyl siding cleaner for pressure washer and much more. Even if you do not have a powerful pressure washer, there are some great items on my list for you.

Also, I will be going in depth about mold vs mildew vs algae. Plus, mold killing chemicals vs washers. Never thought like this, did you?

I often see people complaining about the unexpected result from their pressure washer. Mostly, this is only because of the poor selection of house washing solution. They either ended up buying the wrong exterior cleaning products or used a wrong concentrate.

As you’re here reading this, I assume you know a lot about these or you’ve faced this situation and looking for a solution.

Whether you’re just planning for a house wash or searching for the best product to clean vinyl siding, I’ve got you covered!

I suggest you read the in-depth article but here’s a quick list of best cleaners for vinyl siding.

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Mold vs Mildew vs Algae Definition

If you see green on your siding, count it as algae for sure. Algae is an organism that requires photosynthesis process to produce food, which is the main phenomenon for plants. This process turns them green.

Algae require direct sunlight to live on. They are dependent on direct sunlight for producing their own food. This organism reproduces naturally.

Now, on the other hand, if you find something that is in black color, those are surely mold or mildew. Mold or mildew does not require direct sunlight or any sunlight at all. They can survive in complete darkness.

Mold or mildew do not produce their food by photosynthesis. This is the reason they are not green. They depend on other organisms for food and falls in the fungus group.

This black organism reproduces through spores and has tons of those. For this reason, they come back over and over.


Mold mildew vinyl siding

The Importance of an Appropriate Vinyl Siding Washer:

Vinyl siding is a material that requires very low maintenance. However, you need to clean it at least once a year.

Using only water or any detergent to wash your siding is never going to get you a good result. A pressure washer will definitely give a better point in cleaning. On top of that, you need a vinyl siding cleaner that fits with your pressure washer and does the cleaning with ease.

Hard, stubborn mildew or algae is tough to remove with only pressure washing. A chemical solution is necessary.

Having said that, health issues are also a concern. I am not going to argue about the breathing hazard with mildew.

Mold is also known to attract bugs to your house. Bugs, like gnats, are extremely hazardous for your kids. In addition to that, gnat’s infestation is like a nightmare as they breed very quickly.

Furthermore, if you do not want rotting or black permanent spot on your white siding, you need to act fast. Otherwise, you might end up replacing the siding with a heavy loss of money.

All these issues can be avoided only by washing your siding once or twice per year. Using a pressure washer and a good vinyl siding cleaner will make that job a lot easier.

6 Best Vinyl Siding Cleaners Reviewed

These are the most effective solution for the best house wash.

1. 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner


This item is tried, tested and a winner! It does really work in 30 seconds. Starts working very fast and removes stains from mold, mildew or algae instantly.

Although you might smell bleach during and after the use, there are no reported casualties ever. Ever since I used this product, no flower or plants are damaged. This is a safe product for your landscape too.

All you need to do is spray it on using a sprayer and leave it for some time. You can come back in a short time and rinse it off. Repeat the process for a further amazing result.

If you do not have a pressure washer then this is the one you need. In addition to that, 1 gallon of ready to use cleaner can clean up to 400 square feet area easily. Just spray and rinse.


  • Does not require pressure washing
  • Spray and rinse
  • Safe for your yard or landscape
  • Cleans very fast[/su_list][/su_box]


  • Does not work good on concrete
  • Hash smell if used indoors
  • Can cause wear if left after spray for a long time[/su_list][/su_box][/su_column][/su_row]

2. RMR 86 Mold Remover

RMR-86 Instant Mold Stain & Mildew Stain Remover


Once again, if you do not want to use a pressure washer or scrub for hours, this is a great choice. To be honest, most of the time a pressure washer alone cannot remove black molds completely.

This RMR 86 mold remover was designed by disaster management people over time. A formula that was later researched to work in exact effect in spray form.

One gallon of this chemical can clean up to 400 square feet area. In addition, this works evenly on many surface types, siding, wood, concrete and many more! This can be used in many ways but works more effectively with a pressure washer.

They claim to block the growth or rebirth of mildew which is partially true in the sense that, who waits for their come back? But for 4 months I have found the worked area did not get mold again.

This is a bleach-based very strong chemical product. So, you need to have PPE while working with it. In addition, keep enough airflow ways in the sprayed area.


  • No need for pressure washer
  • Great for black mold
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces
  • Very strong chemical[/su_list][/su_box]


  • Can damage plants if sprayed directly
  • Damage furniture if left standing for a long time
  • Strong chemical requires PPE[/su_list][/su_box][/su_column][/su_row]

3. Mold Armor Siding & House Wash


Mold armor has some great range of house cleaning products. Their one product is great for siding which does not require a pressure washer. To be honest, you cannot use that product with a pressure washer.

This is why they created this specific formula that works wonders with a pressure washer. Whenever you see a concentrated formula be sure that requires dilution or is for pressure washer.

The proper concentration is 3 gallons of water to 1 gallon of this chemical. Please check the instruction on the label for exact mixing proportion.

All you need to do is mix this in proper concentration or pour it in your pressure washer detergent tank and spray. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash with low-pressure clean water. You can see a clean siding right away!

Also, you can mix it in a bucket and spray with your washer.

This is a bleach based product. You need to be careful not to ruin your clothes and hands with it. Furthermore, you need to rinse off this product properly.


  • Designed for pressure washer
  • Removes mold or mildew in a very short time
  • Concentrated[/su_list][/su_box]


  • Very bad for your windows may leave stain
  • Has strong bleach smell[/su_list][/su_box][/su_column][/su_row]

4. Simple Green Oxy Solve


This product from simple green is another chemical formula that is concentrated specifically for pressure washer. With a safe, orally non-toxic formula it works great on black mold.

It is equally effective on grimes, dirt, mold, mildew or algae. In addition, this works great on a variety of surface like the deck, fence, siding, concrete, etc.

This can also be used for other household cleaning jobs. All you need to do is mix a proper concentration and pour it in the detergent tank and spray using the pressure washer. Let sit for 10/15 minutes and rinse with soft spray clean water.

As this is biodegradable, it does not threaten plants. Do this and increase the appearance of your house twice!


  • Better than bleach
  • Safe for plants or landscape
  • Works on different surfaces[/su_list][/su_box]


  • Might need two or more wash for old stains
  • Can be less effective if not mixed properly[/su_list][/su_box][/su_column][/su_row]

5. Krud Cutter Exterior Siding Cleaner


My friend who does pressure washing for a living claims it to be the best cleaner for vinyl siding. Well, let him stick to his thought. I would say, he is right.

This one has sporex in it, which blocks the mold or algae from coming back again! Special surfactants penetrate the surface to dissolve the toughest stains of mold or algae from the siding.

There is no petroleum solvent in it. A 1:10 concentrated mixture with water can produce 11 gallons of a mixture with a bottle. One bottle can clean up to 2000 square feet of area.

You can use this in a spray bottle too but you need to pressure wash later.


  • Removes black mold
  • Contains sporex to block regeneration of mold
  • Harmless to plants or pet[/su_list][/su_box]


  • Works well only with pressure washer
  • Odor problem if used indoors[/su_list][/su_box][/su_column][/su_row]

6. Star Brite Mold and Mildew Remover


This star brite product easily removes mold, mildew or algae easily without any scrubbing. Good news for someone who does not like pressure washing.

Designed for marine/outdoor material, it has buffered-bleach technology. This technology claims to be harmless for stitching or threads.

Very professional grade product makes it a strong chemical but does not harm your landscape. Use it anywhere, even in the bathroom. It works fine.

This is an eye irritant product and PPE is highly recommended. You can always pressure wash after applying this product. Pressure washing will make the surface cleaner. Perhaps, things, where you cannot pressure wash, like boat seat cover, is a great area for using this product.


  • Solid product for the marine environment
  • Can be used with a spray bottle
  • Very strong stain remover[/su_list][/su_box]


  • Can damage cloths as this is a very strong chemical
  • A bit expensive[/su_list][/su_box][/su_column][/su_row]

Best cleaner for vinyl siding Buying Guide

There is a bucket full of reasons that people are buying a cleaning solution. It might look like a piece of cake while selecting a vinyl siding cleaner. But, there are certain considerations that you must go through before picking any random cleaner.

Size of your house

The amount of cleaner you are going to buy depends on the size of your house. In addition, if you are planning to clean only one side of your house, you should consider buying the exact required amount of cleaner.

I suggest not to buy more than you need as storing these chemical cleaner for the next season is not a good idea.

House Surroundings

If you own a house with siding, I can assure you’re a pant lover. This is very important to consider your house surroundings including brick or concrete walls as well as plants, landscape, flowers or pets.

You need to select a vinyl siding cleaner that is not harmful to your surroundings. There’s no point on killing your garden while cleaning mold! Read the label first.

Type of Stain

First, you need to assess the type of stain you have on your siding or whatever. This might be mold, mildew, algae or only dust. As I said earlier green or black color differentiates what it is.

There is a specific type of cleaner for each type of stains. So, read the label first. One last thing to consider is workability with a pressure washer. Sometimes you need to wait for a week to see the mold is cleaned. Who waits that long?

How to Apply Vinyl Siding Cleaner?

I am not going to discuss in details here as I have covered this with a huge article about how to pressure wash your house siding.

Yet, things are simple.

Hope you enjoyed this article on best vinyl siding cleaner reviews and already selected one. I cannot stress more about the importance of the best exterior house cleaning solution. Find out the problem and make a solution.

It’s your call.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to clean vinyl siding?

The easiest way to clean vinyl siding is to use one of the most traditional cleaning methods, and that is soap and water. As well as using soap and water, you could also choose to use vinegar and water as this is another good way to clean your vinyl siding.

Alternatively, there is a wide range of commercial vinyl siding cleaners available which will also do a great job.

All of these cleaning solutions work in a very similar way, requiring you to apply the cleaning solution directly to the vinyl siding, and then scrub the solution with a microfiber cloth or bristle brush.

Once you have scrubbed the vinyl, you should then wash the solution off with water.

After that has been washed away, you should see that your vinyl siding looks as good as new. If it looks like it could still do with a clean you should simply repeat this process. 

Is it ok to power wash vinyl siding?

You should avoid power washing your vinyl siding unless you have lots of experience with a power washer. If you do not use the power washer correctly then you can cause significant damage to the vinyl siding which is why people recommend that you don’t use a power washer on this type of vinyl.

Vinyl siding is tough, but it is not as tough as some other types of materials which you often use a power washer on, which is why it is often prone to damage when not washed in the correct manner.

So while it is okay to use a power washer on your vinyl siding, you must be careful when doing so to ensure that no unnecessary damage occurs to your vinyl siding. 

How do you clean vinyl siding without a pressure washer?

If you do not want to risk using a pressure washer on your vinyl siding, you can instead clean the vinyl siding by hand. To do this we would recommend using a combination of either soap and water or vinegar and water at a 70% water, 30% soap/vinegar solution.

Alternatively, you can use a commercial vinyl siding cleaner to do this job. Both commercial cleaners and home remedies, such as vinegar or soap and water, then require you to apply the solution directly to the vinyl before scrubbing it with a cloth or soft brush.

You should scrub lightly but consistently to avoid any damage occurring to the vinyl siding. As we have said, power washing can cause damage to your siding due to the great force of the water, so it is important to bear this in mind when you are scrubbing your vinyl siding. 

How do you make vinyl siding look new?

The best way to get your vinyl siding looking like new is to give it a good clean. But for better results, you could choose to rinse the vinyl siding with water before you begin to use your cleaning solution on the material.

There is no need to do this if you regularly clean your vinyl siding, but if you do not, pre-rinsing it can remove loose dirt and dust before you start cleaning.

Once you have done this you should then spray your cleaning solution directly onto the vinyl siding and scrub it lightly but persistently with a soft scrubbing brush or cloth.

After you have scrubbed the fluid off, you should then rinse it with water. If you want to get better results, you should repeat this process a few times to get your vinyl siding looking like new. 

Is bleach harmful to vinyl siding?

Bleach is a very strong substance, so there is always the risk that using bleach on your vinyl siding could cause damage or harm. However, if the bleach is diluted correctly then using this on your vinyl siding will not cause any damage.

To dilute the bleach correctly you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions as it will differ from company to company. As well as ensuring you dilute it correctly, it is also very important that you thoroughly rinse the surface of the vinyl siding after using a bleach solution to clean it.

If any bleach is left on the surface this could potentially cause damage to your siding, so it is vitally important that you deeply rinse the surface of the siding after cleaning it with bleach. 

How do you get green algae off vinyl siding?

The best way to keep green algae off of your vinyl siding is to regularly clean the surface of it with a soap and water solution. However, if the siding has a large amount of green algae on it, you might instead choose to clean it with a bleach solution.

As long as the bleach is properly diluted, and you rinse the siding thoroughly after using bleach on it, then no damage will occur to your siding.

Bleach is guaranteed to kill any algae on the surface of your siding, leaving it looking like new.

As well as removing green algae, if you regularly clean the siding with either a bleach solution or soap and water, it will help extend the life of your vinyl siding and ensure that it will last longer without needing replacing.

So the best way to get green algae off of your vinyl siding is to scrub it with either bleach or a soap and water solution. 

Does wet and forget work on vinyl siding?

Yes, wet and forget does work on vinyl siding. This formula is bleach-free but can remove stains and algae from your vinyl siding just as successfully as if you were using a bleach solution.

As well as being safe for use on vinyl siding, wet and forget is also safe for use on most garden surfaces as it does not harm any plants that are nearby. It will only target dirt, stains, and algae.

A lot of people choose to use wet and forget on their vinyl siding as it removes the need for scrubbing at the marks on your siding.

Instead, all you need to do is spray this solution onto the siding, and any moss, algae, mold, mildew, or lichen will be killed. Leaving your vinyl siding looking as good as new, every time that you use this product. 

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pressure wash a house with vinyl siding

The Definitive Guide on How to Pressure Wash a House With Vinyl Siding

Vinyl great, say good bye to your paint brush.  But unfortunately it still requires some maintenance, namely cleaning.   And that’s where your pressure washer comes in.  Cleaning – booring.  Playing with your pressure washer – funn!

So lets go over some do’s and don’ts for your annual or bi-annual vinyl siding cleaning.

pressure wash a house with vinyl siding
House siding after pressure wash (Clean as the sky)

Before that, you should know the ins and outs of cleaning a house. In the post, we provide the details about the pressure wash the siding. We divide the article into different parts. At first, we discuss the vital part of a pressure washer. You should know the specific parts because the parts have an essential role during wash a house.

Next, we discuss the preparation of washing. And at last, we provide the method of washing a house. We hope that you’ll get enough information about the presser cleaning a home in the post.

Things to Consider

I called up a local pressure washing service provider for the very first time and they showed up with a pressure washer mobile trailer.   So I caught the bug, decided to get my own pressure washer for me since it’s such a useful piece of equipment and has become increasingly reasonable in price.

Yes, it’s pressure washer that can help to solve your problem. But, you don’t know about the device. First, you should know some vital features and how they work. Let’s look at the procedure of how to wash a house effectively.

1. Nozzle

The nozzle is one of the most important features of a pressure washer. It’s also a spray tip. Let me tell you an example, you want to reach the window which is 10 feet far from you. But it’s not possible for you to reach there.

Now, what can you do? Use the nozzle to solve the problem. Always use the 25 or 40-degree nozzle tip for better performance. Controlling the flow and velocity is the main job of the nozzle.

2. Detergent

What do you think? Can the water only remove the dirt from your house siding? No, the detergent makes the cleaning process more comfortable.  Detergent can make your building smooth and shiny. The house siding may risk damaged without using the detergent.

There are different kinds of detergent in the market. Choose solutions that are environmentally friendly.  For more info here’s our guide on the best vinyl siding cleaner.

3. Brush attachment

A brush isn’t essential while pressure washing your house siding. Moreover, you can use the brush attachment for better cleaning capacity. It can also give a better performance of the power pressure. The brush will scrub and push the dirt and grime.

There are different kinds of brush. The brush can clean the dirt off vehicles, decks and other surfaces. They are comfortable to use. Choose a brush of less than $40.

4. Extension Wand of the pressure washer

Owner of a two-storied building or more? The extension wand is suitable for you. It can help your power washing easy. It has extra attachments to put on the end of the extension wand to reach the highest area.

The process is possible to safely stand on the ground. You can remove the dirt of second storied surfaces. It can also clean the gutters from the ground. Telescoping extension wand is our first choice for you.

5. GPM and PSI of a pressure washer

Let me explain about the GPM and PSI. GPM stands for gallons per minute. It means the amount of water flow that comes from the pressure washer. And the PSI stands for pounds per square Inch. It refers to the amount of cleaning pressure that the pressure washer can produce.

You can select the machine with the GPM of 2.3 and PSI of 2600 for better performance. Try to find a higher GPM pressure washer. Because the high GPM can clean the large surface.

I have written a full article on water consumption by a pressure washer. Do check that out!

Pressure washing a house with vinyl siding
Before and after of pressure washing a house

Before You Start Cleaning a House

And, we finish the first part where we have discussed the good consideration for pressure washing a house siding. Now, this is the time to prepare. Have damage or injury during the pressure wash? Yes, this is a million-dollar question from the user.

Everybody wants to be safe while he is in working. We find some simple things that are an injury. Follow our instructions and save from the harm and damage.

1. Electricity and Water

Electricity is a crucial and sensitive thing in our everyday life. You should always care about it. While starting pressure washer, make sure that you turn off the power of the outdoor electrical ports except for the machine. It may occur great damage if you switch on the electricity in your home.

Water gets into the electric port and damage all. Do you have confidence enough in your power lines? You should always be aware of your lines. Some lines of the houses throw the ground and some run with their roof.

Which one is yours? Recheck the line and make sure that you do not fault in the power line. If you see any error, repair it as soon as possible. Then go for your next action. Remember, This is a vital part of power washing home exterior.

2. Risks of Ladders

Many people use the ladder while washing their house. They don’t know the demerits of the ladder. So, when they want to clean their two-story building, they must think about it. Do want to take any risk during your job? Ok, I get the answer.

Using the machine it has some risk. Using a ladder is one of the dangers. We tell you not to use the ladder. You can use the risk-free extension wand and better performance.

3. Safety equipment

Yes, you should wear some safety equipment. These are called PPE, PPE stands for personal protective equipment. You can save your eye first. So, you should wear proper safety goggle to prevent flying objects.

It’s better if you wear the proper gumboots while working with the pressure washer. Never start pressure washing a house without wearing the boot. The gumboot can help for better work.

Hands are the most common injury-prone body part during pressure wash. So, use gloves when you are ready for washing. The gloves protect the hands from injury and improve the grips. If you use the gas-powered pressure washer, it’s essential to use the ear protection.

Ear protection can protect your hearing. It’s not necessary if you’re using the electric pressure washer.

4. Detergent and Soap

Soap is a detergent that is made of oils and fats from animal and plants. Bar soap utilizes sodium as salt. Liquid soaps typically employ potassium as salt.

The soap can break down when mix with the water. When you start to clean with the soap, it also dissolves the dirt and grime. But, the detergent made from chemicals. Detergent is suitable for washing clothes.

To make an effective cleaning solution, you should combine natural soaps and detergents.

5. Add Detergent

You should know how to use the detergent in your power washer. You can save your money and time you if know when to add the detergent.

– Get rid of the junk and the dirt from the siding before adding the detergent to the machine.

– Add the suitable detergent for your pressure washer.

– Use a cleaning tank to add detergent for the better cleaning result.

– Attach the detergent to the bristle brush. You should also add the liquid to the guns for sharper cleaning.

6. Add Soap

There are upstream and downstream ways to add soap to the washer. They have pros and cons. You should know the process of adding the soap to the pressure washer. Let’s discuss the process:

– Install upstream or downstream chemical nozzle kits to the pressure washer, if you have no nozzle yet. The nozzles can clean with high pressure or low pressure.

– Connect the siphon tube to the weighted filter.

– Place a container near to the machine.

– Fill the container with the solution. Drop the weighted filter into the container.

– Attach the water inlet valve to a water hose on the machine. You should also attach an adequate water source to the opposite end of the hose.

– Connect the hoses, spray wand and gun.

– Turn on the water and the pressure washer.

– Deject the gun trigger and allow the water to flow over the system.

How to Pressure Wash a House with Vinyl Siding: Step by Step

Guys, you have been waiting for a lot. Now, we are in the exact part of the article. Here we share tips on power washing a house with vinyl siding. We provide five parts of the section.

You have to follow some instructions to drive the pressure washer safely. If you don’t follow them, it causes damage. It’s essential to abide by the rule to make a successful cleaning service.

There are two kinds of pressure washers. 1) Gas pressure washer 2) Electric powered pressure washer. Gas-powered machines are using for massive works. We discuss the Gas powered pressure washer. You can check for a recommendation for the best pressure washer for a house.

Operating Functions

You have to know the operating procedure first. At the beginning of the post, we came to know the terms of the machine. The terms of the pressure washer can help you a lot to operate the device. Please follow the steps:

  1. Wash, if any junk is present in the inlet filter.
  2. Connect the chemical injector and other accessories like this.
  3. Try to use the perfect solution. The solution may be the detergent and the soap. The mixing solution kills the bacteria and the mold.
  4. Set the pressure washer with PSI of around 1300-1600.
  5. Set the nozzle with 25 degrees.
  6. To start the engine, you have to pull the starter cord.

Start-up functions of the cleaning

When you start the machine, water flows through the washer and out with the spray. Start-up is an effective section for power washing house. You should give more attention to start-up functions. If you do any wrong in the starting time, the full process of cleaning may interrupt. So, carefully follow our instructions:

  1. Tight all the hose connections to stop entering air to the lines.
  2. Spray wand should set in the low-pressure setting to block the kickback. The nozzles of both the gas and electric washer have low-pressure settings. They also have wide fan settings.
  3. Turn on the water faucet. Press the spray wand trigger to prepare and cleanse the air from the machine.
  4. Start the pressure washer. Give it a minute to warm up. When the trigger is off, try to turn off the machine within three to five minutes.
  5. Adjust the settings of spray and pressure. Insert the nozzle tips in the wand. Use proper fittings which I have mentioned in an article.
  6. Now, the pressure washer is ready to clean.

Techniques of Power Cleaning

And we are in the most attractive section of the article. Here you can find the learning outcomes. Your home exterior may damage if use the pressure washer in the wrong way. You should check the spray pattern and pressure settings for cleaning experiences. Besides our instruction always follow the user manual.

Let’s learn the best way to pressure wash a house. We provide some instruction below. Try to support them.

  1. Set the wand at a 45-degree angle and also set the nozzle four feet from the house.
  2. Hold the wand at a distance that gives a good washing result.
  3. Select a small area to clean at a time. Stop cleaning from the base to restrict the streaks.
  4. Work from the top when rinsing the siding. Use long, covering strokes for cleaning.
  5. Use an extension wand for cleaning the high places.
  6. Take a wide pattern spray to prevent the damage to the siding.
  7. For more cleaning, you should mix up the following solution :
  • Water – 1 gallon
  • Laundry detergent – 1/3 cup
  • TSP cleaner – 2/3 cup.
  1. Dry the siding to air. Try to start cleaning early in the morning.

So your siding can get a lot of sunlight. You should select a warm day for that.

Maintaining Vinyl Siding

  1. You should need to wash your siding once a year, if you shady location, moist climate or cool.
  2. A strong brush, scrubbing power and brillo pad are tools for dig into the surface. These tools can dig into the soft surface of the vinyl.
  3. You should check the sign of damage after the cleaning process. If you ignore checking the loss, your home may be at risk for dangerous problems.

How To Pressure Wash A House Mildew

If you’ve gone through all the above procedure of pressure washing house, you already know how to get rid of mildew.

It is no different than that of the cleaning procedure of vinyl siding. Still, I’m going to go through the important things to remember once again.

  • Select a proper pressure washer
  • Get the right nozzle
  • Use a scrub brush to ease the process of the highly affected area
  • Rinse properly


Pressure washer produces massive power. It can cause severe injuries if you can’t operate it in the right way. The full process of cleaning becomes a failure if it causes serious injury.

  1. Water steam from the pressure washer causes severe damage or harm your skin. So, never through the water from the machine at your hand, pet or any people.
  2. Wear goggles or safety glasses when you operate the washer. Wearing glasses will save your eyes.
  3. Never use the ladder while working with a pressure washer. The spray wand can throw you off the ladder when you press the trigger.
  4. Stand minimum 6 Feet distance from your power lines when spraying water.
  5. Turn on the safety lock on the trigger when the machine is not washing. You should also do the same when changing the nozzle tips.
  6. Secure your doors, windows, and pets. Make sure that your pets and children are inside the home. And close all the doors and windows before starting the pressure washer.
  7. The machine is potentially dangerous. So you should operate it with your common sense and sincerity.

Here is a complete video from e-how about pressure washing a house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques.1: What is the GPM of the machine need to wash for siding?

Ans. The machine needs 2.3 GPM.

Ques. 2: How much should the nozzle be set?

Ans. Around 25 to 40 degree.

Ques.4: How can I save my eyes while cleaning with the pressure washer?

Ans. You should wear goggles or glasses to protect your eyes.

Ques.5: How do I protect my pet and kids from cleaning?

Ans. You should close the doors, and the windows before start the pressure washer. Ensure you’re your children and pet are inside.

Ques. 6: What is the PSI of the pressure washer need to clean for siding?

Ans. The PSI of the pressure washer is around 1300-1600. Quite similar to your car pressure washer.

Ques. 7: What is the best cleaning solution?

Ans. Detergent is the best cleaning solution. Read the best vinyl siding cleaner guide.

Ques.8: Can I adjust the pressure of the machine while cleaning?

Ans. Yes, you can. Recently, I did a cleaning of my house. I have a gas pressure washer for this purpose with an easy control option. This works great. Grab the best power washer for the money to get this feature!

Ques.9: What does the extension wand work?

Ans. The extension wand helps to reach in the highest area with its extra attachments.

Ques.10: Best mixture for pressure washing house?

Ans. As mentioned above in the table, those are very good detergent. In addition to that, a mixture is mentioned in step 7 of the techniques of power cleaning.

Saying Goodbye

There you go. Did you gather enough courage to take care of your vinyl siding? In the post, we provide step by step guide on how to pressure wash a house with vinyl siding. Hope it will help your great cleaning experience. Happy cleaning!


If you are on this blog for a while, you might have noticed I love to mention the sources.

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karcher pressure washer reviews

3 Best Karcher Pressure Washer Reviews That You Can Depend On 100%

Who loves pouring money down the drain?

I bet you don’t.

karcher pressure washer reviews

That’s why you need to know about any pressure washer before you spend your hard earned money to buy one.

Having said that, it’s not a realistic task by any means to buy each pressure washer one by one and test it for yourself.

Particularly when you will find several good brands manufacturing pressure washers maintaining the quality, it is very easy to get overwhelmed with information.

To make your life easy, I decided to write this best Karcher pressure washer reviews guide.

Here I am going to point out the upside and downside of two of their electric pressure washers and one gas pressure washer.

Needless to say, I will also give you a brief introduction to the Karcher as a brand and discuss why Karcher is considered as one of the pioneers in the power washing industry.

So, let’s get to the business.

Karcher Pressure Washer Reviews 2019 [In Depth]

Here’s a great in-depth discussion of Karcher branded pressure washers.

1.Karcher K5 ( 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM ) Electric Pressure Washer Review




  • Comes with everything you need for assembling.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Powerful and easy to use.
  • Optimum water consumption.
  • Lightweight
  • Larger wheels make the mobility easier as you would have expected.
  • Doesn’t make any noise during the operation.
  • Leak-proof construction.
  • Improved base to help prevent tipping.
  • Reasonably priced. Worth buying this one than renting any other pressure washer.
  • The hose and cord can easily be carried and stored.
  • Dedicated storage for trigger gun.
  • A handy detergent dial to regulate the amount of detergent use.
  • The water-cooled induction motor ensures high performance and longer lifespan.


  • Not a perfect pressure washer for commercial use.
  • A bit longer wand could have helped taller people to operate at the ground level. But you can always use an extension.
  • Assembly instruction could have been a bit clearer. But that’s not a big deal as assembling this washer is a cakewalk I believe.
  • Brass hose attachment would have been a better option than plastic considering the durability.

Key Features

  • High-Pressure hose – 25ft
  • Electric Cord – 35ft

Getting the induction motor in this price range is a great bonus I must say.

Here is what any Karcher pressure washer beats its competitors. They offer their products in a reasonable price range without cutting the corners.

This particular K5 electric pressure washer has got 2800 cleaning unit.

If you are not sure what the cleaning unit aka CU is.

It is the multiplication of PSI and GPM. So in this case 2000 x 1.4 = 2800

CU gives you a more clear picture of the pressure washer’s capability than the PSI or GPM alone.

As the CU of this K5 model has got 2800, I must say this is a pretty good score. The performance of this unit reflects that as well.

Karcher K5 offers you some advanced technologies to make your life easier while you clean some stubborn dirt. I found these features really helpful during the cleaning process.

For example, it comes with two wands. One is the dirt blaster wand and the other one is the Vario power spray wand.  Multiple wands is super handy.  Some home owners even spring for the 24 ft telescoping pressure washer wand.

I found the dirt blaster wand delivers deadly pressure to remove stubborn stains whereas the Vario power spray wand plays a handy role for less-intense cleaning.

The Vario power spray also allows you to control the pressure on the wand.

How cool is that?

Having said that, remember this is not a perfect pressure washer for commercial use.

Despite having some downsides, I still believe this Karcher K5 premium electric power washer is the beauty and the beast for you.


Particularly if you are looking for some pressure washer for home usage, or detailing large vehicles, cars, stone walls, etc.

2. Karcher K2 Plus ( 1600 PSI, 1.25 GPM ) Electric Pressure Washer Review




  • Compact
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • A handy and powerful pressure washer for home usage including detailing your car.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Lightweight and easy to store.
  • Perfect height unit with strong fixed handle.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Having two wands is a plus for anyone using a pressure washer. This unit comes with two wands.
  • Improved dirt blaster.
  • Trigger gun holder for easy storage when not in use.


  • This K2 Plus comes with a universal motor and typically a universal motor is noisier than an induction motor. No wonder this unit is a bit noisy, but don’t worry. It is not loud.
  • Not a perfect one for heavy jobs.
  • Seems a tad flimsy fitting to me and components are mostly plastic made.

Key Features

  • High-Pressure hose – 20ft.
  • Electric Cord – 35ft

This very Karcher power washer is suitable for removing normal dirt from your car, garden tools, bicycle, furniture, etc.

Don’t expect any real impressive cleaning performance if you are up to tough grime.

The cleaning unit (CU) of this unit is 1600 x 1.2 = 1920.

So clearly this is not a perfect one for removing tough dirt but pretty capable of clearing normal dirt.

Like the previous model that I reviewed, this one also comes with two wands ( dirt blaster and vario power spray ). These two wands make the controlling of the whole cleaning work a cakewalk.

The spray gun could have been better in terms of quality. But you can’t expect too many things in this price range.


Overall, this is a lightweight yet powerful unit for cleaning home kits and cars.

3. Karcher G2900X ( 2900 PSI, 2.4 GPM ) Gas Pressure Washer Review




  • This gas pressure washer comes with a large removable detergent tank. That will surely make your life easier during the cleaning process.
  • The larger and quality wheels make this super maneuverable.
  • The high-quality handle of this unit helps to move it with ease, and you can fold that handle down for compact storage.
  • Trigger gun holder helps to keep the gun securely when not in use.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • An incredibly powerful unit.
  • Excels in performing tough jobs.
  • The commercial-grade trigger gun works flawlessly.


  • Although the assembling is fairly easy but a clearer assembly instruction manual would have made your life easier than ever.

Key Features

  • Nozzles included – 15°, 25°, 40°, Soap
  • Engine – Karcher KPS 196

Unlike the previous Karcher pressure washer, this one is a gas powered pressure washer.

Don’t expect this one will remain quiet like the electric power washers. But I must say, this does not whine either.

The cleaning unit is 2900 x 2.4 = 6960.

Needless to say, this is an incredibly powerful unit that will clean the toughest dirt in no time.

You will get four pro-style nozzles with the package.

As this is a gas pressure washer so you can take it to anywhere you want without worrying about the electric cable length and electric sources.

Starting this unit and making it run is not any hassle either.

All in all, this is easy to move and operate gas pressure washer from Karcher that can surprise you with its immense power of pressure washing.

Buckle your seatbelt because now I am moving to the next part.

Now I am going to introduce you to the Karcher brand.

About Karcher Company

I can write pages after pages about Karcher if I want to go for every detail of the company.

That’s right!karcher pressure washer company logo

But that will be too much of a good thing, no?

That’s why let me cut to the chase with the key factors of this old brand.

So, it will help you to understand how good and professional this company is in terms of manufacturing pressure washers and providing after-sales service to its buyers.

Karcher as a brand came into existence in 1935.

A young engineer Alfred Kärcher founded this company in Germany. Back then the aircraft industry in Germany started using his petrol-driven hot air blower and caterpillar tube to heat the aircraft engines in winter.

In 1939 Kärcher took over a chemical and pharmaceutical plants to established his factory Winnenden, Germany. It is still the worldwide headquarter of Karcher and the manufacturing hub.

1950 is the year when Europe saw the first hot water high-pressure cleaner, and no wonder it was invented by Alfred Kärcher. So, the journey of the Karcher pressure cleaner begins here.

After releasing several revised and improved version finally they released the DS 59 pressure washer and became the industry boss in 1958.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking.

When did Karcher enter America, right?

In 1982 this brand entered America and needless to say, they are now one of the leading companies in the cleaning industry.

They introduced the first portable high-pressure cleaner for household usage in around 1983.

Now they are operating in 67 countries having over 12000 employees and over 3000 products.

They are not only selling products but also providing different services related to pressure washers, home, and garden service.

Karcher manufactures both gas and electric pressure washers. Not to mention, they also make diesel powered pressure washers for heavy jobs.

They know how this industry works. They know how to provide customer support. I believe you will not regret buying their products.

Why should you buy Karcher pressure washer and why is it better than others?


If you read the history of Karcher that I’ve written above, you can easily understand that Karcher is not any company who came out of nowhere in recent past.

Karcher as a brand has got a long past that shows they are one of the pioneers in the pressure washer industry in Europe.

Once they entered America, they acquired the American market as well with their innovative designs and state of the art technology and quality.

The quality and usability of their pressure washers have been admired by their users from the very beginning of their journey.

Still not convinced?

Let me present some more facts that may prove the quality of the products that this brand can produce.

To showcase the level job that Karcher pressure washer can do, they cleaned some of the most iconic structures.

They cleaned structures and buildings like Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, Seattle Space Needle, and some more structures in different parts of the world.

The only reason behind they did is to showcase their pressure washer’s ability to clean any kind of dirt and grime.

Of course, their pressure washers of different cleaning capacity withstand to their respective tasks.

They consider and give priority to their user feedback.

With the mixture of the customer feedback and engineer’s innovative ideas, research, and development they are improving their pressure washers in every release.

So, I must say they’ve established a nice ecosystem to grow their brand.

Let’s compare Karcher with some of its main competitors in the market.

If you have a look at the company like Sun Joe, AR Blue Clean, Ryobi, Greenworks, Generac, Simpson, and Dewalt, all of them are making quality products in different prices ranges.

To me, what makes Karcher different from them is the quality and service you get in the long run against the money you spend. They have their own product like Karcher pump guard for winterizing pressure washer.

Yes, true.

Karcher offers you high-quality products within reasonable price with great customer service. Of course without sacrificing the quality of the product.

Moreover, Karcher covers all type of pressure washers and several pressure washer accessories implementing the latest technologies and features.

So I believe the ability to manufacturing a complete package is something that keeps them ahead of their competitors without any doubt.

What the Heck are K2, K3, K4, K5, K7 ???

Karcher has been releasing different electric pressure washers under different model and series name.

They are varying in different parameters like the size, quality of the material, pressure, water flow, etc.

ApplicationFor occasional use. Perfect for cleaning normal dirt from cars, bicycle, garden, tools, and furniture.Perfect for occasional use to remove normal dirt from cars, motorbike, bicycle, garden tools, fences, and furniture.To clean moderate dirt from cars, motorbike, bicycle, garden tools, and furniture.To remove moderate dirt from large vehicles, stone walls, home kit, etc.Perfect for frequent use to remove stubborn dirt and grimes from anywhere you want.
Pressure (Bar)110120130145160
Water Flow(l/h)360380420500600
Area Cleaner(m2/hr)2025304060
MotorAir cooledWater cooledWater cooledWater cooledWater cooled
High-pressure Hose Length3m6m6m8m10m
Detergent ApplicationVia SuctionVia tankVia suctionSuction for compact plug ‘n’ clean for K5 full control seriesSuction for compact plug ‘n’ play for K7 premium full control
Spray GunStandard quick connectStandard quick connectStandard quick connectFor basic and compact-standard quick connect, for full control series- G 145 Q full controlFor basic and compact-standard quick connect, for full control series- G 180 Q full control
Integrated Water FilterYESYESYESYESYES

Karcher Pressure Washer Attachments

Different Karcher pressure washers come with some useful accessories. You can buy them separately as well.

Let me give you an idea on some of the most used and handiest pressure washer attachments from Karcher.

Rotating Wash Brush



The three most popular rotating wash brushes from Karcher are WB 100, WB 120 and WB 120 car & bike.

All these three brushes are compatible with almost each of K series electric power washers and few gas pressure washers as well.

These are quality attachments that will help you for thorough cleaning of different surfaces.

You can apply detergents if required. The WB120 model is compatible with garden hose adapter as well. So you can use it without a pressure washer.

WB120 is particularly made to clean your car and bike.

Power Brush

The only power brush that I found from Karcher is the WB150 power brush.

 A handy brush to clean small and hard to reach areas.

This helps you save a significant amount of time, energy, and water.

You don’t have to worry about the sensitive surfaces as well. Because this power brush has got a soft brush head that won’t make any scratch.

So, this is a perfect solution for cleaning garden furniture, garden toys, glass surface, vehicle, car, motorbike cleaning.

Needless to say, the WB150 power brush is compatible with all the electric power washer series of Karcher.

Karcher Surface Cleaner

Karcher offers some high-quality surface cleaners you will surely fall in love with them.



T550, T450, T350 are the three surface cleaners that they are offering currently.

All of them are ideal for large area cleaning, credit goes to the two flat jet nozzles.

T450 and T550 have got integrated additional nozzles as well. You can easily switch from normal nozzles to the power nozzle using the foot switch.

So, these surface cleaners can be a really useful solution for cleaning driveways, patios, garage doors, walls, corner and edges in outside areas, etc.

Bottom Line

Let’s recap.

In this article of best Karcher power washer reviews, I tried to provide a handful of information on three of their pressure washers. Where I mentioned their good and bad sides and some of the cool features that you should consider before buying one.

On top of that, by now you know a short history of Karcher brand and why I do believe it is one of the pioneers in the pressure washer industry.

You got to know about different K series unit’s common specs as well.

And last but not the least you’ve got the idea of different cool accessories that Karcher is offering for different models of their product.

Now it’s your turn.

Share the love and comment below if you’ve got any question to ask.

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pressure washer detergent and chemical guide

5 Pressure Washer Detergents and 7 Things to Consider Before Buying [Bonus: Homemade Detergent]

Years ago, when I had my first pressure washer and I was in a ‘get er done’ mood I used some laundry detergent on one of my cleaning projects.

pressure washer detergent and chemical guide

Which was a mistake….your concrete driveway and your underwear don’t (or at least shouldn’t:) have much in common.   There are delicate wash jobs and aggressive wash jobs and it only makes sense that they each require different chemicals.  This of course isn’t a zero sum game.  Just as you can wash your hair with bar soap, you will get better results with shampoo.

So it’s best to use a pressure washer detergent, and you’ll get good mileage out of a bottle, depending on the size of your project.  See some top picks reviewed below.

Now another big factor, is water temperature.  Just like washing greasy dishes, hot water helps. They do make hot water pressure washers but for most of us that’s not a choice.  Doesn’t mean we don’t have other options, even with a standard pressure washer.  

The popular Sunjoe SPX3000  has a max water inlet temp of 104 degrees Fahrenheit (typical max temp of a home hot water heater is 120 degrees Fahrenheit). So you could run some warm water through your pressure washer, but that would be complicated and no reason to push the max temperature specs of our machine.

Better is to have a bucket of hot water and the same detergent handy as we are working.  Let the pressure washer do the majority of the work, and then scrub by hand any problems areas with the hot water mixture.  Or even easier do a hot water pre-wash (ie: dump a bucket of hotwater on the driveway) to loosen things up.

There are not many pressure washer soaps, detergent available in the market so it is recommended to use concentrated detergent for the best result. Or you can also think about preparing something homemade.

Pressure Washer Detergents: TOP 5 Selections

1. Karcher Concentrated Vehicle Detergent


If you are looking for a solution to clean your car with ease and without leaving any spot then this is the one you are looking for. When combined with the Karcher pressure wash and car washing system you will receive a perfect wash.

You have to buy this pressure washer detergent in 1-gallon size. But wait! This is highly concentrated which makes it very affordable as it makes up to 20 gallons of ready to use solution. This means only a cost of $1.15 per gallon (approximately). And you do not need a gallon to wash. This has very good customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, if you want to use your hand for those sneaky, hard to reach areas; don’t worry; it is gentle enough for your hand. This product will give you spot-free shine, leave no spot or residue.

2. Krud Kutter HS01 Green Pressure Washer Concentrate: Best Pressure Washer Detergent for House sliding cleaning


When power washing your House and sidings, one thing that results in great difficulty is those tough stains from mildew, moss, fungus, algae. This unique product has a chemical compound that is called “SPOREX”. This special chemical makes it a tough contestant for those stains!

It can easily dissolve with the toughest stains from dirt, oil, grease, bird droppings etc. resulting in a nice clean surface. It also slows down the return of those stains keeping you tension free for a while.

This comes as concentrated in a gallon pack. Use this detergent with a 1:10 ratio of water. This way you can get up to 11 gallons of ready to use a mixture that covers 2000sq. ft.

This claims to be a biodegradable solution, making it an environment-friendly solution.

3. Simple Green 18202 Concrete and Driveway Cleaner: Best Detergent for Concrete Cleaning


Simple Green products are always a good choice. And this one is very good for power cleaning your driveway and concrete. This one comes in 1-gallon pack size. When mixed with water it can make up to 11 gallons of cleaning solution.

This cleaning agent removes oil, grease, grime and most stains from concrete walkways, patios, driveways, sidewalks. It is also gentle for manual use.

4. Krud Kutter DF01 Blue Pressure Washer Concentrate: For Deck and Fence Cleaning


This Krud Kutter Deck and Fence cleaner come in 1 gallon concentrated bottle size. Prepare a 1:10 concentrate mixture and put it on the pressure washer. Apply power washing with this on vertical surfaces of deck and fences covered with stains. Leave the solution to settle on the surface for 3 to 5 minutes but do not let the solution to dry. Remove the solution siphon and pressure wash with clean water.

This mixture is guaranteed to provide you with the best result. Removes grease, oil, tree sap, even gray weathering on wood.

Read Also: Best practice to clean your deck

5. Simple Green 11001 Clean Building Cleaner Concentrate: Best All Purpose


This Simple Green product is an all-rounder. It can be used for multiple items around your home. Here is fun math! It takes around ½ oz. of this product and 31.5 oz. water to prepare a 32 oz. bottle. So buy once forget for the year! Check the price and do the math.

You can use it for cleaning almost anything! For your cars, lawn, patios, sidings this one is a good choice. This is also biodegradable. Although it is not odorless you can deal with it!

Ultimate 7 tips for final detergent selection

The difference between pressure washer soap and pressure washer detergent

  • Soaps and detergents are very similar in chemical properties still they a major difference. Soaps are formed by natural products like starting with fats and oils which are obtained from plants or animals. These are combined with high-pressure steam while producing fatty acid and glycerin. Combining the fatty acid with salt produces soap.
  • Sodium soaps are converted into bar soaps and potassium salt is used for liquid soap.
  • Soap breaks down when mixed with water or oil due to its hydrophilic and hydrophobic ends
  • Detergents are produced from man-made chemicals
  • Soaps are used for skins and detergents are used for clothes

When to use soap and when to use power washer detergent?

Soaps are biodegradable and do not possess a threat to the environment. But soap mixes with sodium and magnesium in hard water to create an insoluble mud type residue. This white residue can stick to your surface.

On the other hand, the detergent does not have this problem.  The special benefit of detergent is that it is engineered for different cleaning surfaces.

The most effective solution is to combine the soap and detergent together.

How does a pressure washer detergent, nozzle and injector work?

This is a very interesting process! The proper blending of soap or detergent with the power washer water flow is very important. This introduction of detergent can be done in two ways. Before entering the pump (upstream) or after leaving the pump (Downstream).

Downstream pumping systems provide multiple options. This downstream injection system is equipped with a nozzle with a variable pressure adjustment capacity. A venturi injector is used for making a pressure differential which will draw the pressure washer detergent from the container into the system.

In the upstream delivery system, a float system is necessary to produce zero pressure which delivers the chemical into the system. So the downstream system allows more option for chemical delivery.

Is pressure washer soap, detergent or other chemical solution safe for your environment?

Pressure washer detergent and other chemical solutions must be environment-friendly as the chemicals mix with the ground which will mix with rainwater underground. So be sure to check the label if it is biodegradable.

Cleaning is good but you need to take off your environment too!

Difference between Residential and Industrial pressure washer soap, detergent and other chemical solutions and which one to use?

The math is simple. Industrial things like pressure washer car soap come in large barrels. Industrial pressure washer detergent is supplied in concentrated condition. And the residential grade comes in pre-mixed condition.

If you pressure wash around your home a few times a month then you should go for the residential pressure wash soap or chemicals. Buying a residential pressure washer detergent like vinyl siding cleaner will cost you some extra bucks per gallon. At least you do not have to worry about diluting the concentrated chemicals.

And finally, if you pressure wash for living the industrial range is for you. Why? It comes in a large barrel and concentrated. Just use when you need it. This will save you some money.

What kind of soap to use in pressure washer [Foam or no foam?]

If you love to play with foam then choose carefully. Let’s discuss here. First, read the label on the pressure washer detergent bottle. Some of them can cause little foam. If you want less foam its good! On the other hand, if you want more foam then using foam cannon might be a good idea.

Using a foam fun party to wash your car is a great idea!

Your detergent might not be able to provide you with a foam fiesta you are looking for. You know what? I love the view of a car covered with foam.

There are some pressure washer soaps available on the market. A foam cannon combining with a pressure washer is a great combination.

You may consider my opinion. Less foam for your driveway and more foam for your cars!

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Prepare Homemade Pressure Washer Detergent

Thinking about an eco-friendly pressure washer detergent is excellent. Although, you may not get the same result as you will get with a chemical detergent, yet let’s try this.

This requires some crazy simple ingredient for preparing a homemade detergent that works. Mix 2/3 cup of household cleanser powdered with 1/3 cup of phosphate-free laundry soap. Mix these with a gallon of water.

The mixing has to be proper for a good result. Pour this solution in the pressure washer detergent tank and start cleaning.

You may have to use this process more than once to get a good result. Mildew buildup can be a challenge for this detergent to overcome. To get over this you can use vinegar on mildew.

This is helpful for plants, keeping them away from chemical detergents.

Before I Let You Go

Using some good detergent with a pressure washer is a solid way of getting a good result.

And you can also try making something of your own at home. This might not be as powerful as the chemical ones.

I suggest not to use hot water unless you have an industrial pressure washer. Pressure washer detergent or soap is excellent for removing grimes.

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