Best Pressure Washer Brushes

By Power Tools

October 10, 2020

Have you ever seen a video of someone pressure washing something really dirty? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on top-notch satisfying content.

And that’s because there’s nothing better than a pressure washer to easily get rid of the toughest stains or dirt that has accumulated over a long time.

But what’s even better than a pressure washer, is a pressure washer paired with its own pressure washer brush! When you combine the two, the pressure washing is a lot more effective and you ensure that even the toughest of stains are removed.

Think of it as a more powerful and effective form of getting down on your knees and scrubbing. Definitely worth it! 

There are different types of pressure washer brushes, some rotate and others don’t, and they’ll each have different features that make them apt for specific forms of pressure washing.

With so many options in the market, it can be overwhelming to try and choose the best one, so we’ve compiled a list of our top picks to help you out!

And to help you understand the different features that can turn a pressure washer brush into the best option, we’ve written up a small buyer’s guide as well!

In a hurry?

Do you have a big area that is in desperate need of an intense deep clean?

The fastest, easiest, and most effective way is to use a pressure washer. And to make it even more effective, you need to pair that up with the appropriate brush attachment.

Choosing the right one can be tough, with so many options, so if you’re in a hurry we recommend you go straight for our number one top pick: the Karcher 15-inch pressure washer brush. 

This washer brush is one of the most effective and easy to use, and it cleans flat surfaces four times faster than the average washer brush. Covering 15-inch areas at a time, it has two spinning nozzles to clean faster than the rest.

Extremely easy to attach and compatible with most pressure washers, it’s an invaluable tool for cleaning. It has no splash back, thanks to the protective skirt at the bottom of the brush, and can also be used on vertical surfaces such as walls or garage doors. 

Here are some of the main features:

  • Professional results
  • Cleans 4x faster than the average washer brush
  • Easy to attach and compatible with most pressure washers
  • Double spinning nozzles
  • Protective skirt at the bottom for no splash back
  • Can be used on vertical surfaces

Best Pressure Washer Brushes


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Karcher is a well-known brand within the world of pressure washer brushes, as it has many products on offer and always delivers an excellent standard of quality, with a huge amount of positive reviews and satisfied customers.

The 15-inch pressure washer brush is an item that will allow you to achieve professional results when using your pressure washing, without splash back and without leaving any streaks. Covering an area of 15 inches, it cleans 4x faster than the average washer brush. 

It’s compatible with pressure washers up to 3200 PSI and is very easy to attach. It has two spinning nozzles, instead of one, meaning it cleans even faster, and the skirt at the bottom allows for you to remain dry, as there is absolutely no form of splash back.

It’s perfect for flat surfaces, and can also be used on vertical surfaces such as walls. Easy to use and very powerful when cleaning, it’s the overall best choice to pressure clean safely and efficiently!


  • 15-inch surface
  • Cleans 4x faster than the average washer brush
  • Easy to attach and compatible with most pressure washers
  • Double spinning nozzles
  • No back splash


  • Not as ideal for rough surfaces


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The Simpson Cleaning brand has over 50 years of experience, and their products are an example of perfected designs with efficiency and power as the main focus.

The pressure washer brush 80165 is a 15-inch product, which makes it perfect for cleaning bigger areas, as the large size reduces the time needed to do the job. It’s easy to attach and is compatible with most pressure washers, however, you have to remember that this product can only be used with cold water.

Everything about this brush is made to high quality, with two spinning nozzles that are made from stainless steel, ensuring durability. The lack of back splash, thanks to the design, allows for you to pressure clean areas that are close to things you don’t want to get wet.

The high performance and easy use make this the perfect tool for keeping large areas in top condition.


  • 15-inch surface
  • Easy to attach and compatible with most pressure washers
  • Stainless steel double spinning nozzles
  • No back splash
  • High quality and durable


  • Can only be used with cold water


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The EDOU 15-inch pressure washer brush is the ideal choice for those wanting a high standard of quality and practical features.

Covering a surface area of 15 inches, this washer brush is highly efficient in cleaning larger areas in less time. It has two spinning nozzles, made from stainless steel for durability, meaning that the cleaning can get done in half the amount of time.

Although with this product, cleaning can get done up to five times faster than the average washer brush, thanks to high efficiency and power. Bristles that are tough and flexible protect the bottom of the brush, meaning there’s also no back splash to worry about. 

This brush is more of a heavy-duty product, with an extended life span thanks to the hard composite construction and design. It has been designed for people that are looking for a forever pressure washer brush, even with regular usage.

Easy to attach and compatible with even more pressure washers than average, as it can withstand up to 4000 PSI. What’s great about EDOU is that it also has a great customer service, with on-hand help during the 24 hours following your purchase, in case you have any questions while setting it up for the first time.


  • High quality and very durable
  • 15 inches
  • 2 stainless steel spinning nozzles
  • Cleans 5x faster than average
  • No back splash


  • Not suitable for very rough surfaces


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Another excellent cleaning product by Karcher is the rotating wash brush. This is a washer brush more designed for smaller or more delicate areas and surfaces, such as cars with a paint job, or window panes.

This washer brush is made with super-soft synthetic bristles, so that it is gentle enough on the delicate surfaces, to clean without leaving any damage. A set of inner brushes spin with the flow of water from the pressure washer, allowing the surface to be thoroughly and professionally cleaned.

This brush is ideal for use with an attached detergent dispenser, so you can achieve those extra shiny results. It’s only compatible with Karcher pressure washers, but it lives up to a high standard of quality and has a reputation for being a very durable product. 


  • Designed for smaller and more delicate surfaces
  • Super-soft synthetic bristles
  • Spinning inner brushes
  • High standard of quality and durability


  • Only compatible with Karcher pressure washers


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The Sun Joe pressure washer brush is another ideal option for cleaning smaller or more delicate surfaces, with professional deep-clean results that barely require any effort.

It’s extremely easy to use, and the product comes with a transfer adapter included so that it can be attached and be compatible with almost any pressure washer.

It has an inner rotation brush of soft bristles, made from super-soft synthetic material to avoid causing any damage when pressure cleaning delicate surfaces with paint jobs. 

It’s perfect for washing away bits of dirt that have piled up over time, and it’s one of the easiest to use. 


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Transfer adapter included for 100% compatibility
  • Designed for smaller and delicate surfaces
  • Inner rotation bristles


  • Lacks power and durability

Best Pressure Washer Brushes Buying Guide

Buying a pressure washer brush is a great idea, as it is the perfect tool to pair up with your pressure washer, to get the cleaning job done even faster and to an even higher standard than usual.

A pressure washer brush allows you to achieve professional cleaning results, and the bristles can scrub at the toughest cracks to ensure no dirt is left untouched.  Easy to use and with very fast results, they can turn the chore of cleaning a large area into a satisfying completed task. 

However, there are many different types of washer brushes, with different features. Knowing which one is the best choice can be a bit tricky.

First of all, it’s important for you to know the kind of use you’re going to give it. What type of surfaces do you want to clean? Do you want to prioritize power and speed?

To help you understand the factors one should take into consideration when buying for the first time, we’ve summarized the main features to look out for in this simple buyer’s guide. 

Cleaning Requirement:

The first thing you need to have in mind is what type of surface you’re looking to clean, as that will determine which type of washer brush is the most suitable or apt.

For larger outdoor surfaces, such as a driveway or a poolside, the best option is to go for a big 15-inch brush that will cover more surface at the time, reducing the amount of time needed.

It’s also good to look for harder bristles and high-pressure spinning nozzles, as they will be able to attack the difficult outdoor stains and dirt much more effectively.

For smaller or more delicate surfaces, on the other hand, such as window panes or cars that have a paint job, you should choose a softer and smaller brush. In this case, you should look for soft synthetic bristles, with inner rotation, for a deep clean that won’t cause damage.


The brush is an attachment that goes on the pressure washer, so it’s important that they are actually compatible and can be used together.

If you’re also buying a pressure washer, you might be able to find a set that goes together, or you will at least have more options as you’ll be choosing them at roughly the same time.

However, if you already own a pressure washer and are just on the lookout for a brush attachment, you need to ensure that the one you buy is compatible with your pressure washer. 

If not, you will need a transfer adapter, so that they can be attached together. 

Water Temperature:

Not all pressure washer brushes are suitable for hot water, as some will only be usable with cold water.

As a general rule, cold water should be enough to get rid of any difficult stains or dirt. But there are specific cases in which you’ll want to turn up the temperature, to deep clean important areas or get rid of grime.

It’s important to be aware of your brush’ limitations, so you don’t accidentally break it by using the wrong temperature of the water. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I clean my car with a pressure washer brush?

As a general rule, it is completely safe to use a pressure washer brush on your car. It will also make it really easy and fast to wash, with great results.

However, you should try and use softer types of pressure washer brushes, and avoid hard bristles, just in case they chip away at the car’s paint or finish.

What type of cleaning product can I use with a pressure washer brush?

As a general rule, you shouldn’t need to use any cleaning products with your pressure washer, as the high pressure of the water is enough to get rid of dirt and stains.

However, if you want to ensure a deeper clean, there are different cleaning products specifically designed for use with a pressure washer brush, you should always check the product description for specifications.

It’s also important to avoid harsh chemicals, as they are likely to damage the bristles of the brush.