Best Telescoping Extension Wand Pressure Washer: Reach Those Tough Heights With Ease(2021 Review and Buying Guide)

By Power Tools

August 10, 2021

Last year you got the whole house painted… this year the swallows moved in under the eves- and they’re not potty trained.

In just a few short weeks it looks like a whole flock peppered the side of your house after eating someones left over spicy enchiladas!

So now you groan, thinking about pulling out the extension ladder, hoping this won’t be the year you break your femur when one ladder leg sinks down in the soft grass and sends you into the rose bushes!

best telescoping extension wand for pressure washer

Thank goodness for technology that leaves your feet on the ground – where they belong.

Best Telescoping Pressure Washer Wand

What a jewel  telescoping pressure wands are.  And now we home owners even have some selection choices.

Here’s the scoop on some of the top extension wands below:

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Covered their full details later on this article!

What is a Telescoping Extension Wand for Pressure Washer?

Telescoping mechanical action

No, not that kind of telescope:)  Rather telescoping refers to an object made of concentric tubular parts which can slide out of  itself, and increase its extension.  Just like the original telescopes mechanical action.

So, regarding pressure washer telescoping wands. What are they? Really, it’s the kind of product which will change the entire game for vinyl siding cleaner and taking care of your gutters. It’s going to reach those places you have almost given up on cleaning.

The telescopic wand will let you keep your feet comfortably on the ground and it reach up to three stories high.

I’m sure we all have either a ladder fall story or know someone whose told us their fall from the heights.  Best case is usually a couple days of work, worst case… well worst case we don’t even want to talk about.

Working with  a pressure washer spray gun standing on a ladder is such a horrible idea.  The ladder will only be optimized for a few seconds, and then your reaching and stretching.  Then add in the pressurized stick squirming in your hand… well I know your convinced, that’s why your here:)

How does a telescoping extension wand for pressure washers work?

How does a pressure washer extension wand work? They are natural and effective. A high-pressure hose is guided up the inside of the pole and connects at the tip. This allows you to set the length from fully retracted to fully extended, and anywhere in between.

It needs a tremendous amount of water pressure to push up to the highest it can get like the third floor; therefore these wands connect to larger pressure washers with hoses. Telescopic wand will move unpredictability when the strain is on, and when it is turned off, so, you must be at least 10 to 12 feet away from power lines at all times.

Extended pressure washer wands would be the ideal tool for cleaning the outside of your home. It cost only 80 percent less water than a garden hose, with more power. For the places high above the ground, a telescoping pressure washer wand extension will make the task more relaxed and more fun.

Power washer extension wands come in many sizes, but these three sizes, 12 foot, 18 foot, and 24 foot are popular among the people.

Once your power washer is in position and the hoses are attached, then choose the nozzle and connect it to the end part of the extension wand.

Attach the hose into the wand and turn on the water. Expand the telescoping wand into the desired length, and insert the end into a stabilizing harness, which will come with the kit.

It will give you greater control when using the wand. Begin at the top and work your way down the siding, functioning in sections, and maintaining a constant grip on your wand. Before you know it, your porch, house, and car are going to be clean and look like brand new.

Benefits of buying a Power Washer Wand Extension

Benefits of buying a Pressure washer telescopic extension wand are endless.

Suppose you want to clean your roof gutter or there are bird feces everywhere on your 2nd or 3rd floor. It is extremely dangerous to use a ladder or any elevation when cleaning high places like this with a pressure washer.

There are huge chances you might fall from the top spots due to the pressure.

When you fall, if you land awkwardly or any way (seriously is there any suitable way to fall) on the floor you will injure yourself very badly. Or you might drop your pressure washer, the water from the pressure washer could strike you, harm you and anybody else who is standing close by.

Before that, get a powerful pressure washer first!

How to choose the best Power Wash Extension Wand?

A pressure washer extension will help you from avoiding this sort of stuff. You don’t have to use any ladder to climb up.

You can stand on the floor, use your washer pressure extension to clean your gutter and high levels. Yes, you heard it right, no more unstable surfaces to think. Eliminating the chance to get yourself hurt.

It is crucial to choose the perfect power washer extension pole for your needs. Let us educate ourselves by knowing what to keep in mind when we buy pressure washer telescoping extension wand.


It plays a significant role in spray washing. That is why the weight of an extension wand is essential. It is possible that you have to carry your extension wand over your head for a long time to get clean.

Trust me it will get tiring, and after few uses, you won’t find any willpower in you to do it. So you have to buy a lightweight extension for yourself.

Ease of operations:

Before buying you have to ask yourself, can I connect it easily? How to adjust it? Where to twist clockwise or counterclockwise direction? Can I attach a gutter hook cleaning kit? And many more.

Good extension wand should be easy to use. When cleaning, look at exactly how quickly it expands to develop whether it will offer you an easy time. When pressure cleaning, you should maintain changing the spray setups frequently.

Telescoping vs. Threaded Connection

Threaded extension wands are less popular as they require screwing the parts together which is not convenient. On the other hand, the telescoping wand is extremely user-friendly.

Build material:

Many manufacturers are using various materials. The one made of stainless steel is the best for hot water pressure. And people who use lots of soap while pressure cleaning can use stainless steel wands. Aluminum wands are great for tilting and telescoping extension wands.

The right grade:

Like so many things in life, it comes down to the pro’s and cons.  Residential grade telescoping equipment is cheaper. Industrial grade pressure washer extension wands will last longer.

Perhaps there is no point in paying for the industrial version for once a year gutter cleaning… or perhaps not. You will need to weigh your projected usage, but most user choose not to spend a great deal of money on an accessory that lives in the garage attic 99% of the time.

Right tip:

You have to consider the tip which comes with the extension wand. Because there will be two choices for you, One is an adjustable nozzle for adjusting the angle of spray.

Another one is a quick connector for changing the spray pattern frequently. So before buying any of it, think hard which one you need.

Types of Telescoping Pressure Washer Extension Poles

Aluminum Extension Wands

These are very well built professional grade extension wands. Aluminum is sturdy but makes the wand heavier. Most contractors use this type of wands for theirs.

Due to the material, you can use hot water with this. But, due to their cheap pricing, everyone tends to use it! I would rather prefer fiberglass made one for more sturdy material.

Fiberglass Extension Wands

These are lightweight and expensive compared to the aluminum one. Which makes them a favorite one among the house owners. They tend to flex when extended in full. Please test in every section of extension with the pressure. Fiberglass tends to have more longevity.

B E  24 ft Telescoping Pressure Washer Wand

BE pressure washer extension pole wand


Are you thinking what I’m thinking? “How come BE is using the dewey decimal system to come up with model numbers??”  I don’t know if this one is librarian approved, but homeowners love this one for a variety of residential uses.

B E is quite reputable with their products. People tend to buy this one over other product by 1:8 ratio. Solid fiberglass built quality with 24 ft length. It has four stages of extension.

Key Features:

  • Fiberglass
  • 7′ to 24′ four stage telescoping extension
  • 4000 max PSI

Make sure you have proper inlet and outlet quick connect plug/socket if the fittings do not fit with your pressure washer. But, 95% times the fittings are the same without any problem.

Though the listing says “light-weight fiberglass wand is easy to handle and maneuver”, take that with a grain of salt.  It’s a workout to use this thing at extension.  Most will want a support belt or second person to help out.

Also, don’t bother with the conveniently listed “owners manual” PDF… its for a different product:(

The gutter attachment  and support belt are sold separately.


Twinkle Star  Extendable Pressure Washer Wand for Power Washers with Belt

extendable pressure washer wand


This unit comes standard with a belt harness – which just makes sense.  Your back and neck just need that extra support when swinging around an 18′ pole under pressure!

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel
  • 6′ to 18′ foot telescoping extension range
  • 4000 max PSI
  • Includes Belt
  • Includes Gutter Attachment
  • 5 Included Spray Tips

Using stainless steel, this one is well built and should be long-lasting.  It’s a tool and will require some work, especially the first time when making sure the Twinkle star parts match your existing pressure washer parts.  Always a headache.

But as power wash extension wands go, this ones a keeper.


LOVHO Pressure Washer Extension Wand  Spray Pole 

long pressure washer wand


Here again, the biggest benefit?  Keeping your feet on the ground!  This extendable pressure washer wand pole extends 18′ just like the steel model but being aluminum will be a little easier on your back.  But your still going to appreciate the belt support with automatically included.

Key Features:

  • Aluminum
  • 18′ foot full extension range
  • 4000 max PSI
  • Includes Belt
  • Includes Gutter Attachment
  • 5 Included Spray Tips

For just a couple more dollars they throw in the gutter attachment which is a must in my opinion.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you extend a pressure washer wand? 

Extending a telescopic pressure washer wand is easy. All you have to do is screw in the small nozzle, attach your hose, then pull out the extension wand to your desired length. 

When you decide to extend your pressure washer a lot, perhaps to wash out your guttering, or some building walls, for example, we strongly recommend using a stabilizing harness. 

Once the wand has been extended to your desired length, you should insert the end into your harness. This will give you much greater control over the flow of water when you are using the extension wand. 

The important thing to note here is that you will definitely need a telescopic pressure washer extension wand. Because, unfortunately, you cannot simply attach one nontelescoping extension wand one after the after and hope to achieve the same effect. It simply won’t work. 

So, it would be good for you to scroll back up and look at the different telescopic extension wands that we recommend. 

 Are pressure washer extension wands universal? 

Unfortunately, not all pressure washer extension wands are universal.  

Extension wands that are built for electric powered pressure washer wands are made from entirely different components than those that are built for gas pressure washers. 

That said there is a lot of commonality in the size and fittings of many pressure washer extension wands and parts, and many such “universal” parts are readily available from many online retailers. 

These “universal” parts may well fit a great many different pressure washers, but they will not fit to every single brand of pressure washer. 

Our advice to you is to investigate whether your particular brand of pressure is one that can accommodate these universal fittings, or whether you have to buy from the same brand. 

If this information is not made clear in the user/owner’s manual, then you can do some research online to find out. 

What is the best power washer extension wand? 

We would argue that the best power washer extension wand out on the market at the moment is hands down our number one pick, the BE Pressure 85.206.4242L Telescoping Pressure Washer Wand. 

It won Amazon’s Choice award for this length of pressure extension wand. Such awards are only given to products that are both of very good quality, and that are also available at a fair and reasonable price. 

It comes from a very good, reputable brand, and is made with solid top-quality fiberglass. It has four stages of extension, and can telescope out to a maximum length of 24 feet, which is pretty impressive. 

It’s easy to attach to your pressure washer, and is quite lightweight, and therefore relatively easy to handle and maneuver. And it can take quite a lot of pressure too, 4000 psi in fact. 

And it can handle flow rates of up to 8 GPM. 

Are Karcher lances interchangeable? 

The good news, we’re pleased to report, is that all of the Karcher lances for its K2 through to its K7 ranges of domestic pressure washers are all entirely interchangeable. 

However, it’s important to note at this point that we cannot confirm this for the other ranges of Karcher pressure washers. 

Basically, manufacturer Karcher made improvements to the bayonet attachment of their lances and nozzles at around 2010. And as a result, newer lances will not fit older pressure washers. 

However, if you have a Karcher pressure washer bought before 2010 and you want to use it with a lance made after 2010, there is a solution at hand. 

If you were to buy Karcher’s special adapter, namely the Adapter M, then using this you will be able to attach new Karcher lances to older Karcher pressure washers. 

So the long and the short of it is that Karcher lances are largely interchangeable, provided they are made after 2010, or if you have the necessary adapter.

Before I Let You Go!

If you’re still unsure which extendable pressure washer wand to put money into, the best plan of action is to have a look at what your neighbors use. Ask them about their wand, its weight, and its simplicity of operation.

You can go a step further and also look at its build materials and even test it out with both your neighbor’s along with your pressure washer. This will give you a better idea and will help you to decide the exact features you need in a pressure washer wand extension.