3 Best Log Splitter with Lift Arm

By Power Tools

February 4, 2020

There is nothing quite like a fire made with real natural wood. Natural wood burning in the fireplace offers a charming aroma inside the home. Foods prepared on wood also taste much better than foods that are grilled on gas or charcoal.

The only downside to natural wood for the fire is the work. Splitting wood by ax is no easy task and this chore can be incredibly time-consuming.

If you want to reduce the workload and get your wood cutting chores done in less time then you should consider buying a log splitter with lift arm.

The Best Log Splitter with Lift Arm to Buy

There are quite a lot of log cutting tools available on the market today. You can choose to invest in log splitting wedges, a chain saw or do it the old fashion way by chopping wood using an ax. We strongly believe that the best way to split wood is by using an electric splitter.

Electric splitters are much easier to use, they can save you a lot of time and they help you create the perfect split every time. These machines are also surprisingly affordable considering their strength and capabilities.

 If you are looking for a way to revolutionize wood chopping tasks then you should consider investing in one of the following splitters.

The WEN 56207 6.5 Ton Electric Log Splitter

The Wen 56207 is one of the most convenient log splitters to own. One of the most outstanding features of this splitter is its adjustability. This lumberjack comes with a 34” stand mount. It can be used on the ground or fully mounted at a height that is a lot easier on your back.

The splitter is quite impressive. It has 13,000 pounds of log cracking pressure thanks to the 6.5-ton electric motor. The 15 AMP electric log splitter is also very quiet and efficient. It doesn’t emit any gasses which makes it an environmentally friendly tool.

The splitter allows you to crack logs into sizes of up to 10” in diameter and 20.5” in length in just 20 seconds. It is perfect for splitting even the hardest of woods.

This splitter is very easy to use. You can simply plug it into the energy source, switch it on and it will be ready for use. After loading your logs onto the lumberjack, it will take care of the splitting tasks virtually hands-free.

This unit is fairly portable. It has an easy to grip handle and the machine is very easy to move around thanks to two never-flat 5.5” wheels. At 98lbs it is also relatively light which also makes it fairly easy to transport.


Product Specifications

  • Weight – 98 lbs
  • Size – 38.5 x 28.2 x 39.2”
  • Color – Orange/black
  • Motor – 15 AMP
  • Splitting force – 13,000 lbs / 6.5 Ton
  • Log size – up to 10” in diameter and 20.5” in length
  • Wheels – two 5.5” never-flat wheels
  • Auto return – 4 x 4” plus plate
  • Wedge – 5”
  • Capability – 20sec per log / 120 logs per hour
  • Stand – 35”
  • Very easy to use
  • The electric motor is noise-free and produces no emissions
  • Powerful 6.5-ton splitting force
  • Never-flat wheels allow for easy transportation and reduced maintenance
  • The device can split logs up to 10” in diameter and 20.5” in length
  • It is quite fast and splits logs in 20 seconds
  • It can split 120 logs per hour
  • The 35” stand enhances convenience a great deal since you can also stand and work
  • Some parts like the handle need to be installed upon arrival
  • Vibrations on the machine can cause some bolts to loosen
  • The splitter can hurl unsuitable or wet oak 15-20 feet off the side of the machine – caution required


Product summary

The Wen 56207 is a handy log splitter for anyone who regularly chops wood and for those who prefer to work standing up. The unit is powerful and fairly easy to transport to different spots for wood splitting.

The Sun Joe LJ10M 10-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

This green log splitter is very powerful. It has a log splitting force of 10 tons and it can easily handle logs of up to 8 inches wide and 18” long. The RAM return spring also allows the machine to reset quickly so you can load the next log in no time at all.

The log splitter is manual. It doesn’t require any electricity, gas or oil to function which makes it very easy to process wood in remote destinations. The splitter is very easy to use and maneuvering the handles can give you a nice workout while you are out and about splitting wood. It functions by loading the log onto the unit and maneuvering the handles up and down. The hydraulic press forces the stump into the splitter to cut the wood.

The splitter is fairly easy to transport. It is made of a durable steel frame and has two 2.48” wheels that allow you to move it about with ease. It weighs only 87lbs which also makes it fairly easy to transport.


Product Specifications

  • Weight – 87 lbs
  • Size – 41.1 x 8.1 x 11.8”
  • Color – Green/black
  • Motor – Manual hydraulic
  • Splitting force – 10 ton
  • Log size – up to 8” in diameter and 18” in length
  • Wheels – two 2.48”
  • You don’t need any gas, oil or electricity to use the splitter
  • It is one of the most eco-friendly splitters you can buy
  • The device is great for working out while splitting wood
  • It offers a powerful 10-ton splitting force
  • The unit is compact and light which makes it easy to transport
  • It is fairly easy to use
  • Not much force is required. Even women can split wood
  • You can split logs up to 18” long and 8” in diameter
  • It is manual and splitting a lot of wood is going to be hard work
  • Small wheels only work on concrete floors
  • The device is heavy to carry
  • It does not split wood to the end


Product summary

The log splitter is a handy investment for those who don’t split wood quite as often and especially for those who prefer a manual tool. It only requires elbow grease to function, is easy to use and offers an impressive splitting force. The splitter is also quite affordable.

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 7-Ton Electric Log Splitter

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 is one of the best electric log splitters you can buy. This powerful machine has 7 tons of splitting force and is a very portable unit. It has a powerful front bar that you can use for carrying and the large 7” solid rubber wheels make this unit very easy to roll around on just about any surface including rough terrains. It is, however, a bit heavy at 128 lbs.

The electric log splitter is very easy to use. You only need one hand to operate it can produce a hydraulic pressure level of up to 3500psi. You only need to connect it to the power source, load your log and you are all set to start splitting wood.

 The device is very simple to use, has a fast splitting force and can handle logs of up to 16 inches long and 22 inches round. It has a sturdy frame and solid steel tubing prevents the chances of this device being damaged while using it.


Product Specifications

  • Weight – 117 lbs
  • Size – 40 x 13.5 x 20.5”
  • Color – Red/black
  • Motor – 2 HP electric
  • Splitting force – 7 Ton
  • Hydraulic pressure – 3500 psi
  • Operation – one hand
  • Wheels – 7” metal hub solid rubber
  • The device is very easy to use
  • It has a very strong frame that can handle a lot of wear and tear
  • The unit has a powerful splitting force of 7 tons
  • It is fairly quick to split woods
  • The electric motor is silent and eco-friendly
  • It is fairly easy to move around or to transport
  • The device allows you to split wood up to 22 inches around and 16 inches long
  • It can be used to split shorter pieces of wood for coal stoves
  • It is nice and compact for easy storage
  • It isn’t very easy to roll over ground or grass due to heavyweight
  • The unit is very low to the ground
  • A lot of time is wasted waiting for the splitter to reach the wood in short pieces of stumps
  • Some claim that the splitting wedge is not tall enough
  • Price is expensive for some


Product summary

This is a handy log splitter to buy if you want something compact and easy to use. The boss is very powerful and it is quite easy to move around or transport thanks to a strong frame and larger wheels.

Buyers Guide

We cannot blame you if you cannot decide between these log splitters. They are all superb quality devices that can help you cut back on time spent on wood splitting a great deal. If you cannot decide on the best one then perhaps this quick guide can help you make a good choice;

The budget-friendly – The Sun Joe LJ10M is the most affordable splitter on our list. And if you prefer an electric splitter at a good price then we also recommend you have a look at the Wen 56207.

The most powerful – The Sun Joe LJ10M has a 10-ton splitting force but this unit is manual which means that the splitting force greatly depends on your capabilities. The Boss Industrial ES7T20 is another powerful alternative that is electric. This unit has a 7-ton splitting force.

The best manual splitter – The Sun Joe LJ10M is one of the best manual units you can buy.

The most convenient – The WEN 56207 6.5 Ton Electric Log Splitter is by far the most convenient because you can split wood standing up.  It has a high frame and can be used with or without the stand.

We hope that this product review helped guide you closer to the best log splitter to get this year. And if you are looking for other superb camping and outdoor gear then we welcome you to take a look at some of our other product reviews.