50 Stunning DIY Projects For Your Home

By Power Tools

September 4, 2020


We all have those DIY dreams that we’ve just been dying to try out. But whether it’s because of work or family or not having the right tools at hand, we simply haven’t gotten around to doing it. However, we want to give you a helping hand for those hands-on DIY projects for your home and garden!

We have compiled a list of our favorite DIY projects that, with the right cordless drill or electric sander, you can knock together in just under a day!

Whether it’s industrial style bar stools, a pallet furniture set, a living edge wood nightstand or your very own lavish summer-yellow porch swing, we’ve got the tools and instructions for beginners, intermediate and expert homemakers. Trust us, we’ll get you flexing those DIY muscles!

So, dust off that old toolbox or get yourself down to your nearest hardware store and let’s start with the top 10 DIY bar stools!

Our Top 10 DIY Bar Stools

Bar Stools With Metal Accents


These simple yet stylish 24-inch bar stools are ideal for a colorful kitchen island. All you’ll need are a few lengths of wood, metallic conduits, pocket screws, wood glue, wood filler, primer and paint, along with your electric woodcutter and sander.

By making these bar stools yourself, you can modify the length of the legs to accommodate your kitchen countertop. The metallic conduits running between the legs give this largely wooden chair a very sophisticated, modern finish.

Spray these chairs whatever color you feel blends in best with your kitchen – these chairs hands down beat any you can find in the shop for both build quality and price!

The Industrial Bar Stool


For those of you who perhaps own a bar and want to give it that steampunk feel, or if you want your kitchen to look a little different from your friends’ kitchens – the industrial bar stool is something for those who crave the unfinished look.

Beneath the rounded, varnished and very comfortable wooden seats are this bar stool’s most striking attribute – its spidery pipe legs! These stools are remarkably quick to assemble, yet they will exercise the skills and possibly the patience of even the most driven DIY homemakers.

With a couple of pipes, flanges, tees and elbows, you can guarantee that your kitchen will quickly become a talking point between your friends and family!

Half Lap Bar Stools


These minimalist, almost inoffensive little stools can be tailor-made for any kitchen, owing to a simple single-material construction – all you’ll need are a few 2x4s to knock them together!

But just because these chairs look simple, it doesn’t mean that you can’t put a bit of artistry into their making! Using your handheld sander, you can give the corners of these stools that precision-honed rounded edge that allows for comfortable sitting – your friends will be asking where you bought these from!

This tutorial uses a satin lacquer to create that worn, deep-wood finish, but you can experiment according to your unique taste.

The Modern Stool


Now for something radically more modern, this tutorial is for those who might want a plain, unvarnished finish coupled with an angular and artistic design.

This petite stool has a 90-degree front piece that is not only very quirky-looking but will also give the user that additional support below the knees, with a footrest cut into the center. The exposed steel bolt pattern makes these stools reminiscent of the ones you used in science class.

However, this does detract from the many positives of this tall stool, a few of which being its ergonomic benefits, its sturdy build quality and its inexpensiveness.

Rustic/Industrial Bar Stool


This next DIY tip is for those who want to remake an old stool rather than shell out a few hundred dollars for a replacement. If you’re handy with a power saw and a sander, you can revitalize the frame and heads of your stool quickly and efficiently.

Using thick pieces of plywood, you can measure and cut the seats to your specifications. You can give the new seats a distressed vintage look but spraying them with wood stain, complementing the metal base which you can give that rusted hue.

The final products look like a set of stools you might find straight out of the high street, perfect if you want to give your kitchen a relaxed coffee-shop vibe.

Industrial Bar Stool With Adjustable Height


Now it’s time for something that looks way out there and may pose a challenge for even those that consider themselves DIY veterans – it’s an industrial-style adjustable chair.

This project can be made simply from scrap wood or pieces of 2×4 that you might have leftover from an old building project, however, the final look to this stool is one that is both bespoke and modern. With a hole in the center of the frame to accommodate the flange, you will need to weld the metal brackets to the frame and seat.

Give this chair a little wood stain after assembly to complete the vintage look.

Simple Wood Bar Stool From Scratch


Another from-scratch design and build, this wooden stool follows the classic design of stool that we all think of when we picture an average kitchen. This is a project for anyone that has ever wanted to tackle classic furniture designs.

With some wood glue and a sander, the love and attention you put into this chair will be given back tenfold, with a solid multi-latticed foundation, you can also tailor the height and width to your specifications.

Add that touch of varnish or wood stain after completion and you have a kitchen stool that will slot in nicely with most marble or granite worktops – and all for a fraction of the price.

2×4 Bar Stool


Hopefully, you’ve got your miter saw and pocket hole jig for this next project. Another classic design of wooden kitchen stool that is unfussy and can be manufactured from a few simple pieces of plywood.

Again, these stools can be beveled and crafted to your liking, which you might find preferable if you are unable to find a style of chair that suits your kitchen or dining area from your nearest department store.

Once you follow the very specific cutting instructions in this tutorial, you’ll find this stool relatively simple to put together, securing the bottom frame and base with some pocket screws and wood glue. You can then spray or varnish the body for extra style and longevity.

Simple Wood Bar Stool From Scratch 2


These next stools are also built from scratch, however, the only difference is now the design – these have lower back support for those who prefer not to hunch when eating breakfast.

A sturdy wooden construction, you could easily fashion a few of these in a day, leaving them to varnish and dry overnight. The simple two-bar lumbar support and high leg length make for better posture than some of the other homemade stools on this list. It just goes to show that DIY can still have all the ergonomic benefits of a stool you can find on the high street.

Plain White Bar Stool


Our final DIY bar stool project is slightly alternative to our others in that it has a curve cut into the seat that will allow for that extra cradling on your tush, giving you a longer, more comfortable sit down in your kitchen or dining room.

The curved top is made from two pieces of glued laminated plywood, with the shape carved in by a circular saw. The legs are triple cross barred to avoid wobbling after repeated use, with a bar at the bottom that can be used as a footrest.

Our Top 10 DIY Pallet Projects

Simple Pallet Bookshelf


A lot of us have spare wooden pallets around or have seen a few upended on the sidewalk. However, these can be repurposed in a variety of innovative ways. Our first DIY pallet project demonstrates this perfectly – the simple pallet bookshelf.

With a drill and drill bit set, you can transform two pallets into an upright freestanding bookshelf to be used by adults and children alike! Cut out the central boards and affix them to the base to create a stand, there simply isn’t any wastage in this tutorial.

Make this bookshelf during the day, spray it your favorite color and surprise the family with it when they get home.

Pallet Furniture Set


Now for something a little more adventurous with the pallet furniture set. Plush, vintage and extremely quirky, this makeshift sofa will make the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor garden set, its wooden frame being durable in extreme weather conditions.

Once again, saw off the excess wood and affix it to the base of your pallet to create legs. This pallet sofa is very comfortable once you line it with thick under cushions and scatter cushions. Varnish the frame to avoid wood rot from the rain, plus the cushions can also be easily removed when the weather gets a little dicey!

This pallet sofa is perfect for a child’s treehouse or wooden play den.

Pallet Open Sign


Does your kitchen or living room area need a little more brightness? Or maybe you’re looking to decorate that blank wall in the hallway with something that welcomes guests? Well, why not make yourself one of these pallet welcome signs!

Sliced and sanded from a template arrow, the worn wooden effect gives this piece of objet d’art that textured vintage look. Spray red and paint the ‘open’ in that classic Americana style to create something that neighbors and friends alike will notice as soon as they step across your threshold.

Stylish Pallet Bed


This next project is very simple and ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to spend potentially thousands of dollars on a new bed frame. This stylish pallet bed is all you will need!

By fusing two pallets, you can create a frame quickly and easily, using your drill to affix multi-directional castors to the bottom to make it very quick to transport. This is more a second bed that you can use in your gazebo or if you have a yurt in your back garden. Once varnished, the wood is supportive and stands to last in all weathers.

Pallet Reading Nook For Kids


Give your kids that special corner for them to read their favorite books with this affordable yet stylish reading pallet reading nook. Once the body is sanded, varnish and painted, you won’t recognize the original wood construction that it was fashioned from.

Cutting down the middle and inserting reinforcement pieces, you can have your reading nook in just a few hours. However, make sure you have your electrical sander at hand to divest your nook of those hazardous splinters.

Pad it out with your child’s blanket and favorite toys and you’ll have a nook that they won’t want to leave.

Pallet Headboard


If you need to reinvigorate your bed without spending any money, you can simply transform an ordinary pallet into a rustic, seaside-style headrest.

Carefully removing the worn frontal slats of your pallet, you can start to assemble a single panel on a plywood frame, almost a collage of distressed wood pieces. Make sure you measure the frame so that it doesn’t overlap the sides of your mattress.

This tutorial also shows you how to create secret panels in your headboard that will open to reveal your favorite nighttime items such as books, face masks or your warmest bedtime socks.

Pallet Tree Shelf


From a pallet can come the strangest, most beautiful items, and this next project is no exception – the wonderful pallet tree for all your books and plant pot storage needs.

By removing the thicker joining pieces of pallet wood, you can then cut and rearrange the longer pallet pieces into a Z-shape bookcase to screw into your wall. Simple and effective, you these brackets can be put into any number of configurations, whichever one you feel suits your bedroom, kitchen or dining room best!

If drilled correctly, this shelf can support numerous items such as books, candles, small cactuses, vases and a whole host of other items and trinkets that can really liven up an otherwise drab wall space.

Pallet Dining Table


But what about something a bit more challenging than a shelf or a nook? How about a full-sized dining table? If you’d prefer to visit the lumber yard rather than the homeware department for a dining room table, then click on this link to find out how to make your own dining room table.

Creating the tabletop out of sealed and varnished strips of plywood, you can use the pallet as a solid base on which to affix this – although there is no one single style for this table, you can approach the assembly any number of ways.

You can adapt the size of your table to your particular kitchen or dining room, the result being a classic yet quirky slatted wooden-style table.

Pallet Tool Box


Now back to something relatively simple: a toolbox made from pallet wood. Simply slice your wood to your specific measurements, although you might want to take the largest tool you have a use that as the box’s maximum length and width.

Cut four even pieces of wood and a piece for the base, then screw all the pieces together into an open-ended box shape.

This can also be used to hold kitchen utensils, along with some burlap trimming and stained wood finish, this can be made into an object that will fit into most rustic style kitchens.

Pallet Rocking Chair


And we end on something for the advanced woodsmith with superior knowledge of his power tools – the pallet rocking chair.

By splicing and sawing the pallet wood to the specifications in this tutorial, fashioning the base and curved-bottom legs of the rocking chair, you can then sand everything to get that smooth-edged effect.

Then simply using reinforced cardboard tubing, you can make a seat that is incredibly comfortable for next-to-nothing! You can cut the tubing width to accommodate your particular seat size – if you want, you can build a rocking chair that only you can sit in!

Our Top 10 Live Edge Wood Projects

Live Edge Wood Coffee Table


Surely the centerpiece of any eccentric yet lavishly furnished living room, a live edge wood coffee table is certainly an eye-catching piece of furniture. With its ‘live’ edges, you can guarantee that there will be only one table like yours in existence!

Sourcing the lumbar for your table might prove difficult, but from the drying, filling and sealing, anyone who enjoys DIY furniture will savor every moment of the lengthy and precise process of creating this table.

Quite simply, the more attention and care you heap on this product, the better the result. You can gaze fondly at your table day-in-day-out, knowing that there isn’t another one quite like it.

Live Edge Wood Floating Shelves


What better way to accentuate your kitchen worktop than with live edge wood floating shelves? These unique items of kitchen furniture will give any space a spontaneous, organic feel, perfectly complementing lighter marble countertops.You can source your pieces of lumber or buy second hand. If you are buying from a lumber yard, ensure that you dry out and treat the wood before sealing it. Saw off the three edges in a way that corresponds with your kitchen layout.

With its visible notches and thickness, these live edge shelves will give support and character to most kitchens, as well as a sense of pride that you have very much ‘done-it-yourself’.

Live Edge Wood Hanging Table


Now we have a DIY task that might not be for everyone, but it is certainly of the most striking pieces of homemade furniture on this list – the live edge wood hanging table. With just a few tools and materials, this is an almost gothic alternative to the traditional bedside table.

Drilling an S-hook into the ceiling and into your cross-section of wood (dried and treated appropriately), you can hang it from three or four separate points in the ceiling for maximum stability on your table. You can even mold a metal weight into the center for added stability.

When finished, you will have a bedside table unlike anybody else, one that will also benefit from the fact that you won’t have to clean underneath it!

Live Edge Wood Bathroom Counter


Sick of your dreary old bathroom with the plain porcelain surfaces? Then why not jazz things up with a live edge wood bathroom counter.

This might require a basic knowledge of plumbing as well as DIY and wood-cutting, although that depends if you want to start absolutely from scratch. This tutorial features an exposed sink S-bend, which is ideal for those who want that unfinished look. However, the live edge wood counter would perfectly accentuate a marble-bodied cabinet.

Live Edge Wood Outdoor/Dining Room Table


This one slightly stretches the boundaries of live-edge wood, as it is technically an artificial recreation of live-edge wood. But looking at the end result, nobody will notice the difference!

Using a high-powered electrical sander, you can smooth out the nicks in your old table, as well as using it to round off the hard edges. This will likely create a lot of sawdust, so you might want to take the table into the yard to do it!

However, once you destress it with wood stain and varnish, what you’re left with is that rich brown vintage look which will surely trick your friends into asking you what antique shop you bought it from!

Live Edge Wood Sofa Table With Metal Pipe Legs


A great accompaniment to a cream-colored living room or a white sofa with wood flooring, this one is a neat occasional table that can be discreetly placed out of the way and used for smaller decorative items like plants and flowers – it’s a live edge wood sofa table with metal pipe legs.

Affixing a thick cross-section of longer wood – possibly from a trunk or a branch – the solid metal pipe legs can bear the weight of the table without issue. However, you will certainly need a tape measure for this one, both to measure the length of the wood with your sofa and at which points to screw the legs in for optimal balance.

Live Edge Wood Serving Board


If you consider yourself the host with the most, then you might want to think about making your own live edge wood serving board. When it comes to style, sophistication and one-of-a-kind look, you can do no wrong with this kitchen accessory.

Pick up a small piece of olive or birch wood from your nearest lumber yard, bring it home and sand down the edges with an electric sander, taking pains to keep the original contours of the wood for that organic look.

Cover it in linseed oil and wait for it to dry before screwing some rose gold handles into the base.

Live Edge Wood Stand Up Desk


Now we’re going to show you how to make a stand-up desk from live edge wood that almost borders on a work of art – presenting the Live Edge Wood Stand Up Desk.

Even if you’re using a base computer, a screen and two heavy speakers, this solid wood desk will be able to support it even when raised to its highest on its adjustable steel legs. It is all about balance and materials, the solid wood and steel spread across a wide surface area more than does the job.

Filling in the fissures with resin, your finished table will have that glossy, wipe-down surface that will leave most other tables weak at the knees.

Live Edge Walnut Pot Rack


Sick of not knowing where to hang your pots and pans? Well, this stylish live edge wood hanging pot rack is the sleek and unique answer to all your kitchen storage woes.

Taking a portable sheet of walnut wood given that tender love and treatment with linseed oil, drilled with holes and punctured with S-hooks, you can hang this above most kitchen units, making your pots easy to grab at any time during your meal prepping.

You can also house a kettle, some jars and egg boxes if you feel so inclined. With one of these, you won’t be worried where you put your excess kitchen items again!

Live Edge Wood Night Stand


We’ve seen a few examples of horizontal storage, but what about vertical storage? Well, with this slender live edge wood nightstand, you have somewhere to put your bedtime books and lamp without sacrificing that much-needed floor space!

After sanding down your wooden cross-section, you can cut it lengthwise so it fits snugly under your ceiling before drilling it into your bedroom wall. Once you affix some shelves to it, you will have your vertical nightstand within hours.

Remember: you can use the excess wood you shaved off the top as the shelves.

Our Top 10 DIY Garden Projects

Planter With Hose Storage


Hoses are notoriously difficult to store, usually they end up tangled and full of punctures in the garage along with all the other long-forgotten gardening equipment – not anymore! Now you can make your solitary hose storage unit that will add to the greenery of your garden with a miniature flower garden at the top.

Porch Swing


Is your garden in desperate need of a seating area? Well, then look no further than this tutorial for a very warm, summery porch swing!

Using a few lengths of sanded sturdy wood, you can hammer and screw this thing together over a few days, with sealing and staining taking a few additional days to dry.

Once complete, you can guarantee that your neighbors will be inviting themselves around for a barbeque a lot more often.

Homemade Bird Bath


For this homemade birdbath all you need are some large plastic urns, some flowers, some potting mix and a drill. By placing a smaller urn within a larger urn, you can create a tiered system where the birds can drink from the water in the top and you can plant some decorative flowers in the lower tier.

Log Planter


Give your garden that rustic, natural feel with this long planter flower box. It will brighten up the garden without ruining the aesthetic in the way that a metallic planter would.

Take an electric saw to flatten off the edges so the planter fits nicely into your garden. You might also want to sand the circumference of the planter for neatness. You can use a wood chisel or a saw to hollow out the inside.

Window Box


The design of this window box is very simple for those who don’t want to put in a huge amount of effort into decorating their garden. All you’ll need for these homemade window boxes are slices of cedar wood and a drill to hold them all together.

Paint these window boxes white to blend in with light paintwork and generally brighten up the garden.

Rain Barrel


What better way to store water from the garden than with that very own rain barrels? They’re cheap and durable, and you can fill up your watering can over and over again from just one decent shower!

Using a few plastic conduit adapters, some lumber for the base, two plastic trash cans and a drill to lash the whole thing together, you can make yourself a dependable elevated water source that won’t be susceptible to damage by flooding or rodents.

Bamboo Water Feature


Do you want to give your modest garden that oriental spirit? Well, you can do with a very modest budget, with this simple bamboo water feature tutorial.

Binding the bamboo supports with copper wire, you can give the water feature a very sedate and natural look, resting the cross-sectioned bamboo sluices and allowing the water from your source to run down a sloped embankment.

Outdoor Daybed


Use thick 2x4s to create the base for this easy-to-make outdoor daybed, for when you fancy relaxing in the sun during those hotter months. Screwing these three pieces of wood together will give you a solid foundation for the reclaimed hardwood surface.

Add a thin mattress and plenty of pillows and you have the perfect place to recline this summer!

Garden Pond With Fountain


Every rich person’s garden comes with a fountain, so why can’t yours? With just a few materials and tools, you can make your very own babbling, luxurious-looking water feature.

The materials for this project should cost you somewhere in the region of $125 and take no more than a day to build for the moderately-experienced DIY gardener. Once finished, your garden will be elevated to a whole new level of horticulture.



Every garden worth its salt has a treehouse. These are invaluable sanctuaries for children, as well as parents who want to get their children out of the house for a few hours!

Make sure you select a strong tree to screw your supports into, using a spirit level to ensure that the foundation of your treehouse is even. You can then attach the planks that make up the decking of this support. Throw a rug and some cushions on your platform, and your kids have the ideal place to play or observe.

Our Top 10 Fun DIY Projects

Mini Planters


This miniature plant pot is the perfect starter project for anyone wanting to do a bit of DIY around the house. This is easy and fun, involving very few materials and tools, with a nice product at the end that will certainly brighten up your garden or kitchen.

Reupholster A Chair


Now for something a little more complicated, it’s a tutorial for revitalizing those worn out items of furniture using a few simple pieces of material.

Use a power drill to disassemble the seat and remove the underlayer of old fabric, plucking out used staples with the pronged end of a hammer and replacing it with better quality patterned fabric.

Honeycomb Shelves


If you have a spare miter saw, a drill and an electric sander, you’ll be able to easily cobble together these very stylish and unusual honeycomb shelves.

 By slicing, sanding and cornering off thin strips of wood, you can fashion a very neat three-tiered system of honeycomb shelves. After painting them a color that corresponds to the general vibe of your living room, you have an ideal space to store those spare books, lamps and other decorative items.

Brass Siding Tables


Brass siding tables are something not commonly found in most homes, so why not give yours that standout charm by making some of your own?

With some patterned sheets of aluminum, sanded pieces of round wood and super strong glue, you can make these occasional tables within a single day. Add some dark rust or chocolate brown spray and you’ve got handy and luxurious pieces of side furniture for your living or dining room areas.

Simple Homemade Work Bench


If your idea of fun is getting to grips with a much more complex piece of DIY, then why not try and make yourself a workbench.

This is cheap, resilient and highly customizable – you can create a simple, no-frills workbench on which you can develop a whole host of even more elaborate DIY projects.

Scrap Wood And Mason Jar Centerpiece


Like a lot of the other projects we’ve covered in this article, the scrap wood and mason jar centerpiece utilizes just a few pieces of wood – old or new – to create a rustic centerpiece that will certainly get your dinner guests talking.

Nailing these pieces together into a sanded box shape and filling it with a row of simple glass jars, this centerpiece will certainly breathe life into the drabbest of spaces.

Homemade Bowling Alley


If you want to try your hand at making something that will entertain the kids for a few hours, then you can’t really go wrong with this homemade bowling alley.

This compact bowling game is easy to make and easy to store, utilizing a couple of strips of lumber, cut, cornered, painted and varnished, your kids could have their very own bowling alley in days. However, beware of word getting out, as you might find yourself hosting bowling tournaments with all the neighborhood children!

Homemade Wood And Metal Shelving Unit


This astoundingly simple metal and wood shelving unit is something even the most amateur DIY enthusiast can try their hand at making. By following this quick tutorial, you can have an ideal space to store your books and potted plants.

Vegetable Storage Bin


Food cluttering the fridge and the kitchen countertops is a perennial issue, especially for people with smaller apartment kitchens who wish they had more room to slice and dice their ingredients. Well, those people will no doubt find these handy wooden storage bins for fruit and veg invaluable.

With two separate compartments labeled for fruit and veggies, this keeps all your perishables in one place! Simple to fashion, all your average carpenter needs are a few pieces of thin wood, a drill, a sander and some varnish.

Pallet Wood Candle Holder


We’re ending with what is probably the simplest make on our entire list, all you need is a cordless drill, some pallet wood and a few measuring devices. This pallet wood candle holder is minimal, but sometimes these simple objects give a room the final flourish.

Take care to drill the candle holders so they are an equal distance apart and have an even depth, otherwise, your candle rack might look a little messy!


We hope that our list of handy, diverse DIY projects has given you plenty to feast on. It is amazing what you can achieve with just a few simple materials and tools. You might want to try a few of the simpler tasks and build up to the more outlandish projects such as the live edge wood hanging table.

Always remember to read the instructions of a project carefully and ensure that you have every single material and tool required before you start the project. There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a job before realizing that you’re missing a crucial clamp or saw or piece of plywood!