How Does A String Trimmer Work?

By Power Tools

March 7, 2021

String trimmers use a microfilament string to cut the grass. The string is spun rapidly by the motor and as the string is spun so quickly, it becomes rigid. This is due to centrifugal force.

The motion of the spinning and the rigidness of the string is what cuts the blades of grass. It is a fairly simple, yet interesting process. 

To turn on the string trimmer you need to kick start the motor using a starter rope.

How does a string trimmer work

When the machine is turned on, you will then engage the clutch and the throttle to begin, If you have a manual feeding strimmer, you will need to wind the line onto the reel before beginning. However, more modern strimmers are automatic. 

When the trimmer is turned on, it is down to the user to control the level at which the strimmer cuts grass at. The strimmer can be moved to reach difficult corners or to trim the grass lower.

It gives you more control over the height in comparison to a lawnmower. 

String trimmers can be referred to by many different names, from weed whip to line trimmer. They are a great tool to use to cut your lawn and allow you to be precise in your trimming too. 

How does auto feed string trimmer work?

An auto-feed string trimmer works similarly to any other trimmer, but instead of the string being fed manually, the strimmer will automatically do all of this work for you. The majority of modern strimmers will have an auto feeder. What is great about string trimmers is that they are easy to use.

The majority of modern automatic feeding string trimmers feature an internal sensor component. This is the component that determines how much string is released from the strimmer. It automatically senses when more string needs to be released.

Many people prefer to use this type of string trimmer because it is a lot easier than having to manually feed the string. 

The auto-feed trimmers save you time as you will not need to prep the trimmer before use, you simply turn on the strimmer and cut the grass.

While auto-feed trimmers are a fairly new addition to this niche, they have quickly become the most popular and widely used trimmer. This is because they are easier to use overall, and they are hassle-free

This type of trimmer is a great choice for beginners because they are user-friendly and are not overly complicated to use. Manual strimmers can be a little bit more awkward to use for your first time.

How do you edge a lawn with a string trimmer?

The best way to edge a lawn with a string trimmer is to use the string trimmer at an angle or on its side, this will allow you to reach the edges far easier than by using it horizontally. 

When you turn the trimmer on its side, it is important to ensure that the string is facing away from you. This is to ensure that the strimmer is not going to injure you. 

While you can use a strimmer to edge a lawn, it is worth noting that it is not always the best or easiest garden tool to use. There are edging tools you can purchase for this purpose.

However, they will still work at cutting the edges of your lawn, it will just take a little bit more time and patience. 

As trimmers are intended to be used horizontally, tipping it on an angle or to the side, will cause the cut lawn to potentially hit you. This is why it is important that you face the trimmer so that the string is facing away from you, for safety purposes. 

Once the trimmer is rotated at an angle, you can begin to cut the grass in a similar way to what you would have if the string were horizontal.  

How can I make my trimmer line last longer?

One way in which you can make your trimmer line last longer is by soaking it in water. While this may seem like a strange way of extending its life, it helps to reduce line breakage. In addition to this, it helps to soften the line. 

While you do want the line to be strong overall, if it is too rigid, this can cause it to break. By making the line less flexible, it is less likely to break. 

In addition to this, you will want to ensure that you are looking after the trimmer correctly and keeping up with general maintenance, such as storing it and using it correctly.

Your technique is important. If you are not using the strimmer correctly, the line is more likely to become damaged and not last for a long time.

The string that the trimmer uses can also affect the line and how well it lasts. 

How does a trimmer clutch work?

The trimmer clutch is responsible for allowing the trimmer to spin. As the trimmer works by spinning the line quickly, the clutch must be it is important that the clutch is working correctly. 

When the engine is started, you will use the clutch to start the trimmer. Without the clutch being engaged, your trimmer will have power, but it will not begin. Once the throttle and clutch are engaged, then the trimmer will begin to work.  

The clutch is often referred to as the centrifugal clutch. It can be found next to the engine housing and the trimmer shaft. The clutch must be engaged for the trimmer to work correctly.

If the clutch becomes damaged, your trimmer will not run correctly. This will lead to more problems with the trimmer as a whole.  

If your trimmer is struggling to start and there is no issue with the power that is being supplied, there is likely something wrong with the clutch itself. We would recommend getting the trimmer looked over by a professional so they can locate and fix the problem for you.