Pressure Washer Trailer Setup [Ultimate Guideline for a Trailer Mounted Rig Business Boost 2022]

By Power Tools

August 11, 2022

How to approach a pressure washer trailer setup to boost your pressure washing business?

If you happen to run a profitable and professional pressure washing business, then you really need to maximize your effort and time. Now, as we all know, time is money when it comes to pressure washing business.

pressure washer trailer setup

Simply speaking, small electric or medium-duty pressure washers are great for smaller and less demanding jobs, but, if you need to clean a big area or something that is really dirty, you will need something stronger and better.

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Therefore, cleaning things like parking lots, truck fleet, or an entire shopping mall in a single day, you definitely need a pressure washer trailer. With a powerful pump that is capable of going up to 8 GMP and longer hoses, you will be able to clean anything pretty quickly.

Let’s see everything that you need to know about pressure washer trailer set up in order to benefit from it. Let’s begin.

Who is Pressure Washer Trailer Setup for?

Infographic of setting up a pressure washer trailer

First of all, a pressure washer trailer is a massive and big machine that is basically able to clean a big area in no time. Therefore, most of the professional pressure washer businesses are using this type of pressure washer machine in order to maximize their performance.

Now, if you just want to clean your pavement or a sidewalk, a regular pressure washer will do the job. Meaning, there is no need for a pressure washer trailer if you just need to clean something that a regular pressure washer would clean.

Also, it is quite unimaginable that one professional pressure washer business doesn’t have this type of ‘’ammo’’ in their ‘’arsenal’’. Namely, no matter how much you try to improve your cleaning, a mobile detailing pressure washer setup will do the job perfectly.

Trailer Mounted Rig vs Truck Mounted Rig

Most of the pressure washing business actually expand and invest more in pressure washer tank and trailer setups in the first place. Anyhow, the most popular choices are trailer mounted rig and a truck mounted rig. Now, they both have their advantages and downfalls, and we are going to discuss them right away.

Anyway, let’s see everything important about these two pressure washer trailer setup models. Let’s begin.

Trailer Mounted Rig

When it comes to trailer mounted rig, one thing is certain, it cost a little bit more at the start, but it offers more flexibility for sure. Now, if you actually plan on expanding your business in the best possible way, then a trailer mounted rig is definitely for you.

With this type of trailer setup, you are more likely to succeed in a bit more aggressive expansion. Also, some of the best pressure washing businesses are definitely going to recommend this type of trailer setup.

Advantages and Benefit:

  • Mobile – If you have a trailer pressure washer, you can actually park it or leave it at the job site and still use your truck for other things. This setup makes your truck mobile and flexible as much as you want since a mobile wash trailer is not a part of your truck.
  • Flexible – When it comes to flexibility, you can basically hook the trailer pressure washer to any truck that you want. You can’t do that with a truck mounted rig for sure. This allows you to have a more flexible job performance in the future.
  • Higher security – With a trailer mounted rig, you can actually secure the pressure washer better. Namely, when you dismount the trailer from your truck, you actually can store it somewhere safe and never worry about it. Also, if a thief wants to steal your pressure washer, he actually needs a truck to do it. On the other hand, a truck mounted rig is easily stolen like any other car.
  • Great for attracting customers – It is known that trailer draws more attention for sure and it looks more professional in any case. On the other hand, you can add some advertisements on your truck while the trailer is mounted. This all really affects your business and your profit.
  • A better option for business expansion – This is definitely a better option if you are going to aggressively expand your business. You just need a trailer and not a new truck and therefore, this is better for business expansion.

Downfalls and Possible Flaws:

  • Cost more up-front – One of the bad parts of the trailer mounted rig is that it costs more up-front. This is because you need a different type of tools and equipment as well as the trailer itself.
  • Specialized – One thing you need to know, a mobile pressure washer is definitely not made for multi-use. This type of trailer mounted rig setup is only used for pressure washing business, and nothing else.

Truck Mounted Rig

Now, let’s see everything about a truck mounted rig pressure washer setup. One of the most significant things about this type of setup is that it costs less in the beginning. Also, there are some other benefits, but there are risks as well. Never the less, let’s see them all.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Lower costs up-front – As you already might think, a truck mounted rig costs less up-front than a trailer mounted rig for sure. Simply speaking, you will need to put less money aside to get a truck mounted rig than a trailer and mount the whole pressure washer system on it.
  • Convenient for starters – When it comes to starting your pressure washing business, a truck mounted rig is very convenient. Namely, you don’t have to waste time on hooking and maintaining the pressure washer system like you need to do with a trailer mounted rig. This way, you will be able to achieve a bit more work with less effort for sure.

Downfalls and Potential Flaws:

  • Not that flexible – When you have a whole pressure washer system on mounted on your truck, it is actually pretty hard to move it everywhere you want. Namely, if you go to the job site and start working, your whole truck is stationed there and it can’t move. Also, you will make your truck only a work-only vehicle, unless you plan on unloading everything from it daily.
  • Business risk – Whether you like it or not, your whole business becomes dependent on your truck. If something happens to your truck, you can’t work properly. On the other hand, a trailer mounted rig is capable of changing trucks anytime you want.
  • Takes a lot of space – With a truck mounted rig, you actually won’t have much space left for other pressure washing equipment. Space will be constrained and you actually will need to find another way of transporting other essential things.
  • Not easy to secure – In case of theft, it is always better to have two different things like in trailer mounted rig. A truck mounted rig is easily stolen since they are combined in one vehicle.
  • Not that good for expansion – This way of pressure washing trailer setup is actually more expensive in the long run. Namely, there are lots of other costs that you need to pay after some time. Also, if you are renting a truck, you will find it pretty hard to rent it as time goes by.
  • Draws less attention – When it comes to truck mounted rig, we can easily say that it is not that good option for advertising. Simply speaking, it draws less attention and it doesn’t make you look like professional at all.

So, there you go. This is everything that you need to know about the trailer and truck mounted rig when it comes to pressure washer trailer setup.

Beyond this, there is also a pressure washer enclosed trailer setup model. This category is for a complete business setup.

Essential Equipment

Now, we are going to discuss some of the most important items that your pressure washer trailer should have. Namely, these trailer essentials are crucial and important in order for it to work properly. Let’s see.

Hot Water Burner

Now, possibly the best way to improve your efficiency is to add a hot water capability to your pressure washer and make it a hot pressure washer trailer. With the possibility to use hot water while cleaning on high pressure, you will make sure that everything will be cleaned to perfection, even the most demanding jobs will stand no chance.

Triplex Plunger Pump

Next, a triplex plunger pump will provide much-needed GPM and a PSI. Namely, your pressure washer system will run up to 4.5 GMP of water at 5,000 PSI which is really important for cleaning performance. There are lots of different models of this pump, but most of them are running on gas and provide up to 20 HP.

Hose Reels

Simply speaking, there are 4 different types of hose reels that can be found on pressure cleaning trailers:

1) Hand Crank

2) Spring Driven

3) Electric Driven

4) Pivoting

Now, they are all basically good and valuable for a pressure washer trailer system, so you can choose whatever you like.

Fuel Tanks

You will need big commercial-duty engines because these pressure washing systems burn a lot of gasoline. Now, there are plenty of options when it comes to fuel tanks, so it all comes up to your decision.


When it comes to engine, one thing is quite important, you need some high-grade industrial engine. Honda’s engines are quite good for this type of job, but, there are others as well. All you basically need is 22 HP engine that works on 3600 RPM.

Water Tank

This is possibly the most important thing that your pressure washing trailer setup needs. A water tank is basically the reason why are you able to clean everything that you want. Now, a 200-gallon tank is quite good and able to provide 50 minutes worth of water when it comes to 4 GPM pump. Also, if you have some stronger pump, you will need a bigger water tank.

On the other hand, you will need to make sure to get the exact water tank with a proper capacity that will match your pump power. So, if you have, for example, 8 GPM pump, you will need at least 480-gallon tank.

Detergent Tanks

If the hot water can’t do the job properly, all you have left is chemicals. Now, a detergent tank is also quite important for efficiency when it comes to pressure washing. There are lots of different detergent tanks on the market and therefore, you should choose the one that suits you the most.

Safety Comes First

Safety is a number one priority in any business and therefore, let’s discuss some of the most important safety tips about pressure washer trailer.

First, you need to put the majority of the weight at the front. This is crucial because the pressure washer equipment actually is heavy. On the other hand, a pressure washer tank and trailer are approximately 800 kg heavy and that is a lot.

Therefore, putting all the weight at the front is quite important for your trailer. That way, you will ensure that everything is in its place and that safety is on point.

Suggested Setup of Pressure Washer Trailers For Sale

Wait up! Don’t start picking your hair one by one. There’s a lot of vendors waiting for you to ask them for a trailer setup.

Meanwhile, you can check some setup online.

1. NorthStar 2-Gun Hot Water Pressure Washer Trailer


If you are all set to start this pressure washing business and have some “good money in the bank”, then this is the one you should go after.

Yeah, it’s expensive and worth it!

With 4000 PSI and 7 GPM power, you will be good to go for a startup business. Oh, don’t forget the 23.5 HP motor btw.

One of their best features is the no decrease PSI with both nozzles. Guaranteed to go long-life. And fortunately, a rear pressure washer spray gun is attached.

2. SIMPSON Cleaning 95000 Trailer 


Honda engine is always something to consider, like this one. A 3200 PSI with 2.8 GPM pump packs in a true mobile trailer.

As I said earlier, if you are on a low budget but want to take the leap, this is your choice! An extremely good cold water pressure washer trailer.


If you are not comfortable with the online purchase, I will highly recommend getting a quote from your local area supplier.

Which is Better?

Possibly the most common question about trailer setup is which one is better, a new one or an old one? Well, there are good and bad things about both categories. Let’s see.


When it comes to a new water pressure trailer, one thing is certain, and that is the fact that it costs more. Now, the quality is better and you can expect everything to work perfectly. Also, you will more likely find a mobile pressure washing truck for sale deals than getting an already used one.


However, if you decide to get an old water pressure trailer, you will pay less, but the quality is not guaranteed to be perfect. That is because old pressure washer systems are used up and they might possibly malfunction at some point.

One of the main concern is the type of maintenance the previous owner performed. You can only pray not to end up with something which was left to die in cold weather without any winter precautions!

So, if you want a new one with a guarantee that everything will work perfect, you must pay a lot more.

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Final Thoughts and another business idea

I hope we understand pressure washer trailer setup is actually a quite good thing to have if you want to expand your business and progress. Also, you will be able to do a lot more with a pressure washer trailer than with a regular pressure washer. I do not own a business but I know someone who provides pressure washing services in Virginia Beach. Jonathan helped me a lot writing this article.

One last thing to consider: What if you could offer a service no one else in your area can?  You can do this by investing in the very best pressure washer cleaning equipment around.   Now the Easy Kleen Hot Water Pressure Washer is not easy on the pocket book.  But this price point is also a barrier to entry by your competitors.  You will not be competing against hustlers with a residential pressure washer in their trunk.

Instead you will have an industrial strength cleaning machine that will put your rates into the next tier.

Additionally you might consider renting out the equipment and making money even when you’re not working the machine yourself.  Research the needs of your area and what’s available.

All in all, this is everything about pressure washer trailer and its setup, so it is only on you to decide if you want to get it or not. We surely hope that this article helped you with your decision.