Top Rated Pressure Washer

By Power Tools

March 20, 2020

Top Rated Pressure Washer

Pressure washers have revolutionized the way we go about cleaning.  These handy tools are popular in both commercial and domestic industries because they offer so many benefits.  

This is the one tool you can rely on if you want effective cleaning results for tough messes in no time at all.  Pressure washers are also considered eco-friendly since they reduce the amount of water required for cleaning and especially since most cleanup projects can be completed without using any toxic chemical cleaners.  

If it is time for you to take your cleaning results around the house to the next level then you can certainly consider a Top Rated Pressure Washer.

Types of Power Washers  

Pressure washers have come a long way since they were first discovered in 1926 by Frank W Ofeldt II.  

This invention happened by accident.  He was busy designing a portable whiskey maker in his garage when he discovered odd behaviors in the device’s steam.  He quickly realized that such a device could be brilliant for cleaning.

And soon the pressure washer was born. 

Pressure washers quickly developed into the tiny portable units that you can now find in just about any hardware store.  Today you can pick and choose from a huge variety of pressure washer types like the following;  

Coldwater pressure washers – These are the most common on the market.  

They are perfect for domestic use because they are affordable and suited for a variety of cleaning tasks.  They attach to your home cold water supply and pressurize water so you can clean vehicles, floors, pavers and much more.  

Hot water pressure washers – These power washers can heat water to up to 311F to effectively cut through and dissolve dirt, grime, oils, and germs.  

These power washers are mostly used by businesses.  

Electric pressure washers – These pressure washers can be cold or hot water washers.  The main difference is that they use electricity to pressurize or heat water.  

These come in all shapes and sizes including small units for homes.  

Gas pressure washers – These pressure washers don’t have an electric cord but instead uses a small engine to produce pressurized water.  They are typically bigger and heavier and require larger wheels to be moved around.  Gas pressure washers are mostly cold water pressure washers but there are some industrial units that can generate warm water.  

In addition to these major categories, power washers can also greatly differ in capacity in function.  They come in all sorts of styles.  Some have wheels, some are standing units.  They also have many different features such as soap dispensers, automatic shut-off functions, interchangeable nozzles, adjustable spray nozzles, pressure selection technology, on-board storage, different PSI ranges and much more. 

How to Choose the Best Type 

How to Choose the Best Type

If you want to pick the best for your home or company then it is important to first consider what your main need for your pressure washer is going to be. For household use, you usually don’t need a unit that is extremely powerful since it can cause damage to your vehicle or home paint.  It also isn’t necessary for your power washer to generate heat or to be extremely portable.  

If you are cleaning up greasy or oily floor surfaces then a heated pressure washer is an absolute winner.  

Those with cleaning, repair, handyman or garden service companies can benefit the most from a commercial gas-operated power washer because these are more portable and can run anywhere. 

Top Rated Pressure Washer 

The moment you start shopping for pressure washers, you will quickly note that there are many to choose from. These popular machines are so functional everyone wants them which is exactly why there are so many brands available on the market. 

Up next we are going to have a look at some of the most popular power washers that have the highest ratings.  These pressure washers have been tried and tested by actual buyers, who were happy to share their findings.  With their advice and this quick guide you are sure to get a device that is highly durable and that offers the best functionality. 

The below examples are both electric and gas from 3 different price categories.

The Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Max PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer


This pressure washer is a top-rated product with over 9580 ratings. The power washer is an Amazon Bestseller and we can see why.  

This little green power washer looks like any ordinary power washer but it outsmarts many of its competitors with its powerful pressure force.  The 1800W motor generates up to 2030PSI water pressure and delivers 1.76GPM water.  It is a cold water pressure washer and can handle a max temperature of 104F.  

The power washer is very light and with its two wheels, it is super easy to transport wherever you go. 

The long extension cord and the hose is perfect for giving you lots of freedom while you take on outdoor cleaning projects. 

This pressure washer is accessorized with two detergent tanks that you can easily remove for refilling and it includes a garden hose adaptor, needle clean-out tool and 5 different types of spray tips. 


  • Weight – 31lbs
  • Size – 15.6 x 13.5 x 33.9”
  • Color – Green/black
  • PSI – 2030
  • GPM – 1.73
  • Motor – 1800W
  • Detergent tank – two 0.96l
  • Hose – 20ft high pressure
  • Power cord – 35ft
  • Accessories – Two detergent tanks, 34” extension wand, 20ft hose, power cord, garden hose adaptor, needle clean-out tool and 5 spray tips
  • The powerful 1800W motor delivers a 2030PSI water pressure or 1.73 GPM water pressure level
  • The unit is light in weight and easy to transport
  • It has a stylish design
  • Terrific for home use
  • It has two removable detergent tanks that can be filled with ease
  • A long power cord and hose eases movement as you clean
  • Two large wheels make for easy movement
  • The price is very affordable
  • It’s easy to lose the 5 small spray tips
  • The unit isn’t extremely portable
  • The power cable restricts movement in the garden


Westinghouse WPX2700 Gas Powered Pressure Washer



Next price bracket up moves us to a gas model.  Westinghouse(1886) has been around longer than sliced bread (1928).

This guy rolls in at 2700 PSI and 2. 3 GPM for powerful, deep-cleaning washing.  This unit has a nice fat 1 Gallon Gas Tank and a 1/2 gallon soap tank.

The power washer also features a large detergent tank, a long hose, a long power cord, and various nozzle types so you can perform a variety of cleaning tasks using one single machine. 

 The steel frame might seem bulky but it is perfect for storing all of the machine’s cables and hoses so these won’t get all knotted.   

This is a perfect power washer if you frequently need to hose off your pavement, driveway and building exterior and it is also a handy tool for car washing and other projects 


  • Weight – 63lbs
  • Size – 39x21x19.5
  • PSI – 2700
  • GPM – 2.3
  • Wheels – 12”
  • Accessories – One detergent tank, one hose, one power cord, one 25 degree nozzle, 40 degree nozzle, soap nozzle and turbo nozzle
  • The machine delivers a powerful 2700PSI or 2.3 GPM water pressure range
  • The detergent tank is nice and large
  • Fat steel frame make this washer very easy to move around
  • It comes with various nozzles for flexible cleaning
  • The long power cord and hose gives you great freedom to move
  • The pressure washer is ideal for washing outdoor pavers and driveways
  • The unit is very easy to use
  • Never-Flat Wheels is another name for plastic:(
  • A longer hose would also have been preferable


The Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 Gas Pressure Washer 

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125



This gas pressure washer is ideal for commercial use.  It is a perfect investment for businesses that need to clean large surfaces frequently and for cleaning and gardening businesses that want to add cleaning to their list of cleaning services to offer.  

 This pressure washer has a GC190 Honda engine that can produce up to 3200 PSI or deliver up to 2.5GPM water.

The power washer also has a 25ft hose so you can reach cleaning surfaces with ease.  It also comes with 5 different hose tips which include 0, 15, 25 and 40 degrees as well as soap.  

The pressure washer is extremely portable.  Its two large wheels makes for easy movement on any terrain and there is no annoying cable to keep you from venturing out for extensive cleaning.   

This is a perfect tool if you need something flexible, portable and extremely powerful. 


  • Weight – 65lbs
  • Size – 34.75 x 21 x 23.25
  • Color – Black
  • PSI – 3200
  • GPM – 2.5
  • Motor – Honda GC190 engin
  • Hose – 25ft high pressure
  • Accessories – hose, spray gun and 5 hose tips
  • A perfect tool for commercial cleaning
  • There is no power cord to restrict your movement
  • No energy resource required to function
  • A sturdy frame and two large wheels eases portability
  • The powerful motor delivers up to 3200PSI water pressure at 2.5GPM
  • The hose is very long for easy cleaning
  • It comes with 5 quick connect nozzle tips
  • Gas operated machine can be very noisy
  • The 5 small nozzle tips can easily get lost
  • The machine is rather large and bulky



These are all superb pressure washers and we are quite certain that you will get great functionality from any one of these.  If you have a tough time choosing the best then you can also consult the following guide to help you decide on the best one;   

The Best Small Pressure Washer 

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is the smallest in size but not the smallest in motor.  

If you need something that is physically tiny so it can be stored away with ease then you won’t go wrong with this device.  If you need something that delivers light pressure levels then the Greenworks GPW2000-1 is also a good small unit to consider. 

 The best mobile pressure washer 

The Simpson Gas Pressure Washer is our top pick if you want to be mobile and free to move.  This pressure washer requires no electrical feed to operate and with its large wheels, it can travel any terrain to any distance.  If you feel that this one might be a bit too heavy to load and offload from your truck then you can also consider the Greenworks GPW2000-1.  This power washer is also very easy to move around thanks to its steel frame and large wheels.  It is not as powerful and is powered through electricity but it is still very portable and easy to use.  

The best Commercial Pressure Washer 

The Simpson Gas Pressure Washer is the only commercial washer on our list.  

This power washer delivers an extremely powerful water jet of up to 3200PSI.  This high-pressure water range is perfect for blasting away tough and stubborn dirt, oils and other spills that are usually found in the construction and manufacturing industries.    

 The best gas pressure washer 

The Simpson Gas Pressure Washer is the best gas pressure washer on our list.  

As long as you keep this machine tank full of gas and offer a water source, it can be used to clean anywhere.   

 The best electric pressure washer 

​Both the electric power washers on our list are good picks but we do feel that the Sun Joe SPX3000 is a better investment.  It is more affordable, has a larger motor and delivers a higher water pressure force.   

The budget-friendly 

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is also the most affordable on our list with the Greenworks power washer not too far behind.     

We hope that this buyer’s guide helped you find a pressure washer that serves your cleaning need.  

And if you are looking for other great products, we welcome you to hop over to some of our other product reviews where you can learn more about other great pressure washers and products.